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Museum Of Flight Santa Monica

About Museum Of Flying

Museum of Flying, Santa Monica Airport, California

Donald Douglas started his aviation company in 1920 with only $600 and expertise honed as a civilian aeronautical engineer during World War I. Within four years, he had created the Douglas World Cruiser, the first plane to circumnavigate the globe. This achievement would start Douglas Aircraft on its way to becoming the preeminent manufacturer of commercial airliners for the next three decades.

Nearly two dozen aircraft are on display at the Museum of Flying, located at the Santa Monica Airport. Santa Monica holds special significance for the Douglas Aircraft Company, as well as aviation history as a whole. It was here that the DC-3 first took flight, helping usher in the era of commercial air travel in America. It was also where Douglas Aircraft produced tens of thousands of military planes during World War II. Several of these aircrafts now sit on display within the museum.

Douglas Aircraft merged with McDonnell Aircraft in 1967, but the Museum of Flying helps keep the original company’s legacy alive. It even features a replica of Douglas’ original boardroom. In another area of the museum, a Maxflight FS300 simulator lets visitors pilot many of Douglas Aircraft’s most famous models. It can dip and roll 360 degrees to recreate World War II combat or the motion of a tumbleweed caught in an updraft, or it can keep a steady course during calm flights aboard a DC-3.

Royal Air Force Museum London England

Grahame Park Way, London, England

The Royal Air Force Museum has two locations Cosford and North London. Each museum has its share of aircraft on display, as well as exhibits highlighting the Royal Air Forces history. Cosfords Cold War exhibit includes aircraft such as the Avro Vulcan B2, Canadair Sabre 4 and the Vickers Valiant B1. The Museum also has two Russian MiGs. The Cosford museums Cold War exhibit features several other aircraft and missiles. With six hangars, the North London location is home to aircraft from World War I through recent conflicts. As you stroll through Hangar 2, youll see World War I planes such as a replica for the Albatros D. Va and a Bristol M1c. As you travel through the other hangars, youll view aircraft and artifacts from a variety of flying eras and wars, including a General Atomics MQ-1B Predator drone.

Museum Of Flight Store About Us
    The Museum of Flight Vision Statement: to be the foremost educational air and space museum in the world. Whether you have visited the galleries of the Museum of Flight in Seattle or our Restoration Center in Everett, listened to a veteran tell stories about flying for our country, enjoyed the thrill of air travel, or simply gazed up in the stars and wondered about the world beyond our own …

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Evergreen Aviation And Space Museum In Mcminnville Oregon

500 NE Captain Michael King Smith Way, McMinnville, Oregon

Home of Hughes H-4 Hercules, more commonly known as the Spruce Goose, is the largest wooden airplane ever built, with a wingspan of 320 feet 11 inches and 218 feet 18 inches in length. The Spruce Goose and Evergreen Aviation and Space Museum have been capturing the interests of enthusiasts since 1983.

Located in McMinnville, Oregon, one hour southwest of Portland in the heart of the Willamette Valley wine country, visiting the museum can be a great addition to your wine vacation or you can add wine tasting to your museum vacation.

Explore the SR-71 Blackbird, the Titan ll Missile, WWll Aircraft and artifacts and go inside the Spruce Goose. Guests of the museum will also have the opportunity to enjoy IMAX Theater presentations, take guided tours or participate in educational programs presented by Veterans.

The Mission of Evergreen Aviation and Space Museum is to educate, inspire, promote and preserve aviation and space history, and honor the patriotic service of veterans.

Contributed by Valerie Estelle Rogers of V. Estelle Travel.

Oakland Aviation Museum In Oakland California

Santa Monica Museum of Flying Group Tour in Los Angeles ...

8252 Earhart Rd. Oakland, California

The flying boat: Howard Hughes used it to impress his girlfriends, it helped Indiana Jones find the Lost Ark, and its the star of the Oakland Aviation Museum.

From the parking lot the Museum doesnt look like much, but inside the hangar, you discover Oaklands vital role in flying. Charles Lindbergh dedicated the airport in 1927 when it had the longest runway in the world Amelia Earharts last flight left from Oakland, and Oaklands World Airways conducted the last airlift out of Vietnam in 1975.

The most significant selling point about the Museum though is the enthusiastic staff who love talking about vintage planes and the exhibitions including women in aviation, the Tuskegee Airmen African American pilots in WWII, and the extremely dangerous Dole races.

Contributed by Ruth Wertzberger Carlson.

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Canadian Aviation Museum In Windsor Ontario

2600 Airport Rd, Windsor, ON N8V 1A1

In Windsor, the southernmost city of Ontario, Canada, is a small but dearly maintained selection of combat and training planes used in the WWII era. Founded in 1993 as the Canadian Historical Aircraft Association, the museum was rebranded as the Canadian Aviation Museum in 2019 and is located within the Windsor International Airport. It occupies the historical hangar used by the Elementary Flying Training School in 1940 to train pilots under the British Commonwealth Air Training Plan.

Four of the planes on display the Harvard, Chipmunk, Stearman, and the Fairchild 24R Argus are fully functional. A ride on these planes costs between CAD $85 and $750, depending on the flight time and type of plane.

A large part of the hangar is devoted to a disassembled Lancaster FM212 bomber. This model is of particular significance to the city of Windsor, as it was piloted by Windsorite Robert Upcott in 1945 during Operation Manna, the food-relief mission to Nazi-occupied Netherlands.

Other major attractions include a replica of the Mosquito KB16 bomber, which a local group of volunteers are in the process of building from scratch within the hangar. There is also the T-33 Silver Star, a display-only aircraft decommissioned in 2005. The historical parachute loading bay in the hangar has been converted into the Wes Bridgen Archives, where memorabilia of local servicemen are displayed. The premises also include a gift store.

Western Museum Of Flight

Open Tuesday through Sunday most of the year and with a great gift shop to boot, this museum is home to several dozen airplanes that include the Northrop SD-1 Drone, North American P-51D Mustang, Bede BD-5, Acme Siera S-1, and the Teledyne Ryan AQ-34K Firebee. There is also a replica of an 1883 Montgomery glider, as well as other planes.

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What Is There To Do

Come fly with me, let’s fly, let’s fly away! Not literally, but you can still fly at The Museum Of Flying in their super fun simulator! But we’ll get to that….

The museum is a fascinating collection for all of those who just love planes and the history of aviation. The museum is filled to the brim with artifacts and actual planes, where you can learn all of the stories behind them and their intriguing histories.

For those who know their planes, you can encounter up close the Cessna 172, a proper Boeing 727 within their Cockpit exhibition, and a Douglas A-4 “Skyhawk”. *crackle* come in, Sir, come in, can you read me *crackle*….

Their aircraft on display chronicle the history of light, and the entire aviation industry within Southern California.

They even have a replica Wright Flyer! Have a look at what completely started the aviation industry that we know today. How do you think they came up with the design? How far do you think it flew when they first tested it?

Have an intense air battle in the Pacific, or just enjoy a nice and relaxing flight over Los Angeles!

So officer – where to next?

The National Air Force Museum Of Canada In Trenton Ontario Canada

Douglas DC-3 Santa Monica Airport, Museum of Flying – 2013

220 RCAF Rd, Astra, Ontario

The National Air Force Museum of Canada, located in Trenton, Ontario, was established in 1984. This is a stellar museum for anyone interested in the history of aviation and air warfare. Located on a 16-acre airpark, it features many historical aircraft ranging from trainers, helicopters, fighters, and transport aircraft.

The highlight of the museum is a beautifully restored WWII Halifax bomber. There are over 35 aircraft on site, including a replica of the Silver Dart, the first airplane to fly in Canada and the British Commonwealth.

The museum is not only about artifacts, but also about the people who sacrificed so much for Canada, both in peacetime and wartime. Our personal favourite is the dedication to Search and Rescue personnel who gave their lives to save people in distress their motto says it all That others may live.

Contributed by: Lori Sweet and Sylvio Roy of

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Anderson Abruzzo Albuquerque International Balloon Museum Albuquerque New Mexico

9201 Balloon Museum NE, Albuquerque, New Mexico

Everything you wanted to know about hot air ballooning can be found at the Anderson Abruzzo Albuquerque International Balloon Museum. Located in Albuquerque, New Mexico, this museum is aptly situated just outside the grounds of the worlds largest balloon festival, the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta. The museum is dedicated to the history, science, sport, and art of ballooning. Aside from learning how ballooning played an instrumental role in the advancement of flight, visitors will discover how ballooning was used in history and continues to be used for sport and space travel. The science of ballooning is explored through Interactive exhibitions and educational programs, including a flight simulator. The balloon museum is open from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm Tuesday Sunday and admission is $6 for adults / $3 for children .

Flight Path Museum & Flight Path Walk Of Fame

Los Angeles Educational museum on the airfield at LAX. Exhibits include commercial aviation history, flight crew uniforms, DC-3 plane, space exploration, Flying Tigers, aircraft fire fighting truck, plus a flight simulation training program. Also check out the Flight Path Walk of Fame, a pathway of 50+ plaques dedicated to aviation/aerospace pioneers located on Sepulveda Blvd. in Westchester. Read More

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Nasa Kennedy Space Center Florida

Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex, SR 405 Kennedy Space Center, Florida

As close as most of us will get to space, the NASA Kennedy Space Center is a gateway to the stars. NASA is located on the East Coast of Florida this visitor complex offers a full days worth of adventures and activities. Created in 1963 in response to the growing fascination with space travel, it is now one of the top travel destinations in the United States. Visitors can expect to be inspired by the fun and educational activities like training to be an astronaut, touring a spaceflight facility, and lunching with an astronaut.

Exhibits that cant be missed include visits to the space shuttle Atlantis, and the Apollo/Saturn V Center. A stroll through the Rocket Garden is where space aficionados can get an up-close view of rockets like the Mercury-Redstone, Mercury-Atlas 6, and Titan II, and the Juno I. Included with the admission price is the Kennedy Center bus tour where visitors can experience exclusive access to historic launch sites and working spaceflight facilities. NASA Kennedy Space Center opens at 9:00 am daily.

Seattle Museum Of Flight In Seattle Washington

Museum of Flying reopens at Santa Monica Airport

9404 E Marginal Way S, Seattle, Washington

Billed as one of the largest non-profit aviation and space museums in the world, Seattles Museum of Flight offers a spectacular way to experience the thrill of flight for fans of all ages.

For starters, step inside the stunning T.A. Wilson Great Gallery for a walk through time where visitors can observe historic aircraft like the Douglas DC-3 suspended from the six-story ceiling of the glass pavilion. Curious about the history behind Boeings beginnings and its trajectory into jetliners? Check out the William E. Boeing Red Barn exhibit, housed in the companys original 1909 factory.

But dont stop there. Commerical aviation, space exploration and military aircraft each have a starring role in the museums outstanding collection of artifacts, documents and first-hand accounts from those on the front line of past, present and future air transportation. Plan to spend at least three- hours or even a full day wandering through the numerous exhibits and galleries.

And why should airplane pilots have all the fun? You can experience the thrill of flight and try out your own flying skills in one of the featured tours like Flight Simulators or The Pilot Experience. Ready to take to the skies?

Contributed by Nancy Mueller of Wander Boomer.

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Museum Of Flying In Santa Monica California

3100 Airport Ave, Santa Monica, California

The Museum of Flying, Santa Monica, California concentrates on the history of aviation in Southern California. Established in 1974 as the Douglas Museum and Library, the museum has moved to different locations near the Santa Monica Airport. Donald Douglas founded the museum, and many of the artifacts represent the planes that were built by the Douglas Aircraft Company.

Most fascinating is to discover the connection between Douglas Aircraft Company and Hollywoods motion picture industry during WWII. The west coast was considered vulnerable after Pearl Harbor so to protect Douglas Aircraft from aerial bombardment, the company through the help of Hollywood created a camouflage to hide the factory from the air. They designed an elevated façade that covered the entire factory and made it look like a residential community, while aircraft construction continued beneath. Women would hang laundry or work in the garden to simulate neighborhood life at the time.

Also on exhibit are the various DC planes Douglas Aircraft created over the years. One can also find the Lockheed Vega, one of the aircraft Amelia Earhart flew and a replica of the Wright Flyer.

Contributed by Cori Solomon of The Written Palette

The Museum Of Flying Art Inc In Midlothian Tx
    The Museum Of Flying Art, Inc. is a Texas Domestic Non-Profit Corporation filed On March 13, 2003. The company’s filing status is listed as In Existence and its File Number is 0800182929. The Registered Agent on file for this company is Arnold Vasenden and is located at

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Board Of Directors Airline History Museum
    John roper. John began building and flying radio control airplanes at the age of 11. He received his pilots license at the age of 18. While studying for his Bachelor of Science in Aerospace Engineering at the University of Kansas, he bought a Cessna 150 and started the KU flying club where he began teaching and generating interest in civil aircraft.

San Diego Ups Its Meetings And Events Profile With Major Developmentsyour Browser Indicates If You’ve Visited This Link

The Museum Of Flying – Santa Monica, CA

While San Diego is typically lauded for boasting perhaps the most agreeable weather in the worldsort of a “Goldilocks” climate where sunny days are tempered by free AC provided by the Pacific Oceanmajor change is also in the air due to a variety of exciting new developments that will increase the city’s desirability as a meetings destination.

Meetings Today

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Qantas Founders Museum In Longreach Australia

1 Hudson Fysh Drive, Longreach Airport, Longreach Queensland Australia

One of the worlds oldest airlines, Qantas has a proud history, having been founded in outback Australia in 1920 as Queensland and Northern Territory Aerial Services. The first scheduled service took off from Longreach, Queensland, in 1922. Longreach lies on the Tropic of Capricorn, 700 kilometres inland from Australias east coast, and offers a surprising number of attractions for a town of 3,000 people. Key amongst them is the world-class Qantas Founders Museum which tells the story of Qantas through artifacts and exhibits. The not-for-profit community organization runs independently of Qantas, although as the then general manager Tony Martin told me a few years ago, Qantas does occasionally help by dropping off 747s. Museum admission includes a peek at a Catalina Flying Boat and the National Heritage-listed Qantas hangar containing DH-50 and DH-61 aircraft, while a 90-minute Jet Tour takes you through Boeing 747, 707 and DC-3 aircraft in the museum grounds. The 707, the first 707 Boeing sold outside of the United States, drips with fine timber, crystal and gold-plated fittings courtesy of a Saudi prince who owned it after Qantas de-commissioned it. The 747 Wing Walk Tour allows you to walk on the wing of a 747 for an exhilarating experience and rarely seen view of the big bird.

Contributed by Christine Salins of Food Wine Travel

Santa Monica Museum Of Flying Day Trip

07/20/2020 by DayTrippen

Plane enthusiasts looking for a great exhibition with a growing inventory of aircraft will want to take a day trip to the Santa Monica Museum of Flying. Initially opened in 1979, as the Douglas Museum and Library, the museums collection consisted primarily of pieces belonging to Donald Wills Douglas, the Founder and President of the Douglas Aircraft Company.

A new building was eventually constructed on the north side of the Santa Monica Airport and opened in 1989, as the Museum of Flying, with a myriad of vintage aircraft, including numerous World War II fighter planes.

Museum of Flying 2 tickets for the price of One

Over the next decade, the Santa Monica Museum of Flying expanded its unique collection but was shut down in 2002 due to budget constraints. Eventually, in 2012, the museum reopened in a new location on the south side of the Santa Monica Airport just a half a block away from the original site.

Today, although in a smaller building than the first, the museum houses many of the original artifacts related to the Douglas Aircraft Company. There is a variety of exhibits, aviation art, and an array of aircraft from a Wright Flyer replica to the jet age.

Inside, the two-story structure planes that are on display range from replicas of a Wright Flyer to a single-seat BD-5 microjet featured in the opening scenes of the James Bond movie Octopussy.

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