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Museum Of 3d Illusions Sf

What Are The Closest Stations To Museum Of 3d Illusions

Museum of 3D Illusions San Francisco – Breathtaking 3D Illusions Museum

The closest stations to Museum of 3D Illusions are:

  • Beach St & Mason St is 141 yards away, 2 min walk.
  • North Point St & Mason St is 236 yards away, 3 min walk.
  • Taylor St & Bay St is 236 yards away, 3 min walk.
  • The Embarcadero & Stockton St is 297 yards away, 4 min walk.
  • Powell St & Francisco St is 400 yards away, 6 min walk.
  • North Point St & Stockton St is 405 yards away, 5 min walk.
  • Pier 41 is 610 yards away, 8 min walk.
  • General Admission Is $25 Per Adult 6

    In the museum there are different sections of really detailed murals all designed to create a 3D effect when photographed with people at the proper angle. There was only one group ahead of us so we pretty much had the museum to ourselves. Soooooo keep in mind, if you decide to come on a weekend or a busy day, you will have to wait in line at each section to take pictures. It wasnt until we were already half way through before there was a group behind us.

    Ok so, trying to take staged photos with 2 year old twins, a 5 year old, and a dadnot easy! Actually almost impossible. I think I gave up by the third photo opt, and then I was like ok little Don, its all you lol. So would I recommend taking my almost three year old twins again? No! I mean, you might have patient and cooperative toddlers. I dont LOL But its up to you!

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    Museum Of 3d Illusions

    Our 40+ 3D illusions produce eye-popping pics, inspired by cartoons, art, current events, movies, and more!

    Guests can look forward to flying on the magic carpet next to the Golden Gate Bridge, walking on the edge of the mountain, or even surviving the top of the skyscraper.

    The Museum of Illusions is the place to be to create memories and let your imagination soar. Created by some of the worlds best artists, the Museum of 3D Illusions is one of the most famous attractions in San Francisco. So, Act fast and book your tickets now!

    Flash photography is not just allowed, its encouraged

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    About: Museum Of 3d Illusions San Francisco


    Ideally situated in Fishermans Wharf, the Museum of 3D Illusions San Francisco is the perfect escape from reality, whether youre a Bay Area local, or just visiting the city. There are over 40 illusions inside, plus a Smash It room that lets you send plates soaring toward a target!

    If youre looking for a fun, bamboozling escape, youll find it here.

    Opening hours

    A Feast For The Senses

    Interactive Experience in San Francisco

    We love art that is not just beautiful to behold but also has the ability to surprise and even confound you. Through their innovative, interactive art designs, our renowned artists featured at the Museum of 3D Illusions have aimed to intrigue you and confound your expectations at every turn. Our artists are masters not just at creating interactive art full of fascinating color, depth, and detail, but they also know how to harness the brains powers of perception to craft seemingly miraculous scenes. At every turn, a new piece of interactive art will astonish and delight you, striking you with a fresh sense of wonder as you are drawn right in.

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    Museum Of 3d Illusions Provides Wharf

    The newest in SFs array of ticketed Instagram traps is the Museum of 3D Illusions, which is not a museum so much as a series of painted backdrops, but you should be used to these things by now.

    The illusions are all hand-painted set pieces in which museum-goers can have photos taken of themselves, say, flying on a magic carpet over the Golden Gate, or riding on a runaway cable car with half of its floor missing.

    The first US outpost of this chain of gram experiences was in Hollywood, as NBC Bay Area notes, but there are allegedly 108 of these worldwide, with the first appearing in Russia.

    No named founder or spokesperson is quoted in this company blog post about the SF grand opening last month, a fact which may point to some foreign owners, but an unnamed spokesperson says, After our success in Los Angeles, we wanted to expand to the Bay Area so that more people could have the opportunity to experience the enjoyment that comes from interacting with 3D optical illusion paintings. Also, getting a bit more thoughtful, they write, People are bombarded daily with many negative, disheartening images in the news and online. Our paintings create the opposite effect We plan to add new things to our exhibits over time and envision our museum as becoming a hot spot in the area.

    But regular admission is $25, which is a whole $13 cheaper than the American owned-and-operated Museum of Ice Cream.

    Fun Is Number One At The Museum Of Illusions

    Our dedication to pure fun is the reason why the Museum of Illusions is the ideal destination for groups of any age range and size. There are so many San Francisco museums to see, and each one has its own treasures. The Museum of Illusions, however, makes for a particularly easy outing no matter who you go with. You dont need a special knowledge of art to enjoy our creations. You wont need to whisper and contemplate the art quietly. Kids and adults alike can explore the art with boisterous glee and let their imaginations run wild.

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    Art That Includes You

    The Museum of Illusions is one of the most fun museums around because it is fully interactive. Unlike a traditional museum experience, at the Museum of Illusions, you roam freely right through the creations so you can get up-close and personal with the gorgeously executed imagery. You will want to dive straight in to play and pose in our exhibits. Its rare for museums in San Francisco to give such uninhibited license to its patrons through its art. Because each persons interaction with the art is different, every experience is unique. In a sense, the observer is allowed to be the art.

    Museum Of 3d Illusions Sf Overview

    Museum of 3D Illusions in San Francisco – All Ages & Family Fun

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    Birthdays Parties And Events

    At the Museum Of 3D Illusions we offer special pricing for groups. Treat your party to a unique experience and amazing illusion adventure. Groups have full access to all of our interactive exhibits and art pieces. Take photos of everyone having fun while sharing the joy and wonder of breathtaking illusions. Ride aboard the Titanic or survive a meteor shower, with a wide variety of group packages, contact us today to plan your next visit!

    Why Doesnt The Discount Code Work

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    The Best Part Of Your Tour Of Fishermans Wharf

    Whether you live in San Francisco or you are just visiting, no doubt you will want to visit Fishermans Wharf, where you can grab chowder in a sourdough bowl from a street vendor, visit a variety of boutiques and stalls, and look out on famous vistas, such as the Golden Gate Bridge and Alcatraz. You can include the Museum of Illusions in your tour of the local attractions and San Francisco museums, or simply visit us as a standalone in between grabbing a bite and taking a stroll to watch the waves.

    There are a number of places you can park just steps from our door. For added convenience, reserve your parking spot on SpotHero before arriving at our fun museum.

    Enter A World Of Wonder

    Museum of 3D Illusions SF  OK, I

    San Francisco museums are known for their inspiring, world-class art, but nowhere will you have as much fun exploring the art world than at the Museum of Illusions. This museum is designed to let visitors imaginations soar, surfing epic waves, flying through the sky like Mary Poppins, or living like a Lilliputian in a dollhouse. Anything is possible in our lavish dreamscape, making the Museum of Illusions the most fun museums in San Francisco.

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    Enjoy Your Visit With Photographers

    The Museum of 3D Illusions gives you, your family, and your friends the opportunity to take a few pics with our innovative, interactive art! If you want stellar-looking pictures of your interactive art experience, the Museum of 3D Illusions can supply you and your group with a tripod. Or, if you want to create memories of professional quality, our VIP package will entitle you to a personal photographer who will move through the exhibits with you. Either way, we encourage you to capture as many memories as possible as you discover our artists exquisite interactive artwork.

    Fun For The Whole Family

    Interactive museums like the Museum of 3D Illusions are the perfect choice for any type of outing. We provide a fun, lighthearted venue for times when you might want to break the ice, like on a first date. We are also a huge hit with kids. Children love to learn through unfettered exploration, and they find unique joy in the color and wonder of interactive art they can touch and see.

    We invite you to start exploring the world of interactive art today. Book your tickets now and let the adventure begin!

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    Museum Of 3d Illusions Was Designed With Our Guests In Mind

    Museum of 3D Illusions in San Francisco

    The Museum of 3D Illusions was founded as a place where visitors could let their imaginations run wild! We wanted to offer everyone the chance to interact with optical illusions and be able to do more than imagine their dreams, but to experience them. The Museum of 3D Illusions is a great place for friends and family, young and old, visitors to the Museum of Illusions can express themselves in our one of a kind interactive art exhibits that make for a photo opportunity unlike any other.

    You have the chance to become a professional surfer, survive a lava eruption through the hilly streets of the bay area, skydive from great heights, to hang from the side of one of this citys colossal skyscrapers, and so much more. No matter the setting, you are in for an incredible experience sure to play with your perception and make you the star of every photo you take!

    Our goal is to create a unique Museum to capture the hearts, minds, and spirit of every city we open in. This new San Francisco museum is one of a kind, reflecting the magic San Francisco has to offer. We are so happy that we can share our 40+ 3D illusions with the people of this great city, and know that our visitors are going to love taking photos and making memories using our interactive exhibits.

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    Museum Of 3d Illusion

    Get up to 16% off of your Museum of 3D Illusion tickets through FunEx! Lowest price guaranteed.

    No proof of COVID-19 vaccination required to enter the museum.

    Visit the Museum of 3D Illusions and snap pictures with more than 40 art illustrations that will simply blow you away with how realistic they seem!

    Kaiser Nurses Picket Across State For Better Health Safety Short Staffing

    Each illusion has a “camera spot” marked with colorful icons on the floor from which the 3D effect will look best when photographed. Some require photos to be turned sideways or upside-down after they’re taken.

    With celebratory music playing, and visitors busy pretending to skydive, surf, and cling to the ledges of towering skyscrapers, it’s easy to forget about the world outside for an hour or two but the very last painting might bring you back. It depicts a person immersed in an aquarium with a smartphone bolted onto one eye, and the icons of popular social media apps floating in the water above.

    “He’s a Spanish artist,” Velasquez explained. “And he’s trying to explain how we’re drowned in social media as a society.”

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    Airlines Warn Of Delays Cancellations This Weekend

    Each illusion has a camera spot marked with colorful icons on the floor from which the 3D effect will look best when photographed. Some require photos to be turned sideways or upside-down after theyre taken.

    With celebratory music playing, and visitors busy pretending to skydive, surf, and cling to the ledges of towering skyscrapers, its easy to forget about the world outside for an hour or two but the very last painting might bring you back. It depicts a person immersed in an aquarium with a smartphone bolted onto one eye, and the icons of popular social media apps floating in the water above.

    Hes a Spanish artist, Velasquez explained. And hes trying to explain how were drowned in social media as a society.

    This article tagged under:

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    Where Seeing Is Almost Beyond Believing

    The Museum of 3D Illusions will BLOW YOUR MIND

    When you visit San Franciscos Museum of 3D Illusions, be prepared to enter a world of technicolor dreams. Surrounding you will be scenes of wonder that will spark your imagination, drawing you into a whole new realm of experience. Images that baffle the senses will trick and delight you at every turn. Suddenly, you will find yourself taking a magic carpet ride past the Golden Gate bridge, perching in the clasp of a giant, or falling from great heights over a sprawling city. The experience is as startling as it is enthralling, and right at the center stage of this glorious artwork is you.

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    Overview Of The Museum Of 3d Illusion

    Founded as a safe haven for wild imaginations, the museum offers the opportunity to get to see, take pictures, and enjoy so many optical illusions! The Museum is open for families and friends, in all ages everyone who wants to express their goofy sides in the immersive exhibits available inside the museum!

    Train Your Brain For Fun

    Of all the museums you can visit in San Francisco, nowhere else will you see so many two-dimensional artworks that fool the observer, who views the work from a particular perspective only to see it transform into a mind-bending 3D scene. The fantasy scenes in our fun museum are in the style of the 3D street art you see in metropolitan centers around the world, gathered here under one roof. This is what makes a visit to our fun museum enchanting for people old and young.

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    What To Know

    • This museum the second of its kind in the US, but there are 108 worldwide, with the first in Russia
    • The museum is located in Fishermans Wharf, and is open from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. daily
    • Tickets are $25, with VIP photographer service and tripod rentals available for extra fees

    First, there was the Museum of Ice Cream, then there was Candytopia, and now the Museum of 3D Illusions is poised to be the latest social media attraction on every San Francisco visitors must-do list.

    Theyre more than just paintings, said Maria Velasquez, a shift leader and photographer who spoke to us as crowds of students on spring break crowded into the small lobby. Here, people have the opportunity to become part of the paintings.

    Set in the heart of Fishermans Wharf, the museum is the second of its kind in the U.S. Hollywoods was the first and if it does well, Velasquez says the next two locations will be in Miami and Orlando, Florida. But the U.S. is late to this party: there are 108 Museums of 3D Illusions all over the world, with the very first located in Russia.

    Just as global as the museum itself are the artists who paint the illusions. They fly in from Europe and South America, or drive from across town, to paint each one-of-a-kind illusion directly onto the museums walls and floors. Every museum is different, and the art found in each one features iconic local scenery.

    Its all handmade, Velasquez said. Here, we show landscapes of beautiful San Francisco, Lombard Street.

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