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The Louvre Museum Gift Shop

Is It Worth Going To The Louvre

Louvre Museum or Shopping Mall

Located in the 1st arrondissement, the Louvre remains one of the most iconic attractions in Paris, hosting over 400,000 objects to date. While famous, it may not be worth the time, money, or headache required to see some of the greats.

The best time to visit is Wednesday and Friday night when, as we mention above, the museum stays open until 9:45 p.m. and most large groups and school children are nowhere to be seen. You can spend the entire evening browsing away much more comfortably than those who braved the museum earlier in the day.

Delve Into The Louvre

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Audio Guide On New Nintendo 3ds

Explore the palace and collections with the audio guide on the New Nintendo 3DS! Follow a guided tour to learn all the key information about the palace, artworks and their history.

  • Available in 9 languages: English, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, German, Japanese, Korean and Chinese.
  • The audio guide also uses geo-location to allow you to check which level you are on and which part of the museum you are in.
  • Includes commentaries on the temporary exhibitions .
  • It costs5 to rent our audio guide. One person can buy up to six admission tickets and rent up to six audio guides.

Book your audio guide in advance

To save time queueing at the distribution counters, you can book your audio guide in advance via the online ticketing service. You will be sent a ticket to present at one of the three distribution counters.

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La Libert Guidant Le Peuple

La Liberté Guidant le Peuple

This evocative painting illustrates one of the most important events in French history, the Parisian uprising of July 1830, when the Republicans of France led a revolt against the government of the Second Constitution.

Delacroix intended La Liberté Guidant le Peuple to highlight the values of the Revolution of 1789 and the ideal of popular sovereignty. The creation of this piece was a patriotic act, as Delacroix believed passionately in the Republican cause.

The allegorical figure of Liberty is depicted as a strong and inspiring bare-breasted woman , suggesting lineage to a classical Greek goddess. Evidence of her determination and fighting spirit, she holds a French flag in one hand and an infantry gun in the other.

The figure of Liberty emerges victoriously from a dark, smoky background and appears to be bathed in light, symbolic of her moral illumination. Delacroix brings a deeply emotional, romantic interpretation to the painting and at the same time a realistic quality.

Les Noces De Cana By Vronse

The Louvre opens its bookstore

Les Noces de Cana

Paolo Caliari created Les Noces de Cana in 1563, commissioned by the Benedictine San Giorgio Maggiore Monastery in Venice.

The Louvre Museum’s largest painting, this immense six-meter-tall by 10-meter-wide canvas covers an entire wall of the Louvre gallery from floor to ceiling. Originally, it was intended to decorate the refectory of the Venetian monastery.

Les Noces de Cana is a masterful composition that portrays the biblical wedding scene at Cana in the Galilee, the event according to John the Apostle when Christ performs the miracle of turning water into wine.

The remarkable composition of more than 100 figures somehow manages to look harmonious rather than crowded. The bride and groom are seated at the end of the banquet table on the left-hand side. Christ is at the center surrounded by his disciples. Contemporary Venetians mingle with biblical personages in Oriental turbans.

The artist’s astounding attention to detail is seen in the realistic minutia, such as the draping of the splendid Venetian costumes. The action-packed scene is full of surprises: a dwarf holding a parakeet , little birds, friendly dogs, and an amusing cat that seems to be an uninvited guest as it scratches its claws on a water pitcher.

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The Museums Of Paris: A Source For Gifts Inspired By The Past

Although a new lockdown has made it more challenging, browsing at museum shops is still an option, thanks to the internet.

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By Elaine Sciolino

I cant count how many times Ive been to the Louvre Museums gift shop, but it was just before the coronavirus outbreak that I discovered La Boutique de la Chalcographie du Louvre, the public face of the museums atelier that reproduces prints and sculptures.

It is a repository for more than 600 prints made from plates in the Louvres permanent collection, rendered on museum-quality paper and guaranteed to last 100 years.

In normal times all of them are on display and for sale to visitors. I have spent hours leafing through the dozens of folios there without ever paying the price of admission into the museum itself.

With Paris under lockdown, visiting the Louvre and Pariss other museums and cultural spaces is not an option, but it is still possible to take advantage of their expertly curated gift shops.

Some of the best of museum boutiques in Paris and throughout France can be found at the English-language version of the online site Boutique de Musées. Other museums offer gift items at their own websites.

Exit This Year Through The Museum Gift Shop

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A few months ago, I entered the grand marble foyer of the Metropolitan Museum of Art for the first time since the pandemic began. Being inside the museum was like riding a bike, in that my body instinctively remembered where it wanted to go. And where it wanted to go, among other places, was straight to the gift shop. Standing between an array of Costume Institute postcards and a table groaning under the weight of lacquered trays and catalogues raisonnés and Art Deco chandelier earrings and embossed notepads and desk calendars and enamel lapel pins and leather journals and costumey amulets, I found myself having a consumerist strain of Stendhal syndrome. It had something to do with the fact that almost all of the items were appealing and none were even close to necessary. After the better part of two years shopping very little IRL, the stagy superfluousness of the Met shop jolted me right back into a state of pure purchasing pleasure.

Prices listed below are accurate as of publication but may fluctuate over time.

Think Surprises, Not Souvenirs

Long Live the Novelty T-Shirt

Blanket Bingo

Oh, Me? Im Wearing the Louvre

Get Thee to the Purse Museum

Paper Pushers

To Scarf or Not to Scarf

Peacocking in the Rain

When All Else Fails . . .

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A Gourmet Break After Your Visit To The Museum

Because we know how stressful a visit to the Louvre Museum can be, with so many wonders to see, treat yourself to a real moment of comfort by visiting our Carrousel du Louvre boutique. Our team of enthusiasts will listen to you and understand your desires to find the ideal gourmet souvenir gift to end the day.

From the simplest of delicacies to the most complete of gift boxes, passing by Maxim’s boutique in Paris is the assurance of finding the sweetness you need to complete your day.

A Quality Delicatessen Store

Twenty Minutes at the Louvre Museum

Discover in this prestigious point of sale more than 250 product references, each one more delicious than the next. You will first be able to meet Maxim’s classics such as chocolate assortments, nougats, lace crêpes and other sweet delights. You will then succumb to our French local products such as our exclusive champagne vintages, our duck foie gras or our gourmet terrines.

All the products in our shops are made with respect for the French terroir and in collaboration with our craftsmen and the best workers in France. They take particular care to select, for you, exceptional raw materials, in order to be able to offer you delicacies of extreme quality and refinement.

Maxim’s makes it a point of honour to develop with its craftsmen more and more novelties at each of your visits so that the sources of delicacies and the desire for discovery never dry up.

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Deprived Of Visitors The Worlds Most Popular Museum Is Striking Deals With Brands Such As Uniqlo To Reach International Audiences Online

After a year when the Musée du Louvrethe worlds most popular art museumwelcomed a fraction of its ten million visitors, it has launched a flurry of brand partnerships and e-commerce initiatives to appeal to customers beyond its masterpiece-laden walls. The French museum, like others across the country, has remained closed by government decree since late October as President Macron seeks to avoid a third national Covid-19 lockdown.

Since 2019, the Louvre has pursued a long-term strategy to maximise its prestigious brand, striking deals with companies such as DS Automobiles, Airbnb, Swiss watchmaker Swatch and macaron bakery Ladurée. New collaborations for 2021 include a collection of T-shirts and jumpers with the Japanese clothing chain Uniqlo, home furnishings by Maison Sarah Lavoine and tech accessories with Hong Kong-based Casetify. All co-branded products are available to buy on the Louvres own e-boutique, launched on 28 January. The four-year Uniqlo deal will also support monthly free-admission Saturday night openings and family tours at the museum when it reopens.

Last autumn, the Louvre entered a licensing agreement with the Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba to sell products based on its famous works of artincluding lipsticks and thermos flasks evoking the Winged Victory of Samothrace and Mona Lisa satchelson Tmall, one of Chinas biggest retail websites.

A Permanent Research For Novelties

We take special care in developing every year a large selection of novelties.

Our aim is to offer a permanent renewal, while maintaining and improving all the traditional items which made for years the reputation of Maxims. All year long, enjoy our exceptional chocolates and prestigious presentations of our best delicacies.

Our fine food and delicatessen section is also regularly enhanced with new features to make the most of a coffee break, an afternoon tea or an aperitif with friends.

You will certainly be seduced by our range of wines and champagne, awarded at the prestigious Berliner Wine Trophy to cheer up your dinners.

As a conclusion, Maxims is the guarantee for high quality product at a very affordable price.

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La Dentellire By Jan Vermeer

La Dentellière

Renoir considered Jan Vermeer’s painting of The Lacemaker to be one of the most beautiful paintings in the world. La Dentellière was created by Vermeer around 1669 or 1670.

The motif of lace was often used in 17th-century Dutch paintings to symbolize traditional female virtues. In the forefront of the painting is a little book that is most likely a Bible, which gives the piece another layer of moral and religious suggestion.

Vermeer loved to paint scenes of everyday life and was skilled at depicting familiar objects in an appealing way. The young woman is shown intently focused on her painstaking work of lacemaking.

The thread between the woman’s fingers and the pins and bobbin form the central focal point of the piece. The objects become more blurred in the background, mimicking the human eye’s natural optical field.

Vincent van Gogh praised this painting for its harmonious blend of colors, seen in the vibrant sewing cushion and multi-hued yarns.

Where To Stay Near The Louvre Museum In Paris

Musee du Louvre

The Musée du Louvre is found in the center of Paris in the 1st arrondissement, which is a convenient area for tourists to stay. We recommend these highly rated hotels within walking distance of the Louvre Museum:

  • or a 4-day pass, depending on the length of their stay in Paris. With this pass, you can skip the entry line at the Louvre.
  • Resources: The Louvre website also has a section devoted to practical information about the museum’s hours of admission, room closures, and amenities.
  • Food and Drink: The Louvre has over a dozen options for visitors in search of refreshments. The Café Richelieu treats guests to a refined menu and decadent hot chocolate supplied by the legendary Angelina tearoom. In an elegant pavilion of the Denon wing near the French paintings gallery, Le Café Mollien serves a simple lunch menu. The most picturesque setting is found at the open-air Terrasse de Pomone, a fashionable crêperie and brasserie in the Tuileries Garden. Gourmet snacks are available at Paul, a traditional French bakery in the Carrousel Garden. Tucked away within the arcades of the Louvre, the Café Marly is an upscale fine-dining restaurant.
  • Getting to the Louvre: The Metro stop is at Palais-Royal-Musée du Louvre station or bus numbers 21, 24, 27, 39, 48, 68, 69, 72, 81, and 95 stop in front of the Pyramid du Louvre. The most convenient parking is at the underground garage on Avenue du Général Lemonnier, open daily from 7am to 11pm.

Address: Rue de Rivoli, 75001 Paris

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Welcome To The Louvre

There are plenty of good reasons to visit the Louvre! So many works of art to discover in this fabulous museum that used to be a palace! So plan your visit in advance to make the most of it. Why not pick one of our visitor trails to follow a theme-based tour? And when you need a break, where better than the museums restful gardens?

The Medieval Louvre: Foundations Of The Palace

The original foundations of the Louvre are found in the Medieval Louvre section, entered through the Pyramid and the escalator to the Sully wing. This underground area reveals the medieval fortress that was created for King Philippe Auguste in 1190.

Visitors can see the ancient foundations, the remnants of the medieval moat, and the dungeons, as well as the Salle Saint-Louis , the only remaining vestige of the medieval fortress’ main building.

Several rooms in the Medieval Louvre section display documents, models, and paintings related to the history of the Louvre.

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A Sublime Store Rue De Rivoli In Paris

The first Maxim’s concept store was launched in March 2015. The first Maxim’s store in Paris is ideally located on the Place de la Pyramide Inversé at the Carrousel du Louvre. Even before entering the store, the visitor’s gaze will be immediately drawn to this grandiose and luminous showcase. Everyone’s natural curiosity will only encourage the desire to enter the shop to find out more and discover the delicacies hidden in these refined, definitely Parisian cases.

Our Maxim’s boutique in Paris will transport you to a prestigious setting where the French art of living is at the heart of all attentions. You will take pleasure in admiring the illustrations of the famous caricaturist Sem on the walls of the shop but also on our boxes of chocolates and other baskets of delicacies.

A Magnificent Royal Palace Fit For The Kings Of France

Virtual Tour of Paris Louvre Museum at Night (360/VR)

The Louvre’s somber medieval fortress was enhanced under Charles V, Charles VI, and Henri II, and transformed into a much more impressive and luxurious royal palace by Louis XIII and Louis XIV. The Salle des Caryatides is a grandiose reception hall created for King Henri II.

The Chambre de Parade du Roi is the bedroom where Charles IX and Henri III greeted the court every morning. The Salle des Sept-Cheminées was the royal apartment of Louis XIV until he moved his palace to Versailles.

Even after the Louvre was no longer a royal palace, it was used for official purposes by Napoléon III. Visitors can also see the opulent Grand Salon and Dining Rooms of the Appartements Napoléon III . Exemplifying Second Empire style, the lavish decor features sparkling chandeliers, gilded moldings, decorative stucco work, silk curtains, velvet furnishings, and gorgeous ornately painted ceilings.

Another must-see room in the museum is the Galerie d’Apollon. This glorious reception hall has a spectacular ceiling painting that was begun by Charles Le Brun, paying homage to Louis XIV, the Sun King. The portion not completed by Le Brun, the breathtaking central panel depicting Apollo Slaying the Serpent Pythonwas painted by Delacroix in 1851.

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The Museum Gift Shop Of The British Museum London

Photo: British Museum

The British Museum is filled with iconic pieces celebrated throughout the world for their cultural, historical, and artistic values, and the museums shop reflects this impressive collection. One of the flagship exhibits in the museum is the Lewis Chessmen, i.e. 82 intricate chess pieces carved into walrus ivory and whales teeth in Norway between 1150 and 1200 AD. Discovered in the 19th century on the island of Lewis in Scotland, they have inspired the pieces used in wizards chess in the movie Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone. For fans of mysterious archeological discoveries, Harry Potter, chess, or all three, small and medium chess sets featuring replicas of the Lewis chessmen pieces can be purchased. Single replicas of some of the iconic pieces are also available.

The Museum Gift Shop Of The Museum Of Modern Art Nyc

Photo: MoMA Design Store

Being a museum of modern art, MoMa has some of the edgiest gift ideas of all the art museums on this list, from beautifully designed homeware like clocks, teapots, furniture, etc. to trendy decorative pieces and clothing. For a truly original present, check out the Only at MoMa section of the online shop. Our favorite items this year include Mini Lumio+ , a portable book-shaped lamp that illuminates when opened. No bigger than a wallet, Mini Lumio+ has USB ports hidden behind its spine and a lightning port to charge up your phone. Another best-seller at the MoMa gift shop is the beautiful Mama Bird Nesting Doll , a delicate and decorative piece handcrafted by matryoshka masters. Those who have seen Yayoi Kusamas iconic Pumpkin sculpture being sadly swept into the sea in Japan earlier this summer will appreciate the super fun Yayoi Kusama Pumpkin Coin Purse .

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