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National World War 2 Museum New Orleans

The Higgins Hotel & Conference Center

A Look at the National WWII Museum in New Orleans

Conveniently located directly across the street from The National WWII Museum, the Higgins Hotel offers era-inspired guest rooms and specialty suites, premium amenities, a full-service restaurant, lounge, and a rooftop bar.

Revelry meets reverence at Higgins Hotel & Conference Center, New Orleans newest, most anticipated hotel. Located in the heart of the Arts & Warehouse District, its a home away from home replete with era-inspired guest rooms and suites, exceptional dining, and state-of-the-art meeting and event spaces.

Pearl Harbor 80th Anniversary Commemorative Ceremony

Early on December 7, 1941, citizens and servicemembers alike in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, faced terror as Japanese planes rained fire on the island in a stunning surprise attack. The assault quickly plunged the United States into a world-changing war. Each year, The National WWII Museum commemorates those who lost their lives on that fateful December day.

Battle Of New Orleans

During the final campaign of the , the British sent a force of 11,000 in an attempt to capture New Orleans. Despite great challenges, General , with support from the , successfully cobbled together a force of from Louisiana and , regulars, a large contingent of state militia, and local , to decisively defeat the , led by , in the Battle of New Orleans on January 8, 1815.

The armies had not learned of the , which had been signed on December 24, 1814 . The fighting in Louisiana began in December 1814 and did not end until late January, after the Americans held off the during a ten-day .

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X 4 Classic Victory Brick

For $250, you can honor your personal hero with a classic red brick to be installed on the perimeter of our New Orleans campus. Three lines of personalized text allow you to list your name, the name of a WWII veteran or civilian, a military unit, squadron, ship, or branch of the armed forces active during the war. These fathers and grandfathers, sons and daughters, friends and neighbors overcame a once-in-a-generation challenge, and they deserve a memorial that will last for generations to come.

Us National World War Ii Museum Today

National World War II Museum

Spread over 6 acres, the museum is divided into different sections that show different aspects of the war, from the home front in The Arsenal of Democracy to The Road to Tokyo, which tells the story of the war in the Pacific.

The museum retains its focus on military history, although it skips ahead two years into the war to focus exclusively on the United States involvement via immersive, high-production exhibitions. Amongst its main attractions, the National World War II Museum has a fully restored C47 plane, a PT 305 boat and a Sherman tank.

The main exhibits at the National World War II Museum are divided into the Home Front, planning for D-Day, the D-Day beaches and a range of Pacific invasions. It is said that the National World War II Museum is the only one to deal with all such operations.

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Lunchbox Lecture: The Raid At Pearl Harbor

While US strategy in 1941 was largely focused on the war in Europe, the bold carrier raid seized the initiative against increasing US pressure over Japans ongoing war in China. Captain Rick Jacobs will discuss the events of that terrible, heroic dayfrom the opening of Japan by Commodore Mathew Perry in the 1850s through the devastation at Pearl Harbor on December 7.

Meet The Young Adult Author Deborah Hopkinson

Deborah joins us to share a few of the remarkable stories she discovered in her researchstories that remind us that even our smallest acts of kindness matter.

Deborah Hopkinson is the author of several nonfiction books about World War II, including We Had to Be Brave: Escaping the Nazis on the Kindertransport and We Must Not Forget: Holocaust Stories of Survival and Resistance, the latter of which was most recently named one of 20 Titles to Read/Watch by the New Orleans Public Library. Deborah joins us to share a few of the remarkable stories she discovered in her researchstories that remind us that even our smallest acts of kindness matter. During this webinar you’ll meet people through this book like Ruth Oppenheimer David, one of six sisters and brothers who survived thanks to their mother’s tenacious efforts, and Vladka and Benjamin Meed, young Jewish resistance activists in Warsaw who fell in love and went on to help establish the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum. The presentation will be followed by Q& A session. This webinar is appropriate for grades K-12.

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Explore The Aircraft In The Boeing Center

The Boeing Center has vintage aircraft from World War II hanging from the ceiling. Standing on the ground floor, you get an idea of what these planes looked like in their glory days. If you don’t mind heights, climb to the sky-high catwalks and get an up-close and personal view of the aircraft. While you can’t physically step inside any of these aircraft, there are virtual video tours that allow you to navigate around the cockpit.

Back on the ground level, you can see army jeeps and the fuselage/cockpit of a B-24 bomber. Imagine what it would’ve been like to be seated in the cockpit on a mission over Germany.

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United States Territorial Era

Tom Brokaw Visits The National World War II Museum In New Orleans | NBC Nightly News

sold to the United States in the in 1803. Thereafter, the city grew rapidly with influxes of Americans, , and . Later immigrants were , , and . Major of and were cultivated with labor on nearby large .

Between 1791 and 1810, thousands of from the , both and , arrived in New Orleans a number brought their slaves with them, many of whom were native Africans or of full-blood descent. While Governor and other officials wanted to keep out additional people, the French Creoles wanted to increase the French-speaking population. In addition to bolstering the territory’s French-speaking population, these refugees had a significant impact on the culture of Louisiana, including developing its sugar industry and cultural institutions.

As more refugees were allowed into the , Haitian émigrés who had first gone to also arrived. Many of the white had been deported by officials in Cuba in 1809 as retaliation for schemes. Nearly 90 percent of these immigrants settled in New Orleans. The 1809 migration brought 2,731 whites, 3,102 free people of color , and 3,226 slaves of primarily African descent, doubling the city’s population. The city became 63 percent black, a greater proportion than ‘s 53 percent at that time.

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Tourist And Convention Business

Tourism is a staple of the city’s economy. Perhaps more visible than any other sector, New Orleans’ tourist and convention industry is a $5.5 billion industry that accounts for 40 percent of city tax revenues. In 2004, the hospitality industry employed 85,000 people, making it the city’s top economic sector as measured by employment. New Orleans also hosts the World Cultural Economic Forum . The forum, held annually at the , is directed toward promoting cultural and economic development opportunities through the strategic convening of cultural ambassadors and leaders from around the world. The first WCEF took place in October 2008.

Walk The Road To Berlin

D-Day was only the beginning of America’s presence in World War II. Once they made land across the beaches of Normandy, France, they had to make their way to Germany and defeat Hitler. The Road to Berlin takes you through the various battles and strategies used along the road to Berlin. From the large artillery guns to the vehicles used to drive further toward the goal. There’s also a display about the Battle of the Bulge and the Nazi’s push to stay alive.

Along the road, you’ll find personal stories from the men and women who walked that road and fought for their lives and the freedom of many others. Take your time don’t rush your way through this part of the museum. It’s educational and presented in a way that helps you get a sense of what these battles were like.

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The National World War Ii Museum

The National WWII Museum is the top-rated tourist destination in New Orleans and the no 8 museum in the world by TripAdvisor! Experience World War II, from Home Front efforts to the combat encounters of the American soldier abroad. Inspiring and educational, the Museum offers immersive exhibits, a 4D cinematic journey, soaring aircraft, personal histories and more. A “must-see” for all ages. Live musical entertainment at BB’s Stage Door Canteen and dining at The American Sector Restaurant!

The Campaigns Of Courage

Privacy Policy

The museum is divided into several pavilions, themselves subdivided into different sections, but the main draw for most visitors are the two Campaigns of Courage exhibits, which focus on the European and Pacific theaters of the war – respectively, the Road to Berlin and the Road to Tokyo. The museums focus is aimed at American involvement in the war, and while some exhibition space discusses other Allied nations, the contributions of these countries is cast as strictly supporting the main American narrative.

Highlights from the Road to Berlin include a recreation of the Tunisian desert, which includes sand, gravel, an actual 1943 jeep and a 105mm Howitzer. In another room youll enter the wintry Ardennes forest, the backdrop for an exhibit on the Battle of the Bulge, which precedes the bombed out cityscapes of Cologne and Hamburg during the final push into Nazi Germany.

The Road to Tokyo includes a shark-faced P-40 Warhawk aircraft, a recreation of the bridge of the USS Enterprise, where visitors can learn about the naval combat and island hopping of the Pacific campaign, and a recreated jungle of towering palms meant to evoke the battlefields of Guadalcanal.

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Early Access Tour Of The Museum

Begin your immersive journey into World War II on the exclusive Early Access Tour! Join us for a preopening tour accompanied by an expert guide, who will provide an overview of each major pavilion youll tour later at your own pace.

From the awesome macro-artifacts and warbirds on view in the STEM Innovation Gallery and US Freedom Pavilion: The Boeing Center, the Early Access Tour will give you a great jump-start on your day at the Museumas well as insight into how we tell the story of the American experience in the war that changed the world.

New Orleans: City Highlights Tour With Transfer

See the best of New Orleans in comfort on one handy guided motorized tour. Hop in the minibus and let your guide lead you through the city.No New Orleans city tour would be complete without the French Quarter, the home of Jazz and Mardi Gras. Take in the lively atmosphere with music in the air and colorful, historical buildings.Travel along to Magazine Street, the Big Easys thoroughfare that contains plenty of eclectic shops and eateries and meanders in parallel with the Mississippi River.Head across to St Louis Cathedral to see the Big Easys oldest cemetery, complete with famous and infamous residents. Lake Pontchartrain offers incredible views and photo opportunities.See the Lower Ninth Ward, one of the places hit by Hurricane Katrina. Spot some typical steamboat houses here and remnants of Louisiana’s darker history the sugar cane plantations and colonial buildings.After your whistle-stop tour with your live guide, get dropped off at your New Orleans hotel.

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About Us National World War Ii Museum

The US National World War II Museum in New Orleans tells the story of the war, focusing particularly on amphibious attacks. Using a combination of artefacts, photos, documents, information panels, stories and films, the National World War II Museum looks at everything from the Pacific to the African and European theatres.

A Pivotal Local Connection

75h anniversary of D-Day at National WWII Museum in New Orleans

The Higgins boat in the atrium gives a clue to the museum’s origin and location. During World War II, the Navy needed a shallow-draft landing vessel to bring soldiers ashore for combat. New Orleans-based Andrew Higgins had been building similar boats to navigate Louisiana’s shallow bayous, and modified his design for battle. By war’s end, Higgins local factories produced more than 20,000 of the essential landing craft, inspiring Dwight Eisenhower to declare him, the man who won World War II for us. The museum’s Bayou to Battlefield exhibit details Higgins important contribution to the war effort.

University of New Orleans professor and author Stephen Ambrose’s 1995 book on D-Day inspired him to found the National D-Day Museum, which opened in New Orleans in 2000 with a single building. Since then, the museum’s mission has expanded to encompass all of the war, with Congress officially designating it as the National WWII Museum in 2004. The campus continues to expand as well, with a sixth building, the Liberation Pavilion , currently under construction.

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Entertainment And Performing Arts

The New Orleans area is home to numerous annual celebrations. The most well known is , or . Carnival officially begins on the , also known in some Christian traditions as the “” of Christams. , the final and grandest day of traditional Catholic festivities, is the last Tuesday before the liturgical season of , which commences on .

The largest of the city’s many music festivals is the . Commonly referred to simply as “Jazz Fest”, it is one of the nation’s largest music festivals. The festival features a variety of music, including both native Louisiana and international artists. Along with Jazz Fest, New Orleans’ and the also feature local and international artists.

Other major festivals include , the French Quarter Festival, and the . The American playwright lived and wrote in New Orleans early in his career, and set his play, , there.

In 2002, Louisiana began offering tax incentives for film and television production. This has resulted in a substantial increase in activity and brought the nickname of “Hollywood South” for New Orleans. Films produced in and around the city include , , , , , , , , , and . In 2006, work began on the Louisiana Film & Television studio complex, based in the neighborhood. Louisiana began to offer similar tax incentives for music and theater productions in 2007, and some commentators began to refer to New Orleans as “Broadway South.”

Sexual Orientation And Gender Identity

New Orleans and its metropolitan area have historically been destinations for communities. In 2015, a survey determined New Orleans was one of the largest cities in the American South with a large LGBT population. Much of the LGBT New Orleans population live near the Central Business District, Mid-City, and Uptown many gay bars and night clubs are present in those areas.

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Getting To The Us National World War Ii Museum

The Museum is located in New Orleanss Historic Warehouse District on Andrew Higgins Drive between Magazine and Camp Streets. Parking is available at the Museums new multilevel parking garage, located at the corner of Magazine and Poeyfarre Streets.

The Museums paid parking garage is located at 1024 Magazine Street on the left side.

Where To Park For The National World War Ii Museum

National World War II Museum in New Orleans

No history buff’s visit to New Orleans would be complete without a trip to the National World War II Museum. Whether you’re a returning visitor or a first-timer, figuring out where to park can be a hassle. At Premium Parking, we don’t want the struggle to find a parking space to get in the way of your WWII Museum experience. We make it easy for you to find a spot ahead of time, so you don’t have to drive in circles looking for parking.

Types of Parking Lots

We have several outdoor lots near the National World War II Museum, from smaller lots with plentiful space for single-family vehicles to larger lots with extra space for RVs and vans. Our outdoor parking options give guests freedom from height restrictions. Several of these nearby lots offer in-and-out privileges, overnight parking options, and handicap-accessible parking.

How to Pay for Parking

Find Nearby Parking

If you’re planning a trip to the National WWII Museum, let Premium Parking help make finding parking quick, convenient, and easy. Our app and website keep regularly updated information on parking lot traffic and availability, so you know what to expect. Check out our parking lots close to the museum now.

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Threat From Tropical Cyclones

pose a severe threat to the area, and the city is particularly at risk because of its low elevation, because it is surrounded by water from the north, east, and south and because of Louisiana’s sinking coast. According to the , New Orleans is the nation’s most vulnerable city to hurricanes. Indeed, portions of have been flooded by the , the ,, in 1956, in 1965, in 1998, Hurricanes and in 2005, in 2008, and in 2020 with the flooding in Betsy being significant and in a few neighborhoods severe, and that in Katrina being disastrous in the majority of the city.

On August 29, 2005, storm surge from Hurricane Katrina caused catastrophic failure of the levees, flooding 80% of the city. A report by the American Society of Civil Engineers says that “had the levees and floodwalls not failed and had the pump stations operated, nearly two-thirds of the deaths would not have occurred”.

New Orleans has always had to consider the risk of hurricanes, but the risks are dramatically greater today due to coastal erosion from human interference. Since the beginning of the 20th century, it has been estimated that Louisiana has lost 2,000 square miles of coast , which once protected New Orleans against storm surge. Following Hurricane Katrina, the Army Corps of Engineers has instituted massive levee repair and hurricane protection measures to protect the city.

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