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Corning Museum Of Glass Classes

Leave Time For The Gift Shop

Salt Live-Streamed Studio Demo

I know, I know. Some people could do without museum gift shops. Not me! But seriously, the Corning glass gift shop is incredible. Its a shop meets a gallery. There are items for everybody all interests, ages, budgets Definitely check out the Corelle shop too. It is the BEST place to stock up on your dishes and bakeware at a discount!

Blown Away On Netflix

Whether or not you know anything about glass blowing, youll be hooked by Blown Away. Plus, its incredible to learn so much about the process. Watching the artists create their designs to meet each weeks challenge is the best part. Each contender brought a different perspective, experience, and skillset to the competition.

As you make your way through the two seasons, youll learn about different coloring and design techniques along with glassblowing vocabulary. No matter what skills the gaffers use, its all so impressive!

Season 1 featured 10 American artists competing through challenges like Potluck Party, Thirsty Work, and Body Parts. The second season took an international turn and invited artists from around the world. I quickly fell in love with several of them! Most notably Nao Yamamoto, Cat Burns, and Elliot Walker. Both seasons ended with a Best in Blow where the two finalists created pieces for their own gallery exhibit.

Check Us Out On Netflix

Watch Netflixs glassblowing competition show Blown Away, which prominently features the Museum. Then check out our many related videos on YouTube, including behind-the-scenes footage from the set and interviews with the production team, glass experiments with the shows host Nick Uhas, and Guest Artist demos with the finalists.

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Want To Give Back Support The Studio’s Scholarship & Residency Programs

The Studio conducts an annual Holiday Glass Sale to help support our scholarship and residency fund. The generosity of artists who have taught and taken classes at The Studio make this event a success year after year. You can participate either by fully donating work or by sharing the profits of your sales.

Curator Of Early Modern Glass

Mind Blown: Glass Blowing at the Corning Museum of Class

The foremost glass museum in the world, The Corning Museum of Glass seeks a Curator of Early Modern Glass to provide vision, strategic direction and oversight for the Museums Early Modern glass collections. The Curator of Early Modern Glass will be responsible for acquisition, exhibition, cataloguing and research of the Early Modern glass collections, which include works from all cultures dating from the early medieval period, 1250, until about 1820 and number approximately 11,000 objects.

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Joining A Class At The Corning Museum Of Glass

In a perfect world, youd go to CMOG every week for an hour or two for scheduled classes, private tutors, and open studio time. Glass blowing is fun, but it takes a lot of practice.

Despite the stress I had with my so-called drinking glass, I had a good time. I was starting to get into the groove and would love to learn more about the nuances so I can appreciate the art thats next door at the museum.

For those of us who live far away, its not feasible to attend regularly, which is exactly why there are shorter Corning glass blowing classes like the one I took. Classes are also available for other types of glass art, like flameworking, fusing, and jewelry. Corning is a really cool town, so if you have the time to spare, a weeklong class is the way to go. If youre short on time, the 1 or 2 day courses give you far more exposure than the 40-minute make your own glass projects.

All students attending these workshops also receive free admission to the museum throughout the dates of their course. Course offerings change, so check the calendar and register in advance since classes are small.

* * *

Have you ever taken an intensive course like this? What did you learn?

I was a guest of the Corning Museum of Glass for this workshop . Special thanks also to Steuben County Conference & Visitors Bureau for helping to arrange my trip.

Corning Museum Scavenger Hunt

My kids loved this! They walked around with their scavenger hunt book and pencil and learned about inspiration and art. I was so impressed with this activity. Teaching kids about art and inspiration is not always easy. The scavenger hunt made it fun and exciting. My 4 year old, 6 year old, and 8 year old were all very entertained.

After the class we were all hungry so we headed over to the cafe. This is inside the main building. We walked through the gift shop again!! My husband and I had already looked at the menu online and decided the best plan would be to order a pizza. I never really think of sharing at food courts but it saves a lot of money and everyone is happy.

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With that being said if you are looking for great food this is the place to be. This is not a typical museum food court. They had a great variety of food from Asian to salads to sandwiches. The pizza was good but I watched a lot of plates of spaghetti pass by and they looked delicious!! The portions were huge and we could have easily shared two of them with our family of five.

On our second visit to the glass museum we tried the butternut squash salad and it was amazing!

For the afternoon we planned to explore the museum and see the Glass Demos.

We had about an hour left to explore the museum. We let the kids take the lead and explore the exhibits of glass throughout the museum. I was a little concerned about this part.

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Education And Special Programs

The Corning Museum of Glass makes the art, techniques, science and aesthetics of glass accessible through many public programs and opportunities for learners of all ages, including family and youth activities, ongoing daily glassmaking demonstrations and gallery tours, classes, workshops, lectures and seminars, and residencies for professional artists in The Studio. Additional artist and scholar residencies are available at the Rakow Research Library and through the Rakow research grant.

Highly Recommend Classes Here

Studio Demonstration | Stephen Brucker, Cat Burns, & Richard Whiteley

My husband and I took a week of classes at the Corning Museum of Glass School through a Road Scholar progam. The Museum Studio facility and instruction were both top notch. We had 3 classes per day for 4 days and got to make a paperweight, glass flowers, beads and a bowl. The classes were Fusing, Hot Glass and Torchwork. The instructors were excellent, helping you through each step but also allowing you to be creative. It was a wonderful experience for both of us and we had so much fun we’re thinking of going back! Because the Museum is a non-profit, the cost was less than we expected. The Road Scholar program would also be good for a solo glass student who enjoys the community of older learners.The month of November, there is no charge to veterans for the Museum or for a one hour class.Their website recommends reservations for the short classes. It’s a popular place and things fill up quick!

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Dish It Corelle At 50

Admit it. Your parents and your grandparents had their own collections of Corelle dishes and baking supplies. I know mine did! I can look at the different patterns and state which family member had each design! This year Corelle is celebrating its 50th anniversary, and the exhibit celebrates the various designs over time. Plus, youll learn more about how Corelle dishes are made and what makes them so durable and popular.

Corning Museum Of Glass Tickets

The weekend of our visit was their Holiday Open House. Admission was free!! Typically Corning Museum of Glass tickets are $18.00 for adults and free for kids 17 and under. The admission ticket is good for two consecutive days. They have a bundle with the Rockwell Museum for $25.00 for adults. We visited the Rockwell Museum during our weekend and you can read about it here.

Our Sandblasting class was in the studio. This is in building 9. If you enter through the front entrance you take the escalator downstairs, walk through the gift shop, and walk outside to the studio building. I was a little nervous to walk through the gift shop. I have two very busy boys and I thought this could be a disaster.

Surprisingly we stuck to the middle and made it through without any issues. The gift shop is amazing and worth a look. The craftsmanship and talent is breath taking. I loved the glass flowers. They were lined up in vases for you to pick. Everything was lit up for the holidays and the museum had a great atmosphere.

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Weekend Redemption At The Corning Museum Of Glass

With a little time to spare at the end of the weekend, we were free to try projects a second time. Since my glass flower brought me so much satisfaction, it was a no-brainer for me to make another. I wanted to see if I remember each step without anyone whispering prompts to me and I wanted to experiment with color.

Before I knew it, I had completely forgotten the stress of making a glass vase. I was in paradise, trying new petal shapes and adding twists to my stems. Not paying attention to the time going by, I made not one, but three more flowers, each one different from the last.

This chance to perfect things and start to get comfortable with them was truly a treat. No quick project will give you that opportunity only an in-depth class will. The next day, I polished and sanded the stems in the cold shop, making each a perfect souvenir of my experience.

Corning Glass Artist Directory

Glassblowing class at Corning Museum of Glass. Corning, NY.

Independent glass artists within our community design art and functional glass that is known throughout the world. However, there?are few local stores to feature all of these artists.

The best way to view, purchase, or discuss their work, is to directly contact the artist. Use this directory to find artist websites, email addresses, and phone numbers.

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The Corning Museum Of Glass Is A Must For Any Bucket List

There is so much to do and see at the Corning Museum of Glass youd be surprised! So plan your trip to Corning and visit for yourself. Then binge Blown Away to get excited about your upcoming trip.

Have you visited Corning? Tell me your favorite part in the comments! Better yet, let me know who your favorite Blown Away contestant was.

Techniques Of Renaissance Venetian Glassworking

The Techniques of Renaissance Venetian Glassworking is an investigation of the probable working practices of some of the most skilled artisans of all time: the glassblowers of Renaissance Venice. The videos featured in the publication are available below and on YouTube.

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Where Is The Corning Museum Of Glass

The museum is located in the city of Corning, just north of the Pennsylvania border. Corning is about 2 hours southeast of Syracuse, 1 hour south of Penn Yan. The are plenty of great restaurants and shopping in the downtown Gaffer District, aptly named after glassblowers. Nearby towns of Horseheads and Elmira are also great for exploring.

The Basics Of Glass Blowing

Laura Donefer Live-Streamed Studio Demonstration

On a Saturday morning, I arrived at The Studio along with five other students to meet our teacher and her assistant. Over the course of two days, wed learn a complete set of basic steps for glassforming and glassblowing. This introductory glassblowing class is a whirlwind opportunity!

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I was excited to be in such an intense atmosphere, but I was also a little nervous. I have no artistic predispositions, no spacial awareness, no hands-eye coordination, and no dexterity whatsoever, so I was set up for failure. My only hope was that Id be able to melt things down and try again if I screwed up thats definitely a saving grace for beginning students!

After we learned studio safety and etiquette, our teacher lectured on ways to manipulate glass. With lots of up-close demos, we started to get a feel of the tools wed use, procedures, and skills.

After what felt like a lifetime of anticipation, it was time to try things on our own. I nervously splashed water onto my left arm to keep it from overheating and then approached the 2100 degree furnace which holds up to 1000 pounds of molten glass. Carefully, I dipped a long metal rod into the molten glass, rotating it clockwise, and working swiftly to ball up a layer of glass without dripping any along the way. The goal: make it look like a round, even ball and not a leaning mess.

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Why Is The Museum In Corning

The history of the Corning Museum of Glass actually starts back in the 1800s in Brooklyn, New York. Elias Hungerford was based in Corning, but partnered with the Houghton family who had a glass company in Brooklyn. The Brooklyn Flint Glass Company moved to Corning in 1868 and became Corning Glass Works. Why? The cost of labor in Corning was much cheaper than in New York City. Plus, the canal and railroad network provided better access to glassmaking supplies.

Over time, Corning became the epicenter of glass research, attracting professional glassmakers from around the world. Because of this, Corning has developed the nickname Crystal City.

The Corning Museum of Glass was established in 1951 to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the original company.

Board Liaison And Project Manager

Board Liaison and Project Manager provides project support and high-level coordination to the Museum Administration department of The Corning Museum of Glass by working closely with the President and Executive Director, leadership team, Board of Trustees and board-level committees to plan for and execute agreed upon priorities and action items. Drives logistics for regularly scheduled meetings and activities along with key projects. Participates in and coordinates closely with the Board Planning Team. Serves as a liaison to ensure effective Board meetings logistics and communication with Trustees. Coordinates and administers recruitment and orientation of new Trustees and Officers.

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Blown Away On Netflix Will Inspire You To Visit The Corning Museum Of Glass

Admit it. You have a soft spot for competition shows on television. We all do! Thats because theres a competition that appeals to everyone of us. Singers, dancers, tattoo artists, fashion designers, interior decorators, models, bakers, chefs Whats not to love about seeing the best of the best compete against each other? And my latest reality competition obsession? Blown Away on Netflix. Its SO COOL! Keep reading to learn why it stands out from the rest and how its connected to the Corning Museum of Glass in New York.

Each season of Blown Away has brought together 10 blown glass artists to compete against each other. The grand prize? A residency at the Corning Museum of Glass! Thats right the show has a huge connection to Upstate New York. And while I had visited the museum as a young Girl Scout and then again as an adult, my husband had never been. But after binging two seasons of incredible glass blowing, we celebrated our latest wedding anniversary with a trip to Corning.

Explore Our Collection Of Glass

Studio Glass from 1960s and 70s at Corning Museum of Glass.jpg Hi

Spend some time in our Collections Browser where you’ll browse by type of glass: contemporary, ancient, European, science + technology, or search for anything you can possibly imagine in glass. Find out about the incredible works we care for and make plans to come see them in person when the Museum reopens.

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Corning Museum Of Glass: A Unique Family Friendly Experience

Have you ever thought about visiting the Corning Museum of Glass with Kids? Ive always wanted to but I wasnt sure if it was kid friendly. We decided to give it a try and planned a last minute weekend getaway to Corning, NY that included a visit to the Corning Museum of Glass.

Disclosure: My family received a Sandblasting Class in exchange for my review. My priority is to be honest and authentic with my valued readers. My opinion is always my own. Read more about my Disclosure Policy.

We left Rochester early and arrived at the museum around 9:15 Saturday morning. Our Sandblasting class started at 10:00am in the studio and this gave us some time to park and learn the layout of the museum.

I always look at the map online before we arrive to get a good idea of exhibits and show times. With this information I make a flexible itinerary.

I list on my phone the times of shows I want to see and the exhibits that are a must do for my family. I also take a screen shot on my phone of the show times so it is easily accessible throughout our visit at the Corning Museum of Glass.

About Corning And The Region

Corning, NY is in the southern Finger Lakes region and is home to Corning Incorporated, a Fortune 500 company and one of the worlds leading innovators in materials science. The Gaffer District in the towns historic downtown has more than a hundred shops, art studios, galleries, antique shops, restaurants, and bars featuring wine and craft-beer tastings. Corning also features the Rockwell Museum and Palace Theatre, along with annual events like GlassFest. Cornell University’s Herbert F. Johnson Museum of Art is nearby in Ithaca and the Arnot Art Museum is in nearby Elmira. Corning dates to the late 18th century and historical sites dot the region.

Corning Glass Works moved to Corning from Brooklyn, NY in 1868, and for more than150 years Corning Incorporated has maintained its headquarters in Corning, providing an economic base and bringing employment opportunities and a steady stream of international business leaders to the Crystal City. Corning Incorporated is a major supporter of The Corning Museum of Glass and other nonprofit organizations and ensures that Corning has top-rated public, charter and private schools resulting in a very desirable place to live and work.

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