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How Much Are Neon Museum Tickets

Trick Art Museum 3d Selfie Experience Las Vegas Nevada

It’s a Tim Burton takeover at the Neon Museum in Las Vegas

A great way to spend a few hours while you are in Sin City for people interested in scintillating 3D art is to visit the Trick Art Museum-3D Art and Interactive Selfie Photo Experience. Your adventure with 3D art begins when you arrive at the Boulevard Mall and enter the worlds largest collection of 3D art in the United States. Once inside you will be thoroughly amazed at the intricate creations crafted by the artists of the Trick Art Studios. After a brief greeting by your host and a quick tour of this new Las Vegas museum, you can stroll through the museum that is packed with paintings, sculptures and exhibits of fabulous 3D art. Your guide will encourage you and your companions to interact with each piece of 3D art as well as take a selfie with any and all pieces that interest you or your family. The time you spend inside is completely up to you and your companions because you wont be able to see this intriguing display of 3D art any place else in the world.

What To Expect At The Neon Museum

Neon signs are an integral part of the history of Las Vegas, and you cant go more than a few steps without viewing the warmly glowing signs enticing visitors to step inside. As signs are replaced, many find themselves within the large outdoor exhibits found at the Neon Museum in Las Vegas, giving visitors a look at the Las Vegas of the past.

The Neon Museum was founded in 1996 with the mission of collecting, preserving, and exhibiting the iconic Las Vegas signs. Today, there are over 200 signs on display in the Neon Boneyard.

If you are interested in the history of Las Vegas, visiting the Neon Museum should be on your list of the best things to do in Las Vegas. It is a great museum that will bring to life the history of Las Vegas.

The Neon Museum is also a great stop if youre looking for things to do in Las Vegas with kids. It is a really fun stop to let kids explore and see the bright lights that Las Vegas is famous for without the extracurricular activities you will find on the Strip at night.

Can You Walk Around With Beer In Vegas

It is perfectly legal to have an open container of alcohol when walking along the Las Vegas Strip, so long as it is not in a glass container. Thirdly, by on the streets we mean, walking around on the sidewalks. Open containers of alcohol are not allowed when you re driving around, or taking public transportation.

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Lets Start Our Neon Lights Las Vegas Tour Of The Old Days

We start walking down one alleyway filled with juxtaposed remants of over 150 historic signs including world famous: Caesars, Sahara, Binions, Stardust and who can forget the Gold Nugget in downtown Vegas. The tour leader gives us some history about each unique sign, how and when it was created and how it fits in to Las Vegas rich history and the casinos eventual demise. The Neon Museum at night is creepy, fun and colorful all wrapped up into a fascinator tour of these historic and popular signs of the past.

Burlesque Hall Of Fame

Get your tickets: Neon Museums Tim Burton showcase Lost ...

The Burlesque Hall of Fame is the ideal Las Vegas museum for visitors to learn about how the world of exotic dancing has evolved over the years. Located on South Main Street in Downtown, the Burlesque Hall of Fame was created in 1990 and moved to Las Vegas in 2006. The Burlesque Hall of Fame concentrates on the entertainers that made exotic dancing an art form. Exhibits include artifacts such as posters, newspaper articles, photographs and playbills that highlight each of the entertainers career before and after their days burlesque. As you stroll through the museum you will gaze at other artifacts such as costumes, garter belts, feather boas, gloves, pasties and gowns as well as hundreds of pieces of jewelry. Some of the showcased burlesque entertainers include Gypsy Rose Lee, Chesty Morgan, Tempest Storm, Candy Barr and legendary Mae West. The museum continues to celebrate exotic dancers of today by hosting the Miss Exotic World Pageant every year.

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The Neon Museum Night Tours

Presented byThe Neon Museum

Founded in 1996, the Neon Museum is a non-profit 501 3 organization dedicated to collecting, preserving, studying and exhibiting iconic Las Vegas signs for educational, historic and cultural enrichment. In addition to an approximately two-acre Neon Museum campus, which includes the outdoor exhibition space known as the Neon Boneyard, the museum also encompasses a visitors center housed inside the former La Concha Motel lobby.

Due to the nature of our collection, the Neon Boneyard is only available to the public through one of our guided tours. Tours are available seven days a week and fluctuate with the season. Ticket prices for night tours are $25 for general admission. Ticket prices for seniors, students, active military and veterans, and Nevada residents are $22 . Children ages 6 and under are free.

Neon Museum Neon Boneyard

This nonprofit project is doing what almost no one else does: saving Las Vegas’ history. Book ahead for a fascinating guided walking tour of the Neon Boneyard,’ where irreplaceable vintage neon signs Las Vegas’ original art form spend their retirement. Start exploring at the visitor center inside the salvaged La Concha Motel lobby, a mid-century modern icon designed by African American architect Paul Revere Williams. Tours are usually given throughout the day, but are most spectacular at night.

Make tour reservations at least a few days or a week in advance, as they book up quickly. Children under 12 years old aren’t recommended on boneyard tours for safety reasons.

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What Is The Neon Museum

I would describe it as a graveyard for old/ unrestored neon signs from Vegas. They have unrestored signs from the Hard Rock Cafe, Sahara, Moulin Rouge, Stardust, and much more.

They have two different areas with neon signs, the Main Collection and the North Gallery. Since I only visited the Main Collection, I cant say too much about the North Gallery. I did find that the Main Collection had enough signs for different photo opportunities.

Visiting The Neon Museum In Las Vegas

The Neon Museum Las Vegas Walking Tour

Ive been to Las Vegas at least 4 times and not until the last visit did I hear about the neon museum. Once I saw all the beautiful pictures people were able to capture I knew I had to visit. Now that Ive experienced it, Ill share with you some tips and thoughts on visiting the Neon Museum in Las Vegas.

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Can You Walk To The Neon Museum From Fremont Street

Can you walk to the Neon Museum? Yes. Is it recommended? Not really, but it depends on the time of day and season. Although the walk is only 15-20 minutes, summer temperatures can make it a painful experience. Additionally, branching out from the main Fremont Street drag can feel a bit dicey to some due to the homeless/transient population, especially at night. If you decide to go for it, walk north on Las Vegas Boulevard and youll run right into on the right-hand side of the road.

Honestly, we suggest paying up for a $10 Uber/Lyft.

Neon Boneyard Neon Museum

Old Vegas neon signs outdoor museum of restored and un-restored historical Las Vegas signs | The Neon Museum was officially established in 1996, the city allocated space in downtown on the east side of Las Vegas Boulevard for the Neon Boneyard. YESCO then donated its retired signs to the fledgling organization. About 40 percent of the Neon Museum’s collection originated there, and items from newly imploded or remodeled properties are added continually.

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History Of The Neon Museum

The Neon Museum was started in 1996 by the City of Las Vegas and the Allied Arts Council of Southern Nevada. Its purpose was to preserve the neon signs after they are removed. Today, they work to collect, preserve and study the iconic Las Vegas signs.

In the 1980s, the iconic signs from The Sands Hotel and Casino were thrown away after being replaced with a new sign. After the sign was scrapped, the city realized they needed to preserve these signs. They collected signs for about 10 years before opening the Neon Museum in 1996.

More Nearby Adventures

Tom Devlin’s Monster Museum

Las Vegas: Night at the Neon Museum

Situated in Boulder City, Tom Devlin’s Las Vegas museum is loaded with fun and horrifying memorabilia from numerous horror films and comic books. Inside you can wander the hallways looking at costumes and movie props from terrifying movies such as Friday the 13th, Saw, and Scream. You can check out biographies of famous movie stars like Belle Lugosi and Lon Chaney. While perusing the museum you will see costumes worn by numerous different Dracula, Frankenstein, Mummies, and ghostly other figures which have graced the big screen scaring people for decades. If thats not enough then stop by the gift shop where you will find authentic merchandise from hundreds of scary movies.

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How Much Are Tickets To The Neon Museum In Las Vegas

TicketNeon Museum

$18 for adults. $12 for students and Nevada residents , senior citizens and veterans. $30 for day tour and admission to the Mob Museum. Night Tours: $25 and $22 $37 for night tour and Mob Museum admission.

Is the neon museum free?

From the Los Angeles Times: > > > Las Vegas Neon Museum celebrates its fifth anniversary Saturday with free admission and a Family Fiesta. Its a place that pays homage to the citys glittery past. The free entry applies to self-guided tours between 1 and 7 p.m., a $19 savings on tickets.

is the Neon Museum better day or night?DayNightNeon Museumday


More Details For Doing The Neon Light Night Tour In Las Vegas

All the tours are guided and you must follow closely with your guides at all times. The tour takes approximately an hour to complete the entire boneyard.

Reservations required, book through their website below

Day time tours are $18 for adults and $12 for seniors, students, active military and Nevada residents

Night time tours are $25 general admission and $22 for seniors, students, active military and Nevada residents.

No backpacks, camera bags, tripods or monopods allowed on tour.

Closed toe shoes recommended for the tour.

The Neon Museum is also available for private tours, weddings and special events.

The Neon Museum is located on Las Vegas Boulevard just north of the Downtown district. To find out more information about the museum, visit their website here.

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Can I Take Pictures In The Neon Museum

Cameras, camera equipment, and video recording arent allowed during regular visits. If you are interested in bringing a camera and equipment into the Neon Museum you can book a photography tour that runs once a month.

You are allowed to take pictures on your phone or tablet. Pictures are for personal use only. You cannot use them for promotional or business purposes.

What To Expect: Highlights From The Neon Museum Tour

A Glimpse of Las Vegas History – The Neon Museum

Taking a tour is an excellent option as it will give you the most information and backstory about the signs. Here are a few of the highlights youll see on the tour:

  • Binions Upside-Down Horseshoes: An upside-down horseshoe is perceived to bring bad luck. The history of the Binion upside-down horseshoes relates to the story of how Benny Binion employed this bad luck symbol to his advantage, by forcing his patrons to walk under them to enter his gaming establishment.

Fun fact: This Vegas Casino owner was the first to put carpet on the floor of a casino and serve complimentary drinks to his clients.

  • The Treasure Island Skull: This skull was the centerpiece of the sign outside what is now called TI . This artifact is so huge that it is visible from Google Earth. Now this discarded prop is a popular spot in the boneyard for taking an iconic Las Vegas selfie.
  • The Green Shack Sign: This sign attracts fans of the 1930s. Back in the day, it invited laborers who moved to Las Vegas for cocktails, steak, and chicken. The restaurant closed in 1999, and its signature location was demolished in 2005.

The only thing that remained were the two signs, the one you can see at the Neon Museum and another at the old, empty lot paying tribute to a business that time passed by.

Even though the original structure burned down, the sign is preserved at the Neon Museum thereby keeping its history alive.

The sign, showing a pot of gold, used to hang above the entrance to the casino.

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Can You Get Married At The Neon Museum

The Neon Museum is now available for wedding ceremonies! Sitting on 2.5 acres in Downtown Las Vegas, the outside space known as the Neon Boneyard houses over 150 iconic signs, each a perfect backdrop for stunning wedding photos. The Neon Museum uses its North Yard for ceremonies. Space at the Neon Museum is limited.

Wayne Newton’s Casa De Shenandoah Tour

Not far from the Strip is the famous venue of Mr Las Vegas, Wayne Newton. This amazing Las Vegas museum can be explored on a two or three hour tour that takes you on to the property and into the mansion. Explore The Casa de Shenandoa, a 52 acre venue. The tour starts with a short film introducing you to the owner and the lavish estate. Then jump onto a shuttle for the ride. See the over-the-top Vegas costumes, stunning luxury cars and walk around the museum filled with memorabilia. Horse lovers will be delighted at the Arabian horse stables where you can meet his exotic animals. If you want more, you can extend your tour and visit the first floor of the this incredible Las Vegas point of interest or explore the entire mansion with a knowledgeable guide.

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Filming And Photography At The Neon Museum

You are allowed to take personal photos as long as you dont disrupt the tours and operations. With regular tickets, you cant bring a camera besides your phone.

If you want to shoot with a camera or shoot for editorial purposes, you must have a reservation. They typically ask for a two-week notice and will send you any prices involved based on what you want to do . A reservation can be made here.

They have Photo Walks and Portrait Hour as well, which is much more affordable. This is where up to 15 hobby photographers can wander the museum with their gear and take photos. These photos are for personal use only. The cost of these photo walks and portrait hour is $50 .

If youre on a tour, you are not allowed to bring a tripod nor is there even time to set one up because you have to stay with the group.

Neon Museum In Las Vegas Offers ‘portrait Hour’ For Valentine’s Day

Las Vegas Neon Museum reopens to sold

Neon Museum in Las Vegas.

LAS VEGAS — The Neon Museum is offering an event for couples on Valentines Day.

The museum will host Portrait Hour, where couples can take pictures in front of the museums iconic signs. However, you will need to book your own photographer.

Only 15 people will be allowed during the event. All members in your party, including your photographer, must reserve a ticket.

Tickets are $50. Nevada residents, students, active military, veterans and seniors pay $35. Tickets are available for purchase here.

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What Time Of Day Should You Go

When buying your tickets, you have to pick a time of day that you would like to attend. I opted to go at 9 am when they first opened. Why? Because Las Vegas heat will have you thinking, moving to Antarctica doesnt sound so bad. Ive also been to Las Vegas in the wintertime, and it gets cold! Like so cold that I felt the need to keep moving to keep from freezing, cold. Just keep in mind that it is an entirely opened-aired museum leaving you exposed to the elements. 9 am was perfect because it was only four other people and us making it easier to get pictures without people in them.

It also depends on what youre going there to see. If you want to see the Brilliant lights show, then you should go at night. If youre going to the Main Collection, then I would suggest going during the day because a lot of the signs so not light up anymore.

How Long To Get Through The Entire Museum

You can walk around the yard at your own pace and take as many pictures as you want. I was able to take multiple images in front of numerous signs with different poses all in 30 mins! I was in and out! The key is going before the crowd.

The Neon Museum should most definitely be on the top of your Las Vegas bucket list!

Now for some of the photos, I was able to capture at the museum!

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Night Tour At The Neon Museum In Vegas

The Neon Museum in Las Vegas in a fantastic and nostalgic place to explore in town. Ill always remember Las Vegas with its brightly lit neon lights that has been a nightly draw to the strip since the beginning. The many glaring signs lining the strip created a magical presence with a dazzling display every night and making the casinos exciting and larger than life. Nowadays, those majestic neon signs have been replaced with LEDs and other energy efficient bulbs, relegating them as energy consuming dinosaurs along with these old cheesy casinos which blown up one by one in a grand show and last hurrah. Eventually they were replaced with larger casinos covering huge parcels of the strip and glitzier replacements became mega resorts. Fortunately for the Neon Museum organization that had the foresight to try and save what bits of history were left from these old neon signs, and stored them for safe-keeping. Eventually, they started a foundation and opened a museum in 2012, bringing back to life some of these signs so their history will not be forgotten.

Four of these signs have been fully restored and are now part of the featured displays on the Neon Museum night tour, along with the boneyard as the place is called. The entire museum is lit up magically with colored spotlights to mimic their non-functioning neon glow and their bygone glory days.

Entering the boneyard of the Neon Museum

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