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Museum Of Cars In Los Angeles

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Showcase: LA Car Museum

Around Los Angeles: If you are spending time in the area and considering exploring outside the city, start your planning with a read through our articles on the Top Day Trips From Los Angeles and the Best Weekend Getaways from Los Angeles. From LA, choices range from hopping a ferry to Santa Catalina Island or heading to the desert for a visit to Palm Springs or Joshua Tree National Park.

Which American City Has The Most Museums

The list of things to do in Los Angeles is as long as the size of the city. If you have limited time, you can spend some days alone in the main museum of the city and not go to Hollywood at all. Expect to spend a few miles between Santa Monica Beach and a tour of Silver Lake.

Number of Museums In NYC?

Which American city has the most museums? Los Angeles is known as the entertainment capital of the world and the reason is obvious.

Despite the long history of the city of angels in the entertainment industry and of course the chance to meet some celebrities from the art and cinema world up close, it is a good reason for tourists to visit this city, but wide beaches with spectacular views, amazing amusement parks with A variety of attractive and entertaining facilities.

An array of world-class museums, squares and theaters, and theaters means that art, history, and sports enthusiasts can find many attractions in the American city that has the most museums.

There is also a lot of fun for outdoor enthusiasts in LA. A variety of natural and recreational attractions are provided for outdoor enthusiasts From free beach volleyball games and camping in the nearby mountains to whale watching and boating and sailing.

In sunny and hot Southern California you can always find interesting and exciting entertainment.

American city that has the most museums

Guide To The Petersen Automotive Museum

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If you or your child is at all into cars, then make sure and visit the The Petersen Automotive Museum its like Disneyland for car enthusiasts. The Museum, located on Museum Row in Los Angeles, was founded in 1994 by Robert and Margie Petersen.

The Petersen is housed in a historic department store building, dating back to 1962. The Museum reopened in 2015 after a major renovation. The goal of the museum is to explore and present the history of the automobile.

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Marconi Automotive Museum In Tustin: Non

The Marconi Automotive Museum is the only car museum in Orange County. Its open Monday through Friday, with some events on the weekends. Besides a yearly open house, this museum hosts fight nights and private events, and it donates profits to childrens charities. The car collection includes several Ferraris, as well as other race cars.

The Automobile Driving Museum El Segundo

Los Angeles County Museum Of Art Houses The City’s Best Art

Los Angeles Car Museums and Attractions for Auto Buffs

If theres one museum to visit in Los Angeles, this will be it. LACMA, as its called, is the largest art museum in the western United States, featuring more than 147,000 objects spanning 6000 years. Its permanent collection includes major works from European painters, such as Picasso, Matisse and Lichtenstein, as well as pieces from important American, Latin American and Asian artists and Greek, Roman and Etruscan artifacts. Rotating exhibitions often deal with more contemporary subjects, such as an art and augmented-reality series created in partnership with Snapchat.

Aside from its vast indoor collection, the museum has permanent outdoor exhibits too, the most famous being Chris Barden’s Urban Light sculpture, a cluster of street lamps facing out toward Wilshire Boulevard. Behind the museum, there’s also Levitating Mass, a 340-ton boulder sitting atop a long trench that people can walk through and take photos, making it look like they’re holding up the rock.

LACMAs 20-acre campus has been undergoing construction for a few years, so be sure to check whats open before you go. The good thing is that the museum is across the street from the Petersen Automotive Museum and adjacent to the famous La Brea Tar Pits, so its easy to make a day out of your visit here.

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The Nethercutt Collection In Sylmar: Elegant Cars And More

The Nethercutt Collection is a hidden gem with more than 200 cars on display. This collection has won the Best of Show award at Pebble Beach more often than any other collection.

All of the cars showcased here are Concours dElegance caliber. This museum has two sets of buildings. One allows car fans to take self-guided tours, but the other building requires reservations and guided tours, and its only open a few days per week. Besides vintage cars, this museum also displays musical instruments and furniture.

Mullin Automotive Museum Oxnard

Simeone Foundation Automotive Museum Philadelphia Pennsylvania

#TheSimeone 1967 Bizzarrini P538.Giotto Bizzarrini started his career as a test driver at Alfa & later moved to Ferrari to work in the same capacity. He would move on to the upstart brand Lamborghini where he designed the 3.5L V-12 that came standard with the companys 1st car.

Simeone Museum

The Simeone Museum was founded by Frederick Simeone, a neurosurgeon and native of Philadelphia. The collection started with four cars that were inherited after his fathers death. The collection now has about 75 racing and sports cars, all of which have significant racing history.

Within the collection are some genuinely astonishing vehicles. A 1964 Shelby Cobra Daytona Coupe, 1970 Porsche 917 LH, 1958 Aston Martin DBR1, and a 1956 Mercedes-Benz 300SL Gullwing Coupe sit amongst cars that all share a history of motorsport, speed, and historical significance.

If you are a fan of the Ford vs. Ferrari film, you will definitely want to stop by the Simeone Museum and check out the pair of Ford GT40s. Both of which remain in the same condition they raced at Le Mans.

There is no shortage of great automotive museums in the United States. From art-deco to motorsports to muscle cars, there is something for everyone. Each collection is unique, fascinating, and full of history. If you happen to visit any of these great museums, dont forget to send us a postcard.

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California Route 66 Museum

Location: 16825 D Street, VictorvilleTicket price: Free

As the name implies, this quirky attraction is located along the historic U.S. Route 66 in Old Town Victorville, roughly two hours northeast of Los Angeles. The 4,500-square-foot space houses a mind-boggling, eclectic array of memorabilia and artifacts that pay homage to The Mother Road, one of the first highways in the nation. Put on a wig and snap a selfie in the colorful Volkswagen Love Bus, get behind the wheel of a 1917 Model T Ford, and take a step back in time by sliding into the booth of a 1950s-era diner. Make sure to visit the California Route 66 Museum gift shop on your way out so you can take a keepsake home with you.

Petersen Automotive Museum In Los Angeles: One Of The Largest Southern California Automotive Museums

Petersen Automotive Museum in Los Angeles

The Petersen Automotive Museum showcases its collection of more than 300 cars in over 10,000 square feet of exhibit space in the heart of Los Angeles. Its one of the largest car museums in the United States. This museum is well known for its events and for its unique exhibits, such as the classic Japanese car collection or its low rider collection. The exhibits change often, so visitors never get bored. This museum is also developing programs to help attract children toward future jobs in the automotive industry.

The Nethercutt Collection Sylmar

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An Automobile Museum Right By Lax

The Automobile Driving Museum in El Segundo

Theres an old Hungarian expression which, roughly translated into English, states It was almost poking your eyes out! This was the case with the Automobile Driving Museum , which is tucked among warehouses and hotels within hailing distance of the Los Angeles Airport . Although Ive been driving distances to see the Petersen and Nethercutt Automotive Museums, and even as far as Oxnard to see the Mullin and Murphy Automotive Museums, there was an equally interesting auto museum right in the neighborhood.

There are several unique features to the ADM. On Sundays, they give free drives in classic cars for a few blocks around the museum. Martine and I took a ride in a 1957 Ford Fairlane 500 Skyliner Convertible. Within the museum is a cute little ice cream parlor which also sells sodas and snacks. Finally, most of the cars on display allow you to not only touch them, but get in and snuggle behind the wheel as if you were driving them. The picture below with Martine behind the wheel of a 1949 Crosley Station Wagon:

Perhaps most important of all, the ADM provides lavish documentation about the cars on display as well as wall and free-standing displays of information about how the American auto industry developed from its earliest days. There are approximately 130 cars on display including some unique items in a glassed-in auto showroom adjoining the museum.

A Section of the Museum Display Space

Nethercutt Museum And Collection

Located about half an hour northwest of downtown LA, the Nethercutt displays a bit of everything. Watches, antique furniture, mechanical instruments, and what we came for: loads of cars. Ranging from the late 1800s, the vintage cars here are some of the most beautiful creations ever made, with a group of Pebble Beach concours winners. This little gem is only available by reserved tours, and admission is free.

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Pronunciation Of The Name

The English pronunciation of the name of the city has varied. A 1953 article in the of the asserts that the pronunciation was established following the 1850 incorporation of the city and that since the 1880s the pronunciation emerged out of a trend in California to give places Spanish, or Spanish-sounding, names and pronunciations. In 1908, librarian , who argued for the pronunciation with , reported that there were at least 12 pronunciation variants. In the early 1900s, the advocated for pronouncing it Loce AHNG-hayl-ais , approximating Spanish , by printing the under its masthead for several years. This did not find favor.

Since the 1930s, has been most common. In 1934, the decreed that this pronunciation be used. This was also endorsed in 1952 by a “jury” appointed by Mayor to devise an official pronunciation.

California Science Center Will Wow Space Enthusiasts

The Petersen Automotive Museum of Los Angeles

Just a quick skip over from the Natural History Museum is the California Science Center, where older children can participate in interactive exhibits on science, biology, ecosystems and space. Theres a discovery room where smaller kids can play, but this museum is best for school-age children who can better understand the exhibits.

Despite the IMAX 3D movies and the exhibits’ fun attractions, the star of the science center is the massive Endeavour space shuttle, housed in the Samuel Oschin Pavilion. This was the final shuttle built for NASAs Space Shuttle program, and its journey from Cape Canaveral, Florida, to Los Angeles was a mission of enormous undertaking, detailed in an accompanying exhibit to the shuttles display.

Tickets to the science center are free, but there is a separate ticket required to see Endeavour and to watch the IMAX shows. Advance reservations are also required.

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Union Station Los Angeles

LA’s Union Station, built in 1939, continues to be the hub of train travel in Los Angeles. Amtrak, Metrolink commuter trains, and the MTA Metro subway all have their hubs here. But you don’t have to be taking a train to appreciate the beauty of the building, especially its interior. There are walking tours offered once a month by the LA Conservancy.

Disneyland is a hefty ticket price if all you want to do is ride the Disneyland Railroad, but if you’re headed there anyway, a ride on Walt Disney’s pet train project is a must. In addition to Locomotives 1 and 2, which were custom designed and built by Walt’s personal company for the park opening in 1955, three antique steam engines have been added. Depending on the day, you might find the 1894 Fred Gurley Engine 3, the 1902 Ward Kimball Engine 4 or the 1925 Ernest S. Marsh Engine 5, all constructed by the Baldwin Locomotive Works. The antique Fred Gurly Engine 3 is the oldest engine running at any Disneyland park. The Disneyland Train Station is also equipped with an interesting selection of authentic antique and vintage railroad equipment from lanterns and clocks to a 1930s instructograph.

Los Angeles Car Museums And Attractions For Auto Buffs

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It’s hard to survive in Los Angeles without a car, but for some, the auto is more than just a form of transportation it’s a wonder of design, a status symbol, a mechanical feat, a canvas for customization, a means of getting the adrenaline pumping or all of the above. LA’s car culture is everywhere. Here’s a list of attractions and resources that are all about cars and driving.

Petersen Automotive Museum on Museum Row on the Miracle Mile is LA’s most popular car museum. Their collection includes a lot of famous movie and TV cars as well as experimental vehicles and cars that represent the history of the development of the automobile. At the end of 2015, they reopened after a major makeover with a shiny new exterior and stunning new exhibits.

The Automobile Driving Museum in El Segundo isn’t just about the cars. It’s also about the famous and not-so-famous drivers who drove the museum’s vehicles. On Sundays, guests have the opportunity to go for a ride in one of the classic cars for a trip back in time.The Automobile Driving Museum also hosts the Hot Rod/Car Craft Magazine Cruise Nights on select Friday and Saturday nights.

The Wally Parks NHRA Motorsports Museum is located at the edge of the Los Angeles County Fairplex in Pomona . The museum celebrates everything to do with motorsports from race cars, hot rods and custom cars to race artifacts, speed records and stories.

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Los Angeles Museum Of Natural History

The Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County is the first Los Angeles museum to open its doors to the public in 1913.

Now, more than a century later, the museum has become one of the most important scientific, cultural, natural, and recreational centers in the American city that has the most museums. While the Los Angeles Museum of Natural History has a variety of galleries and collections, its dinosaur collection is world-renowned.

In the dinosaur hall of this museum, you can see the reconstructed fossils of some of the most famous dinosaurs such as Turks, Triceratops, and Stegosaurus. The museum explores the natural history of California and areas around the world.

At one of its galleries, Becoming Los Angeles, a 500-year-old excavation of California history is on display. The Insect Exploration Center and Zoo are other popular sections of the Los Angeles County Museum of Natural History that can be especially interesting for teens and young adults.

Los Angeles Slot Car Museum Los Angeles California

Porsche, Bugatti, Tavarish & James Bond at the Peterson Automotive Museum Los Angeles

The Los Angeles Slot Car Museum is a private collection of slot cars and related ephemera.

Established by Scott Bader, owner of retailer Electric Dreams, the museum displays thousands of examples of slot cars, kits, advertising, literature, and other objects related to the popular hobby. Bader creates an immersive space that combines video and soundscapes to bring people back to the Golden Age of slot car racing in the 1960s and 1970s. Examples of vintage Carrera, MRRC, Scalextric, Russkit, K& B, Dugan, Revell, Du-Bro, Gar Vic, and Louis Marx cars and kits are represented in the collection. An online museum makes it easy for enthusiasts to see and learn more about the collection if an in-person visit is out of reach.

The Los Angeles Slot Car Museum is located at Scott Baders private residence in West Hollywood. Those wanting to visit the museum must make an appointment. Tours are approximately three hours and led by Bader himself.

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Caboose Corners El Dorado Express

El Dorado Frontier

Caboose Corners’ El Dorado Express is a restored 1946 park train that offers rides on weekends from March through October at El Dorado East Regional Park in Long Beach. The train is located on the east side of the park just north of Wardlow, but you have to enter the park from Spring Street. There is a fee for the ride and an additional per car fee for entering the park.

The Calico Railroad Steam Engine At Knott’s Berry Farm

The Calico Railroad is an original Denver and Rio Grande Narrow Gauge train from the early 1900s with several car configurations that has been an attraction at Knotts since 1952. You have to pay park admission to ride. You’re sure to be held up on your journey by the Ghost Town bandits who raid every loop around the park.

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Museum Of Contemporary Art

The Museum of Contemporary Art consists of two separate facilities and is dedicated to works from the 1940s onwards. Pieces from the permanent collection are on display, and regularly changing exhibits feature new works and emerging media.

The MOCA Grand, on Grand Avenue, is the museum’s primary facility, with the main galleries, as well as the largest museum store. The MOCA Geffen is in Little Tokyo, in what was formerly a police car warehouse.

Double Negative is another art location associated with MOCA, located in the desert in Moapa Valley on Mormon Mesa near Overton, in Nevada. This land art by Michael Heizer was acquired by the museum and can be visited free of charge.

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