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Tickets For Ark And Creation Museum

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Ark Encounter & Creation Museum offering free admission for kids 10 and under

Choose one of the following fun, family-friendly destinations in Cincinnati :

  • Harriot Beecher Stowe House ~ 2950 Gilbert Ave, Cincinnati, OH 45206
  • National Underground Railroad Freedom Center ~ 50 East Freedom Way Cincinnati, Ohio 45202
  • Houdinis Room Excape ~ 9309 Montgomery Road, Cincinnati OH
  • Full Throttle Indoor Karting ~ 11725 Commons Drive, Cincinnati, OH
  • Childrens Museum ~ 1301 Western Ave, Cincinnati, OH 45203

Why You Should Visit:

The Creation Museum and Ark Encounter are unique attractions that you wont find anywhere else in the world. The Ark is the largest timber-frame structure globally, and no matter your beliefs, it is an amazing sight to see. If you grew up learning about Noah and the flood it is impressive to see the life-sized Ark in person. The Creation Museum provides a crystal-clear look into the core beliefs of Christianity and clearly lays out their argument for Creation Theory instead of Evolution. No matter your personal religious beliefs, I highly suggest you visit at least one of these locations depending on your interests.

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Toured Outside The Creation Museum

We toured the botanical gardens, the koi pond, the rain forest, and the Eden Animal Experience.

We thought the animal experience was a little small, but the one at the Ark Encounter did not disappoint. It makes sense though, that the outdoor experiences at the Creation Museum focus on plant life more and the Ark Encounter incorporates more animals.

There was a playground where we could hear the squeals and laughter of children, but we did not visit it. We did relax under one of the three pavilions provided. The instrumental music playing over the sound system combined with a gentle breeze and the beauty of our surroundings refreshed us.

The trails were immaculately maintained and everything was colorful and beautiful. One thing to note, not all of the trails are wheelchair accessible, but most are.

Tickets Parking Planetarium Shows Schedule

Ark Encounter, Creation Museum, and Cincinnati tour, Inner ...

Tickets arent exactly cheap especially to the Ark. There arent any ways to get stellar deals. Just buy the combo ticket and enjoy your trip.

At the Creation Museum you have the opportunity to buy tickets to two different Planetarium shows . We talked to the gentleman at the ticket counter and he recommended that we not buy tickets this trip. The material would be way over the kids heads. We decided to listen to his advice and it worked out well. On a trip when the kids are older wed maybe get them. If you decide to purchase Planetarium ticket purchase when you first arrive or risk them being sold out!

When you purchase a ticket for The Creation Museum it is a two day ticket.

This is how we planned our visits:

  • Day 1: Creation Museum
  • Day 2: Ark Encounter
  • Day 3: Creation Museum at opening for a few hours

We were very happy with that decision and would do it again that way. I also heard from other people that planned their visit in that order and liked it as well.

Both places were less busy after lunch. The majority of the tour buses seemed to arrive at opening and left early afternoon.

You will have to pay for parking at both parks.

$5 parking at the Creation Museum$10 parking at the Ark Encounter

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Creation Museum Ark Encounter Tickets Now Cheaper For Children

Admission to the Ark Encounter and the Creation Museum is getting cheaper for children starting in March.

Starting Thursday, children younger than four will get into both parks free. Children ages five to 12 can get $15 single passes, $25 combo tickets and $30 annual combo passes.

The unlimited weekly pass is now a combo ticket that can be used during a seven-day period.

“Rather than giving group discounts to school groups, youth groups in churches, etc., AiG is essentially giving all young people and kids a ‘group price,'” a statement from the parks said.


Tickets for both attractions include entrance to exhibits, a zoo and petting zoos, gardens, and many special programs each day.

“Not only are the attractions a great financial value, there’s spiritual value gained by our guests. I’m thrilled to see so many of our visitors respond to the messages we proclaim, even as they enjoy themselves in immersive experiences,” said Answers in Genisis founder Ken Ham.

Currently, children’s tickets are $28 for a single pass for the Ark Encounter, $35 for a combo pass, $99 for an unlimited combo pass and $175 for an annual pass. Children under the age of five get in free.

Under the new ticket pricing structure, adult passes will also cost less. Adults will pay $48 for an ark pass, $35 for a museum pass, $70 for a combo pass and $100 for an annual pass.

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Creation Museum Ark Encounter To Undergo Upgrades Expansions

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A Bible-themed attraction in Kentucky that features a 510-foot-long wooden Noahs ark will soon be undergoing upgrades and expansions.

Officials with the Creation Museum, located in Petersburg, Kentucky, and the Ark Encounter, located in Williamstown, Kentucky, announced their plans Thursday saying upgrades are “necessary to accommodate, better serve, and reach the thousands of families pouring in daily.”

Officials said the Creation Museum and the Ark Encounter have been “bustling” all summer and they expect the year ahead to be even busier.

Moving forward, museum officials will be focusing on work in two areas. When the museums first opened, they didn’t have an auditorium so after a few years, they converted its warehouse into its Legacy Hall auditorium.

“When we first did this, I told our staff that we wanted to wear this auditorium out for the Lord and use it to the max for teaching and other programs to equip people of all ages,” museum officials said.

Over the years, though, the auditorium’s sound system and projection system have gotten worn out. Museum officials are looking at refurbishing the space until they can build a much larger auditorium in the future.

The plans for Legacy Hall include turning the seating configuration 90 degrees, knock out some walls and put in a new projection and sound system.

The Creation Museum is fundraising and is asking for help from the public.

Free Parking Grounds Access At Ark Encounter Creation Museum For Residents Of Nearby Counties

Everything Wrong with the Creation Museum and the Ark Encounter

In a show of civic appreciation, Answers in Genesis and its popular themed attractions are reaching out to their neighbors with a special offer. Residents of seven Kentucky counties and one Indiana county can now park free through 2020 and, at no charge, tour the grounds of the internationally renowned Ark Encounter and Creation Museum.

The counties in Northern Kentucky are: Grant , Boone , Kenton, Campbell, Pendleton, Gallatin, and Owen and, in Indiana, Dearborn County .

They will be able to purchase meals at the attractions. There will be the normal ticket cost to enter the Creation Museum and the Ark to view their exhibits.

Our neighbors in Northern Kentucky and southern Indiana have been such a blessing to us over the years, Ken Ham, CEO of Answers in Genesis and founder of the attractions, said.In return, we want to offer them free access to the grounds of our theme parks, which are attractions in their own right. Its another way for us to say thank you to them. Also, most of my talks and the presentations given by AiGs other speakers in the large new Answers Center near the Ark can be attended at no charge. To make it even more welcoming to our neighbors, well throw in free parking at both attractions.

The Creation Museum in Petersburg

The Botanical Gardens at the Creation Museum

More about the free Christmas events can be found at and

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Faith And Fun Creation Museum To Ark 2

Northern Kentucky offers many exciting and fun opportunities for the young and the young-at-heart! If you are interested in the Faith and Fun: Creation Museum to Ark 2-Day Itinerary please call DAT Travel at 330-614-7219 ext 3. At your request, DAT Travel will build and book your itinerary according to your travel dates and time of arrival into the greater Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky. We can also book a hotel for you, and assist you in purchasing tickets for Creation Museum and the Ark Encounter.

Visiting The Creation Museum And Ark Encounter

The Ark Encounter and Creation Museum are both one-of-a-kind stops located in northern Kentucky. The Creation Museum and Ark Encounter are owned by the same Christian organization, Answers in Genesis . The two attractions are approximately 45 minutes away from each other.

Each location provides something different. The Ark Encounter is home to a life-size ark where you can learn more about the famous story where Noah built a gigantic boat and saved his family and all of the animals from a 40-day flood that re-shaped the world. The Creation Museum is full of exhibits to compare the Creation vs. Evolution theories and provides reasons why they believe that Creation theory is correct. I recommend setting aside at least 4-6 hours at each site to be able to fully take in the exhibits. Both sites are frequently busy.

Regardless of your religious beliefs, I believe everyone should visit a place like this at least once so you can educate yourself about a different religion, culture, and belief system. If you are a Christian, then these stops will provide a unique opportunity to see some of the Bible stories that you are familiar with in a new way. If you dont believe in Christianity, then a stop like this can help you understand those who believe in it a little better.

If you are interested in more one of kind experiences, take a look at our Unique Places in Kentucky post.

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Perspective From A Wheelchair

Wheelchairs are on a first-come, first-serve basis . They seemed plentiful in supply the day we went.

Wheelchair usage is fairly new to me. Im still trying to get comfortable and less awkward using one in public.

The CRPS I have in my feet flares with over usage. So, I rented a wheelchair at the Creation Museum, in hopes that I would be able to walk the next day at the Ark Encounter. Im glad I did because it did help tremendously and I was able to walk through the Ark.

Almost everything at the Creation Museum was easily seen and accessed from a wheelchair. There were a few exhibits where I did stand up to get a closer look, such as the case depicting the flood using miniature figures and the exhibit showing the nine months of pregnancy.

The only occasion that caused me to pause was when we went to the 4D Special Effects Theater. I fully understood the staff asking me to step out of the wheelchair to stow it out of the way. However, I was a little surprised that they told me to follow the guide and navigate several stairs when there were several available seats near the entrance. The lights had already half dimmed with the show about to begin. I felt a little unsteady and awkward. It seemed odd that they didnt at least ask what would be easiest for me as I stepped out of a wheelchair. Nonetheless, we managed and it was all good.

The Difference Between The Two

Ark Encounter &  Creation Museum Offering FREE Admission ...

If you only want to visit one of these locations, there are a few things to consider when youare making your decision. Noahs Ark would be a better option if you are not a huge reader or if you have small children. I found these exhibits to be more entertaining and the signage is spread out. There are also bathrooms, benches, and snack stands throughout the building and grounds so you can easily take a break when needed.

Creation Museum is better suited for those that are more interested in understanding the difference between Creation and Evolution Theory. For Non- Christians, this is a great place to gain a better understanding of what Christians believe and how it may influence their life choices. The signage at this location has a lot more writing on it, so it may not be as entertaining to kids .

Both locations have animals to admire, playgrounds for the kids, as well as a Zipline Course for an extra fee. No matter where you go, there are other kid friendly options so you can leave the main attraction and for a light and fun-hearted break if needed.

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Half Price Tickets To Creation Museum In Kentucky

November 17 by Cassie

Here is a great and RARE deal! Grab half price tickets to the Creation Museum in Kentucky from JBDollar Stretcher daily deal site. You do not need to be local to get this deal, but if you are planning to go to the Creation Museum, then you might want to grab your tickets for cheaper now!

We have been wanting and planning to go sometime soon and cant wait until we get to go .

Have you gone to the Creation Museum yet? How is it?

Are There Live Animals On The Ark Encounter

Visitors enter on the lowest deck and move between decks on ramps constructed through the center of the ark. Bays on the first deck contain models of some animals that AiG believes could have been on the ark there are no live animals within the exhibit though there is a petting zoo on the grounds.

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What We Hope To Do Next Time

Yes, we hope to go again! Theres so much to see and do.

In the past, weve enjoyed hearing the founder, Ken Ham, speak at homeschool conferences. Wed love to listen to him again as well as others, at the free, live speaking events held at the Creation Museum.

The Planetarium costs extra but Ive heard they present fantastic shows so we hope to view one or more next time.

New exhibits are in the works so we look forward to seeing those as well.

We thoroughly enjoyed our visit to the Creation Museum. I think its worth the time and travel to take your family.

In my opinion, it is a bit expensive. Therefore, if you have kids, Id wait until they were at least seven or eight years old before taking them. You may not enjoy the experience as much until their attention spans are a bit longer.

However, at least for 2021, children age ten and under get in free. So, Id definitely take advantage of taking those older kids now!

Have you been to the Creation Museum or are you hoping to go sometime?

A freelance writer, Sally Mathenys writing is published in worldwide, national, regional, online and print publications including Appleseeds, Clubhouse Jr., Homeschooling Today, Practical Homeschooling, and The Old Schoolhouse. Sally also writes curriculum, inspirational articles, and has several childrens books in progress. Blogging at, Sally encourages parents to live victorious and to courageously tell the next generation wondrous things.

The Creation Museum & The Ark Encounter

Visiting Noah Ark Encounter and Creation Museum

Pickup: Lancaster, Ephrata, Harrisburg Lv-7:00 am Rt-9:00 pm

Price per person: $795 Double $895 Single$735 Triple $699 QuadDeposit $100 per person at registration

3 breakfasts 2 lunches 2 dinners

Day 1 *See United Airlines Flight 93 9/11 Memorial and the newly-opened Tower of Voices, near Shanksville, PA *Dinner and overnight in Cincinnati, OH, area

Day 2 *Explore Creation Museum/Answers in Genesis *Journey through Biblical history, experiencing Gods Word coming alive with the latest images of stars confirming an all-powerful Creator *Dinner and overnight in Cincinnati, OH, area

Day 3 *Experience the Ark Encounter in William-town, KY, a one-of-a-kind historically themed attraction that is family oriented and environmentally friendly In an entertaining, educational, and immersive way, it presents a number of historical events centered on a full-size, all-wood Ark, which is the largest timber-frame structure in the USA *Dinner and overnight in Cincinnati, OH, area

Day 4 *Travel homeward, stopping in Somerset, PA, to visit the Quecreek Mine Rescue Site, where on July 2002, all nine miners were miraculously rescued, just 10 months after the tragedy of September 11, 2001see the place and hear the story *Dinner in Bedford, PA

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