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March Air Force Base Museum Riverside Ca

History Of March Air Reserve Base

Haunted March Air Force Base, Riverside California

The story of March Field began at a time when the United States was rushing to build up its military forces in anticipation of an entry into World War I.News from the front in Europe had not been good as it explained for those at home the horror and boundless human misery associated with stalemated trench warfare. Several European news sourcesreported significant German efforts at this time to build a fleet of flying machines that could well alter the nature of modern warfare and possibly carry the war to the skies. In response,Congressional appropriations in early 1917 in the neighborhood of $640,000,000 attempted to back the plans of General George O. Squier, the Army’s chief signal officer, to “put the Yankee punch intothe war by building an army in the air.” At the same time the War Department announced its intentions to build several new military installations. Efforts by Mr. Frank Miller, then owner of theMission Inn in Riverside, Hiram Johnson and other California notables, succeeded in gaining War Department approval to construct an airfield at Alessandro Field located near Riverside, an airstripused by aviators from Rockwell Field on cross-country flights from San Diego. A parade in Riverside on February 9, 1918, gave notice than an army flying field would soon be coming toRiverside.

About March Field Air Museum

Explore humanity’s reach for the skies, and the pivotal role played by Riverside’s historic March Field in the development of flight. See pioneering aircraft, World War II icons and Cold War fighters, an MQ-1 Predator and more! Every day, docents are available to provide information and answer your questions. Flight line tours aboard an electric tram are available for an additional charge. Find something for everyone at the March Field Air Museum, including:

  • Nearly 80 full-sized aircraft from small WWI biplanes to a B-52 Stratofortress bomber
  • A March Field timeline exhibit telling the 100-year history of today’s March Air Reserve Base
  • The“Strategic Reconnaissance” exhibit, centered around the SR-71 – the world’s fastest air-breathing, manned aircraft!
  • A replicated Vietnam War-era firebase complete with appropriate helicopters
  • Thousands of additional artifacts and artworks including flight helmets and A-2 leather jackets

About The March Field Air Museum

B-17 Flying Fortress “Starduster” on display at the March Field Air Museum

The March Field Air Museum is located near Riverside, California, at the site of the former March Air Force Base . See area map below on this page.

The museum includes an impressive collection of over 70 historic aircraft, displayed both inside hangars and outside galleries. In addition, the museum features numerous exhibits, over 30,000 aviation artifacts, photographs, poster collections, and a Library Education Center.

A gift shop is also located on site. Parking is free, and small admission cost is charged.

We have personally toured this fine facility, and enjoyed meeting the friendly, knowledgeable staff and volunteers. We highly recommend a visit to the March Field Air Museum.

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What Is There To Do

You better keep an eye out overhead at the in Riverside, because there are take offs and landings all day, you won’t want to miss that unique experience of seeing an aircraft up close…whilst in the air!

For all of those aviation loving families, the March Field Air Museum is for you. It is home to over 70 historic aircraft which are always popular with the kids, and the displays inside all relate to the history of March Field

The exhibits at the museum are home to thousands of artifacts which are on display for you to explore! The history of aviation is covered at the museum – from the end of WWI all the way to present day. That’s a lot of history to cover to we hope you’re ready!

In the hangar you can come face to face with some pretty rare and unusual aircraft too, including a P-59 fighter. Do you know what is so special about this aircraft? It was actually the first operational jet that was adopted by the US Air Force over half a century ago! Pretty impressive!

It’s just facts like those that you will be able to learn all about when you visit!

The March Field Air Museum also holds a theater where you can watch films all about the history of March Field, as well as US Military Aviation.

During your time at the museum, you can enjoy a Flightline Tram Tour throughout the day, or Restoration Hangar tours on Saturdays at 1:30pm

Ghost and planes…what a very cool family day out in Riverside!

Group visits are welcome! Just give them a call to schedule your visit!

Highlights Of Aircraft At The March Field Air Museum


Today, the Museum’s collection includes over 70 World War II, Korean War, and Cold War era aircraft, including the following:

  • SR-71 Blackbird 17975 on display at the March Field Air Museum

    Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress

B-29 Superfortress S/N 44-61669 on display at the March Field Air Museum in California
Left nose view of B-29 Superfortress “Three Feathers”, S/N 44-61669
Right nose view of the B-29 Superfortress painted for the 4th Marine Division
F-84F Thunderstreak, Buzz Number FS-432, on display at the March Field Air Museum in California
F-84F Thunderstreak, on display at the March Field Air Museum in California
B-47 Stratojet, S/N 2275, on display at the March Field Air Museum in California
B-57 Canberra bomber, S/N 0-21519, “The Green Mountain Boys”, at the March Field Air Museum in California
F-84G Thunderjet, “Manny’s Menace”, Buzz Number FS-595, on display at the March Field Air Museum in California
F-84G Thunderjet, S/N 71595, on display at the March Field Air Museum in California
F-100C Super Sabre, S/N 54-1786, on display at the March Field Air Museum in California
F-101 Voodoo, S/N 90418, on display at the March Field Air Museum in California
F-105 Thunderchief, S/N 57-803, on display at the March Field Air Museum in California
Tail section of F-105 Thunderchief, S/N 57-803, at the March Field Air Museum in California
KC-97 Stratotanker, S/N 0-30363, on display at the March Field Air Museum in California

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Vehicle Registration And Drivers License

The State of California requires compliance with its Evidence of Financial Responsibility laws. If you operate a privately owned vehicle you must carry proof of auto insurance for at least $15,000 for death or injury to any person, $30,000 for death or injury , and $5,000 property damage coverage.

Those who do not carry the mandatory insurance coverage are subject to fines as high as $2,000 depending on the number of offenses and if you have an accident while not properly insured, the California DMV may suspend your license and impound your car.

When operating a privately owned vehicle on March ARB, your military ID card, state vehicle registration, a valid state drivers license must be with you when driving on base.

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