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Things To Do In Vegas Museums

Art Of Richard Macdonald

Top 4 Las Vegas Attractions You’ve Never Heard Of (But SHOULD Visit)! Unique LV Experiences 2022

Famous for crafting bronze sculptures that reveal the infinite beauty of the human body, Richard MacDonald takes inspiration for his art from the twisty, bendy, majestic Cirque du Soleil acrobats and their unfathomable poise and balance.

Therefore, fittingly, you can find his collection more than 50 diverse human-focused bronze sculptures in the Cirque du Soleil gallery by the Bellagios O Theatre.

If youre not planning on seeing the Cirque show, a few more pieces are on display in Gallery Row at ARIA Las Vegas. Either way, theyre free to browse and provide a formidable insight into the world of arts little-known neo-figurative movement.

Chandelier Bar At Cosmo

Chandelier Bar isnt on many best attraction lists, because its not technically an attraction. We dont care. Its on our list because its magnificent, and thats just the visual part. Chandelier Bar also has great drinks, fun bartenders and decent video poker . Get ready to fill up your phones storage space with photos of Chandelier Bar, because your friends need to know youre hanging out at extraordinary places in Las Vegas.

Race Exotic Cars On The Motor Speedway

Feel the need for speed? Vegas delivers. Book a unique experience at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway with Exotics Racing where you can learn to race one of a number of luxury, exotic cars around a controlled racetrack. Exotics Racing boasts the largest fleet of supercars in the world, which sounds just right for Vegas.

For anyone itching to get behind the wheel, choose to drive a Lamborghini, Porsche, Ferrari, McLaren, Audi R8, Corvette, Mustang, or many others. Otherwise, you can leave the driving to a professional and book a seat as a passenger in your favorite car, then sit back and hold on. If you have kids with you, let them explore the go-kart track while you take on the adult-sized racetrack. Racing an exotic car is quite popular to do in Vegas, so book your reservation early.

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Indulge In The Arts At First Friday

Artisans and artists from across Las Vegas gather each month to share their work on the first Friday. Enjoy visual and performing arts, live music, and delicious food only five miles from The Strip. Witnessing artists from diverse artistic backgrounds come together in Las Vegas to create an evening of masterworks and melodies, it feels like you are in a movie.

Activities And Exhibits At The Mob Museum

Fun Things to Do in Las Vegas for Memorial Day Weekend

Located in downtown Las Vegas, The Mob Museum offers deluxe, premier, and general admission tickets. Nevada residents receive a special discounted price on each type of ticket. For the ultimate experience, the premier ticket offers general admission and access to all museum exhibits as well as to two of the museums interactive experiences, like Crime Lab, The Underground, and the Firearm Training Simulator. Note that these activities have age limits.

Crime Lab is an interactive exhibit that explores the daily life of a forensic scientist. During the exhibit, guests can participate in different forensic activities like fingerprinting and medical examination. This experience is available to guests age 11 and older. After a visit to the Crime Lab, guests can participate in simulated police firearms training at The Firearm Training Simulator. Here, guests engage in a live action role playing adventure complete with a simulated gun and duty belt. The Firearm Training Simulator is open to guests age 13 and up. Those aged 13-16 must be accompanied by an adult.

Each Floor of The Mob Museum features multiple mafia-themed exhibits. Current exhibits include a portion of the church targeted in the infamous Valentines Day Massacre, artifacts from the early days of Vegas, and organized crime today.

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Gallery Of Music & Art

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The Vegas Bucket List Items

Cheesy and touristy though they may be, when youre in Vegas there are certain things that you just sort of HAVE to do, because if you dont can you really even say you did Vegas at all?? For starters, you have to watch the Bellagio fountains.

Its a free show that runs every 15 to 30 minutes, and it is one of the most iconic tourist attractions in the entire world. You also have to pay a visit to the Bellagio Conservatory and Botanical Gardens, which has a rotating lineup of four different seasonally themed botanical displaysanother iconic attraction known throughout the world.

Recently the Eiffel Tower added a light show that makes the tower twinkle with 800 strobe lights and change colors with 300 colored lights every 30 minutes nightly.

Its also fun to take the elevator to the top of the Eiffel Tower for the full view of the Strip from 46 stories up, and if you really want to make it an outing, reserve a window seat for dinner at the Eiffel Tower Restaurant, which boasts one of the best views of any restaurant in the city.

At the Venetian, its always entertaining to listen to the gondoliers in the Grand Canal Shoppes singing to their fares, but its even more fun to be the one in the gondola being sung to.

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Zak Bagans The Haunted Museum One Of The Creepiest Las Vegas Museums

If youre a lover of horror and the paranormal, you should check out Zak Bagans The Haunted Museum. This creepy monster museum in Las Vegas will send shivers down your spine, so be prepared to be scared!

This haunted museum in Las Vegas has over 30 gallery rooms with hundreds of spooky items and cursed artifacts. As long as youre not frightened by dismembered heads, scary-looking dolls, and tight spaces, you should be fine

4. Zak Bagans The Haunted Museum, one of the creepiest Las Vegas museums

Tickets are a bit pricey, but the museum is well-known and was even featured on TV. Admission includes a guided tour through the museums secret passages and hidden corridors, and ghost tours are available, too.

  • Location: Downtown Las Vegas
  • Hours: 10 am 8 pm Thursday-Monday
  • Admission fees: $48-$73

Brilliant Museums In Las Vegas


Sin City a moniker that rings true across all of Las Vegas debaucherous casino floors, booze-fueled nightclubs, and round-the-clock resort parties.

But, take a step back and youll realize that theres far more to this Nevada desert oasis than meets the eye. Peek beyond the bright lights, bottomless brunches, and boisterous bars, and youll find a city brimming with culture and art a brilliant side of Las Vegas that continues to be swept under the radar .

Museums of all shapes and sizes line the streets, each one telling its own story about Vegas history and present. In the heart of the action lie several immersive and futuristic art museums that make it seem like youve stepped into the heart of a Hollywood sci-fi slick.

Wander off the beaten track and youll uncover hidden gems aplenty from the Atomic Testing Museum, a must-visit for anyone interested in nuclear science and the Cold War, to the family-favorite Discovery Childrens Museum, and spectacular exhibitions all over town dedicated to pop culture, cinema, superheroes, history, geology, and engineering , theres truly something for everyone to enjoy.

So, if youre looking to experience a different side of Vegas , be sure to take note of the most educational, most exciting, and most belovedly brilliant museums in Las Vegas!

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Circus Circus Las Vegas

If youve always wanted to experience a big top circus, check out Circus Circus Las Vegas.

Its the last one in the entire state of Nevada, and of the scattered few that remain around the world, its both the oldest and largest.

Traditional acts include everything from clowns to trapeze artists.

More modern activities include a casino, a ballroom and a betting facility for sports and horses.

AdventureDome is here, so if you want to ride a roller coaster or climb an indoor rock wall, just look for the gigantic dome.

You can also visit places like Splash Zone for water slides and swimming pools as far as the eye can see.

Circus Circus Las Vegas is a whimsical place where adults and kids can both enjoy a taste of old-school fun.

You should check it out while you still have the chance.

While theres no indication that itll close anytime soon, big tops are a dying breed, so theres no telling how long it will stick around.

Address: 2880 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89109, United States

Walk The Arts District

After youve stuffed yourself with ice cream, stroll along the downtown Arts District where youll find impressive murals on almost every street. The Arts District is also called 18b in honor of the 18 blocks that the district encompass. Its located in the downtown area just north of the Strip.

Get lost wandering local shops and art galleries of all shapes and sizes. You can explore clay pots, photography, and original sketches, then stop in at a dive bar to cool off.

The Arts District started a fun tradition that the first Friday of every month holds an art festival for anyone to enjoy local art, food, and music. If youre in town for First Friday Las Vegas, be sure to stop by and check out the local scene.

Even if you cant make it, still stroll along the sidewalks and take photos of the impressive murals that adorn these old town streets.

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Bodies: The Exhibition Another Unique Exhibition In Las Vegas

If youre not squeamish, then BODIES: The Exhibition at The Luxor will pique your interest. This anatomy museum in Las Vegas offers an intimate look at the human body through informative displays and yes, real bodies.

The bodies and organs at this museum underwent a careful preservation process, allowing them to be on full display at The Luxor. As you walk through the exhibition, youll be amazed at the detailed work that went into crafting these displays. Even if you know nothing about science or medicine, its impossible not to be impressed by these informative exhibits.

9. BODIES: The Exhibition, another unique exhibition in Las Vegas

BODIES is a great way to learn more about your muscles, bones, circulatory system, and more. Its one of the most popular exhibits on the Strip, so I suggest getting a skip-the-line ticket. You could also check out a similar body museum in Las Vegas, REAL BODIES at Ballys, which is included in the All-Inclusive Pass.

  • Location: The Luxor
  • Hours: 11 am 6 pm daily
  • Admission fees: $24-$45

Free Pulls On Vegas Slot Machines

15 Best Things to Do in Downtown Las Vegas

If youre looking for some free gambling attractions in Las Vegas, you can find these at almost every casino on the Strip and downtown. Free slot play comes with most players card sign-ups and both Binions and Four Queens Downtown have a giant slot machine at their entrance that offers one free pull per person.

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To Touch An Iceberg: Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition

Its been years since I last visited the Titanic exhibit, but the haunting sights have stayed with me. The exhibit transports guests to a lost world of glamour and tragedy. The artifacts are incredible, and youll feel both awe and empathy as you learn about the doomed ship. C. Moon Reed, staff writer, Las Vegas Weekly

Here youll discover harrowing true stories from actual passengers on the Titanic, marvel at a jaw-dropping recreation of the ships Grand Staircase, and stroll on a noticeably chilly Promenade Deck that overlooks a sparkling sky while thanking your own lucky stars that youre nowhere near the ocean. Theres even a man-made iceberg that visitors are invited to touch. A bevy of items retrieved from the ship live here, including an unopened champagne bottle and luggage.

Dont miss The Big Piece: Part of the Titanics starboard side hull, the largest artifact recovered from the ship to date, is on display. Before you leave, check your ticket to learn whether your assigned Titanic passenger survived the tragedy. The stirring exhibit is tucked inside the Luxor Las Vegas. To wind down after your visit, stop by Tacos & Tequila in the atrium true to its namesake, the eatery serves up a stellar variety of both offerings.

Take In The History Of Las Vegas Through Its Neon Signs At The Neon Museum

There are many very unique museums in Las Vegas, but the Neon Museum is truly a sight to behold.

The main collection in the Neon Boneyard includes more than 200 unrestored signs and 19 fully-functioning signs , and there are additional pieces in the North Gallery which also has a digital light installation show at night.

The museum also hosts special exhibits from artists like Tim Burton. Plan your visit around dusk for the best lighting to see the signs.

Cost: Tickets start at $19Address: 770 N. Las Vegas Blvd., Las Vegas, NV 89101

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Dive Into Vegass Legacy At The Neon Museum

Las Vegas is home to many unique museums you wont find anywhere else. The Neon Museum is no exception. The Vegas landscape is always changing as old places make way for hot, new trends, but the Neon Museum has preserved every old, iconic neon sign that played a part in Vegass rich history.

You can visit this museum during the day, but its best at night when the neon lights make an impression. You can take a guided tour through the outdoor Boneyard and learn fascinating tidbits about each sign.

For a unique experience, book the Boneyard for a private photoshoot to make those graduation or anniversary photos even more memorable. Or you can use the North Museum for private events and photoshoots as well. It houses even more signs that have been preserved since the 1930s. All in all, the Neon Museum is worth a stop.

Enjoy The Sites Of Neon Boneyard

Top Attractions In Las Vegas | Things To Do In Vegas

The Neon Museum houses over 200 of Las Vegass famous neon signs, a historic collection of the citys iconic signage. In 1998, the Neon Museum was founded as a non-profit 501 organization dedicated to preserving neon signs.

Explore the Neon Boneyard on a guided tour to discover their story and the citys rich history. Daily tours are offered seven days a week.

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Fun By Foot Through Connected Casinos

Stroll seamlessly from one casino to another via connecting sidewalk entrances found along the Strip, the best way to visit multiple must-see old and new Vegas casinos all in one day! Be sure to take advantage of pedestrian crosswalks and bridges for safe and fast crossing over large intersections.

Save on strip hotels in Vegas by booking with these vegas hotel deals.

Light At Mandalay Bay

Kobby Dagan / Shutterstock

Throw a rock in Las Vegas and itll pass six different nightclubs before it hits the ground.

This is the city of sin, and its streets are like a living thing with pulsing music and flashing strobe lights as far as the eye can see.

What does this have to do with Mandalay Bay?

Well, its a luxury resort located just off the Strip.

It has all of the amenities that youd expect from a Las Vegas hotel, including a private beach and a casino located right there on the ground floor.

The best thing about Mandalay Bay, however, is its nightclub.

Its called Light, and in addition to being three times the size of a normal club, it never stops finding creative ways to entertain its patrons.

Acrobats will dangle in the air above you. Fog machines will send smoke drifting across the floor below you.

Multiple bars are scattered around the dance floor so that the drinks never stop flowing for a second, and on the best nights, famous DJs will drop in just to say hello.

If youre looking for the best nightclubs in Las Vegas, you wont want to miss Light at Mandalay Bay.

Itll offer a dazzling, multi-sensory experience for adults who want a unique party story to take home.

How many people can say that theyve been to a club with live acrobats?

Address: 3950 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89119, United States

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Zak Bagans The Haunted Museum

If youre not easily scared and enjoy a good adrenaline rush, Zak Bagans The Haunted Museum is one attraction in Vegas that you wont want to miss.

A self-proclaimed extreme museum of the paranormal, its home to some of the most haunted objects ever collected, including everything from demonic dolls to cursed paintings and ghostly apparitions caught on camera.

As well as housing what is arguably the worlds largest and spookiest collection of haunted items , the museum also offers flashlight ghost tours where you can wander the halls of the haunted mansion after nightfall.

Just be warned: this place is seriously creepy and for many, that only adds to its allure.

Unforgettable Things To Do In Las Vegas

Things to do in Las Vegas during the day

Whether youre a frequent visitor, a first-timer, or a Las Vegas local, there are endless ways to have an #OnlyVegas experience.

From headlining residencies to James Beard-winning chefs, breathtaking outdoor activities to a vibrant local arts scene, and a revived downtown exploding with energy, Las Vegas is so much more than just the Strip.

For a truly all-encompassing Vegas itinerary, check out this guide to the most unforgettable things to do in Las Vegas.

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