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Museums In New London Ct

Can The Submarine Force Museum Provide Me With An Appraisal Of The Financial Value Of My Submarine

American Stories at Lyman Allyn Museum New London, CT.MOD

The Submarine Force Library and Museum is unable to provide appraisals of the monetary value of manuscripts offered as gifts, brought in for identification, or submitted for any other purpose. Material given to archives and libraries may have tax benefits for the donor. In an effort to foster goodwill with donors and acquire important collections, libraries and archives may be tempted or feel pressured by the donor to provide an artificially inflated appraisal. The Internal Revenue Service, therefore, regards archives and libraries as interested parties, and appraisals prepared by them for gifts that they receive are subject to question. Consequently, the Association of College and Research Libraries recommends that to protect both its donors and itself, the library, as an interested party, ordinarily should not appraise gifts made to it. Most libraries and archives now follow this policy on appraisals.

Learn About The Coast Guard At The National Coast Guard Museum

This museum, located on Mohegan Avenue, is operated and run by the National Coast Guard Museum Association.

It honors the Coast Guard’s history and heritage through exhibits and displays.

The shows and displays feature cannons, figureheads, models, paintings, medals, uniforms, rescue equipment, ceremonial swords, and more artifacts and memorabilia that showcase the Coast Gaurd’s history.

It also offers interactive exhibits and educational programs.

Visit the National Coast Guard Museum to learn about the significance and history of the Coast Guard through its fascinating, well-done displays.

Order The Delicious Menu Items At On The Waterfront

Are you looking for an excellent setting for a meal?

Stash Schiavone and Chef Anthony Schiavone operate the family business On The Waterfront, which features excellent cuisine and breathtaking views of the River Thames.

With a blend of timeless elegance and magnificent scenery, they are committed to providing customers with the best of what New London has to offer.

On The Waterfront has a sizable dining area with outlooks of the lake, a complete bar, and an outside patio in the warmer months.

They provide a wide selection of seafood, pasta, steak, and chicken dishes on their lunch and supper menus.

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Catch A Movie Or A Live Performance At The Garde Arts Center

The Garde Arts Center is a non-profit professional performing arts center that opened in 1985.

The building dates back to 1926, with restored interior and lobbies with an old vintage look.

It is Middle Eastern-themed and has Morrocan interiors and murals.

You can watch movies and live performances at this historic theater.

Bask In The Beauty Of Nature At The Connecticut College Arboretum

A Visit to the Lyman Allyn Art Museum in New London

Found in 1932, the Connecticut College Arboretum is a 750-acre arboretum and botanical garden on the Connecticut College campus.

The arboretum and botanical gardens feature several types of trees, plants, flowers, bedrocks, and more.

It is open every day of the week from dawn until dusk for visitors to enjoy the stunning plant life and serene environment.

You can also take a guided tour to learn more about the arboretum and the plant life flourishing in it.

Visit the Connecticut College Arboretum to enjoy the beauty of nature and sweeping views.

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Take A Tour Of The New London Ledge Lighthouse

The New London Ledge Lighthouse is another lighthouse that sits at the mouth of New London Harbor.

It is a part of the National Register of Historic Places and is maintained by the New London Maritime Society.

The lighthouse is still active, and you can take a tour of the lighthouse, but only in the summer.

Pay Tribute To Civil War Heroes At The Soldiers And Sailors Monument

The 50-foot obelisk-topped Soldiers and Sailors Monument, built in 1896 to commemorate the city’s Civil War veterans, is located in central New London.

Based on the inscription on the monument, it was given on May 6, 1896, by the children of Joseph Lawrence, a prosperous whaler in New London.

A bronze plaque with the seals of New London and Connecticut is also attached to the obelisk.

The first fort built by the soldiers and sailors of New London is now the monument’s location.

A statue of a Union soldier with a rifle can be found on one side of the monument.

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I Am A Model Builder Do You Have Photos Or Drawings That Could Help Me Build An Accurate Model

Anyone interested in building submarine models should begin by checking out the SubCommittee web site: www.subcommittee.com. The SubCommittee is an organization of submarine model builders, and they have accumulated a wealth of modeling knowledge over the years. There web site contains Frequently asked Questions, a submarine photo gallery, message board for posting questions, and a comprehensive list of vendors that sell submarine related merchandise including model plans.

New London Connecticut Museums

Restored 1814 piano has new home at Custom House Museum

The National Coast Guard Museum project, planned on the city’s waterfront, is expected to enter the first phase of construction early next year. The museum grounds are home to the New London Connecticut Museum of Natural History and the Connecticut State Museum. The museum is located on the corner of Main Street and Main Avenue in the heart of London, Connecticut, and is located on the site of a former train station and post office building. It is operated by the National Coast Guard Museum Association and is currently housed in a two-story building with a 2,500-square-foot exhibition hall, 1,000-seat auditorium and 3,200-foot, 1.5-acre outdoor courtyard.

The Coast Guard Museum, located on the grounds of the National Historic Lighthouse Estate of the New London Maritime Society, is also managed by the Curatorial Services Program. The property also has a visitor centre where visitors can learn more about the history and history of the lighthouse and its history, as well as access to the museum’s collections. It is part of a National Coast Guard historic lighthouse, and to ensure its preservation, it is maintained by the New York State Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Protection and preserved in its current condition and in accordance with federal and state regulations by both the National Coast Guard Museum Association and the Connecticut State Museum.

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The Best 10 Museums Near New London Ct 06320

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    Beautiful and small museum with well curated exhibits. They could be organized a little better so

  • This is a placeholder

    This famous house museum is a must see in the area. Wonderful reenactments, a view of the harbor

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    The United States Navy Submarine Force Library and Museum is located on the Thames River in Groton

  • Norwich

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    addition to some great docent work within the museum itself!! Please do not miss this gem of history moments from Route 395!

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    Small, but very nice museum. Worth a visit and great for military functions. Too bad it’s right

  • This is a placeholder

    Yes it’s a small town children’s museum, but when the beach is too much or the weather isn’t

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  • Go For A Stroll Around Fort Trumbull State Park

    Fort Trumbull State Park is a popular park located near the mouth of the River Thames,

    Fort Trumball was built in 1777, and the fortification was built in 1852 as a line of defense on the eastern seaboard.

    In 2000, the fort and the park were opened for the public to visit and explore for themselves.

    You can view the cannons and artillery of the fortification from the grounds.

    The estate also has a visitor center where tourists can learn more about the history of the fort and New London.

    The environment of the park and its surroundings are very peaceful, with a view of the River Thames.

    The best way to enjoy it is simply by taking a stroll and appreciating the park’s history and beauty.

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    List Of New London County Museums

    Find New London County, Connecticut museums, such as art museums and galleries, childrens museums, natural history museums, science centers and discovery museums.

    Denison Pequotsepos Nature Center 109 Pequotsepos Road Stonington, CT

    Dna Epicenter 33 Gallows Lane New London, CT

    US Coast Guard Museum 15 Mohegan Avenue Parkway New London, CT

    Frequently Asked Questions And Answers

    15 Best Things to Do in New London (CT)

    What are people saying about museums near New London, CT 06320?

    This is a review for museums near New London, CT 06320:

    “Beautiful and small museum with well curated exhibits. They could be organized a little better so there is more flow but they use their space well. Will definitely be going back. Someone mentioned that it is a little humid and I will agree with that but it’s not unbearable and there’s no dust which is nice too. Definitely check out their little art history library too!”

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    Go Back In Time At The Hempsted Houses

    The Hempsted Houses are located on Hempstead Street.

    Both houses are stunning, and their architecture is splendid as well.

    The houses showcase the area’s history and are among New England’s best-documented dwellings.

    One of the houses comprises a museum with various artifacts and exhibitions.

    You can take guided tours of the Hempsted Houses to explore them and learn more about their history and significance.

    Check Out The Historical Sites At Thames River Heritage Park

    Located along the River Thames, Thames River Heritage Park is home to almost 20 historical and contemporary sites linked by a seasonal water taxi.

    It was Connecticut’s first heritage park without any boundaries.

    You can tour the area on the water taxi and see and experience everything yourself.

    You will get to know all about the park’s historical spots and the significance behind each one of them.

    The Nathan Hale Schoolhouse, Shaw Mansion, Fort Trumbull, the Historic Waterfront District, Custom House Maritime Museum, and the Hempsted Houses are some great sites to check out at the park.

    The water taxi is seasonal, so make sure to visit in the summer to see all the splendid historical places and the impressive views of the sparkling water.

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    Best Things To Do In New London Ct

    Perched at the mouth of the lovely Thames River, New London is a seaport city in Connecticut.

    It is also the port of entry to the country’s northeast coast.

    This lovely city brims with history, nature, and culture and attracts travelers from all over the world.

    Being a seaport city, New London has terrific beaches and gorgeous seaside parks for you to enjoy perfect sunny days.

    Home to various museums, art centers, arboretums, chapels, and more, the city has countless remarkable works of architecture that will win over your heart.

    New London’s food scene is also delightful, and you will find the freshest and most delicious seafood in the waterfront restaurants offering sweeping views of the city and the splendid Thames River.

    Whether you want to enjoy the beauty of nature, bask in a vibrant culture, learn about rich maritime history, or admire magnificent architecture, New London Has it all and will not disappoint you.

    This city is a delight to visit and deserves a spot on your bucket list.

    These are the best things to do in New London, Connecticut:

    Take In Splendid New London Views With Cross Sound Ferry Lighthouse Cruises

    History of Naval Submarine Base New London

    Cross Sound Ferry Lighthouse Cruises offers sightseeing tours of the waters in comfortable, climate-controlled ferries.

    The cruise ferry was named the best coastal cruise in 2016.

    Cross Sound Ferry Lighthouse Cruises provides incredible views of the everlasting waters while educating tourists about the rich history of Southern New England and Long Island.

    You can enjoy different cruises, including the Lighthouse Cruise, during which you can enjoy the beautiful scenery and see nine lighthouses and some forts along your way.

    There’s also the Lights & Sights Cruise, which allows you to see incredible architecture and a few other lighthouses.

    The knowledgeable and enthusiastic narrator Ted Webb will tell you all about the lighthouses, forts, and buildings you’ll pass by during the cruise.

    He will also share stories about ghosts, historical events, tales of pirates, and more.

    You are also most likely to spot the lovely nesting common terns and sunbathing gray seals.

    Make to cruise the waters with Cross Sound Ferry Lighthouse Cruises to witness splendid views and learn about the area’s history and culture.

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    About New London County Museums

    New London County Museums contain a collection of scientific, historical, cultural, or artistic artifacts, specimens, and objects, usually housed within a single building or campus, which is used for research and public education in New London County, CT. A Museum’s collection is both a reflection of prior research efforts and the subject of current and future research. New London County Museums also make collections and research accessible to the public, at least in part, through New London County exhibits and educational programs. Museums and their collections may be focused on any one of a vast array of disciplines. Museums in New London County can serve relatively narrow fields of interest or cover a wide terrain of subject matter.

    You may contact Museums for questions about:

    • New London County Museum exhibits and collections
    • Event and exhibition calendar
    • New London County Museum tickets
    • Volunteer and employment opportunities

    Custom House Maritime Museum

    New London Maritime Society – local authentic friendly. NLMS manages the Custom House Maritime Museum – telling the stories of the local waterfront in downtown New London, and owns three amazing lighthouses. Visit inside these lighthouses, take a sunset, full-moon, or other special… Read More

    Explore the region’s lighthouses with the one who know them best. Every summer, NLMS presents new iterations of the Yankee Magazine award-winning ‘Best Lighthouse Tour’. Visit the website nlmaritimesociety.org to discover the latest trips!

    New Londons Gem on the waterfront, the Custom House Maritime Museum, was designed in 1833 by Robert Mills, this countrys first federal architect and designer of the national Washington Monument. A maritime museum since 1983, it houses a rich local maritime history collection, with exhibitions on local lighthouses, the Amistad story , sailors’ knots and New London’s harbor. The buildings also still maintains a customs office, a workplace which is, in fact, the oldest continuously-operating customs office in the country.

    The Maritime Society owns the three major lighthouse leading in to the historic port of New London: Race Rock, Ledge, and New London Harbor Lights.

    Pricing: Other Amenities: Dates of Operation:

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    Admire The Fascinating Displays At The Lyman Allyn Art Museum

    Founded in 1926, the Lyman Allyn Art Museum was created by Harriet Allyn, the daughter of Lyman Allyn, to honor her seafaring father.

    The unique neoclassical building is lovely to look at and is located near the National Coast Guard Museum and Connecticut College.

    The two-floor museum opened to the public in 1932, and it houses more than 170,000 artifacts and memorabilia.

    It contains permanent and rotating exhibitions that are very well-curated, with lots of information about each piece.

    A visit to this museum is undoubtedly going to fascinate you and teach you a good lesson on history.

    Us Coast Guard Museum

    Coast Guard Museum

    With maritime artifacts spanning the entirety of the Coast Guards 220-year existence, this museum is a must see for naval history buffs. It has tons of information, cannons, uniforms, and medals for your viewing pleasure. Its open six days a week and admission is free.

    With so much history and culture in New London, theres definitely a museum to suit your interests. Without a doubt, theres something for everyone.

    Image provided by Shutterstock

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    Catch A Glimpse Of New London Harbor Light

    New London Harbor Light is the seventh-oldest lighthouse in the United States.

    This 90-foot-tall lighthouse sits on the Long Island Sound and is the oldest and tallest in Connecticut.

    It is also listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

    Unfortunately, direct access to the lighthouse is not permitted, but you can see it in all its glory from Pequot Avenue.

    Have A Few Moments Of Quiet At Pequot Chapel

    This non-sectarian chapel was built in the Victorian era.

    Since it first appeared in the region around 150 years ago, Pequot Chapel has offered peace and beauty in a sacred space.

    The chapel is accessible for Sunday services and organizes special occasions.

    The chapel’s façade may be viewed at any time, and you can arrange a trip to see the inside as well.

    You can reserve the chapel for religious occasions like weddings and baptisms.

    From May through October, it serves as a picture-perfect backdrop for weddings.

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    A Cultural District Is A Specific Area Of A City Or Town Identified By The Municipality That Has A Number Of Cultural Facilities Activities And/or Assetsboth For Profit And Nonprofit

    Today, Lt. Governor Bysiewicz and the Department of Economic and Community Developments Connecticut Office of the Arts announced it has approved New Londons application to create a Cultural District in town. New London is the third municipality to receive such a designation.

    Cultural Districts are walkable areas of a city or town that feature numerous cultural facilities, activities and/or assets. These vibrant areas draw visitors from other towns and states and serve as a hub for residents to congregate and interact. Cultural districts:

    • Promote and encourage artists, entrepreneurs, and creative businesses
    • Promote tourism and increase visitation
    • Improve the quality of life for residents
    • Strengthen distinctive character of communities
    • Drive economic growth and expand the tax base
    • Highlight local culture and history

    A requirement of the program is the city or town must establish a Cultural District Commission that manages all aspects of the district.

    The designation of Cultural Districts throughout our state provide an opportunity for residents to recognize all of the great arts, entertainment, food and fun that we have right here in Connecticut, said Lt. Governor Susan Bysiewicz. New London is full of different cultures and rich history, and we invite everyone in Connecticut and beyond to come and see what this great city has to offer.

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