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Paris Museum Pass 6 Days

From Afar Travelling Materials And Objects

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Discovery of the world and its people through the materials and objects used in all over the world

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The Louvre pays tribute to the kingdom of Nubia and the dynasty of Kushite pharaohs

  • Subway – Palais Royal – Musée du Louvre
  • RER – Châtelet – Les Halles
  • Bus – 21, 24, 27, 39, 48, 69, 72, 81, 95

Montmartre Vineyard Vignes Du Clos

The last vineyard in Paris, Vignes du Clos is a charming garden among Parisian houses.

The vineyard is always closed to the public, but you can still see it from the street. Of course, how beautiful the garden is will depend on the season you visit Paris.

Regardless of the season, the streets around the vineyard are lovely, and this region is worth the stroll.

Days In Paris Itinerary

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Romantic and charming, the City of Light is among the most visited capitals in Europe, and well show you how to enjoy 4 days in Paris.

Paris est toujours une bonne idee., said Audrey Hepburn in the movie Sabrina. She wasnt wrong. Paris is a unique and inspiring place where something so simple as having a cup of coffee while people-watching feels enough.

Still, this Paris itinerary will take you to all the places you must visit on your first trip to the city.

Four days in Paris are by no means enough to feel the real local vibes and atmosphere as there are lots and lots of things to do in Paris, but you gotta start somewhere, right?

Moreover, Paris is a must for every person traveling to Europe as the city is jam-packed with exciting attractions excellent museums, striking architecture, delicious wine, and wonderful food are to be found almost in every corner. And were not exaggerating.

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Paris Pass Review: Tips For Using The Pass

  • Buy the Pass On Sale In addition to visiting multiple attractions per day, the easiest way to get even more bang for your buck is to buy the Paris Pass on sale! This pass goes on sale fairly often sometimes for as much as 20% off. If thats the case youre gonna get a great deal. Check if it is on sale right now by clicking the link above.
  • Plan for Closures Many of the major museums in Paris are closed on either Monday or Tuesday. Be sure to plan your travel itinerary around these closings!
  • Start Early Remember, the Paris Pass works on a consecutive day basis. While getting an early start each day helps you see more, its especially important to start early on Day 1. You dont want to jump on the river cruise at 5 P.M. and activate your card. Youll essentially lose a whole day of sightseeing!
  • Get a Travel Credit Card Youll want to have a credit card with you, preferably one that doesnt charge foreign transaction fees. The top travel cards can even help you get flights, hotels, and other travel related perks for less. Find our list of the best travel rewards credit cards here.
  • Group Your Sightseeing By Area To get the most value from your card, its best to visit 2 museums/monuments and 1 attraction per day. It also helps to plan your sightseeing around activities located in the same general area. Otherwise, youll waste valuable time crisscrossing town on the way to your next stop.

Is Paris Museum Pass Worth It


The short answer for me is undoubted yes. Generally speaking, the museum pass pays for itself in the end. Another reason museum pass worked best for me is because I love visiting museums while I usually steer away from overly touristy attractions.

Take my 4-day Paris itinerary as an example. Lets say, I would do self-exploration in the neighborhoods instead of joining a tour. Then, its not difficult to see why I chose the Paris Museum Pass. The 2-day Museum Pass would give me the best savings. Clear winner!

I would even adjust my itinerary to maximize the saving based on this calculation. For example, if I switch Montmartre and Orsay Museum , I only need a 2-day Museum pass instead of a 4-day pass.

Caveat: I sometimes do join walking tours. But this time, I preferred to explore Galerie Lafayette and St-Germain on my own. I skipped the Eiffel Tower climb because I would rather see the Paris skyline with the tower in it.

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Where To Buy The Paris Pass

The Paris Pass can be purchased online via the Paris Pass Website. You can print your pass at home or show your pass digitally via your phone.

Youll also need to pick up the physical Paris Museum Pass in Paris at:

Big Bus Information Center 75009 Paris

There is no physical pass for postal delivery.

Interested in buying the Paris Pass? If you Ill get a small commission for the saleit doesnt cost you anything extra and it helps keep this website running.

Now For The Disadvantages

We must admit now that this pass isn’t for everyone. If you’re unsure about how you wish to spend your time in Paris and don’t want to hash out a detailed itinerary for your sojourn, we’d advise against purchasing this pass, for the simple reason that you have to see a lot of museums and monuments to make it financially worth your while.

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Find Your Peace At The Notre

In April 2019, the Notre-Dame de Paris was severely damaged by a fire. As of now, the church is closed to the public, but when its open again, well update this post.

Possibly one of the most beautiful churches weve visited in Europe, the 13th-century Notre-Dame Cathedral is a characteristic French gothic building that will give you goosebumps.

The interior is barely illuminated, and the stained glass windows add some mysterious air to this sacred place. Have you watched the Hunchback of Notre Dame? Its exactly like the movie .

Anyway, all decoration elements have a meaning the gargoyles, the facade, and the statues. Grab a leaflet at the entrance to learn more about them.

Furthermore, dont forget to climb the bell tower just outside the cathedral on the left side when you face the building, the view is also.

  • Admission: Free entrance to the church.
  • Opening hours: Currently closed.

Pro tip: Looking for a quiet place to admire Notre Dame? While facing the church turn left, youll see a blue door. This is the Hotel Dieu, the oldest hospital in Paris.

The hospital is still functioning but not entirely, so you can explore a few inhabited halls and the balcony above a garden, which is a peaceful place to maybe have your lunch with a view.

Why Get The Paris Pass

Grande Galerie de l’Évolution | Museum d’histoire naturelle à Paris #9

The Paris Pass makes visiting the many famous attractions and museums in Paris an extremely easy and cost-effective affair, giving you priority skip-the-line access to over 60 museums and monuments in Paris for only a fraction of the cost. The more you visit, the more you save. Choose from the 2, 3, 4 or 6-day pass, depending on which your pass is valid for consecutive days .

Popular Paris landmarks such as the Louvre Museum, Orsay Museum and the Notre Dame Cathedral are notorious for having ticket lines that are 1-3 hours long. The Paris Pass allows you to skip these ticket lines and get priority access to the museums and monuments. This allows you to spend more time experiencing the attraction than standing outside in the ticket queue.

The Paris Pass is also a very efficient way of experiencing what the city has to offer. The validity of the pass does not begin until you visit your first attraction. Hence, you can purchase your pass in advance and then plan your visits accordingly, without worrying about the expiration of the pass. Also, with unlimited usage during the validity period, you can visit any attraction you like for an unlimited number of times. With the museum pass, you will also receive a flyer containing all the information you need to know about the featured museums and monuments.

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What Is The Paris Museum Pass

The Paris Museum Pass is a card you can buy which gives you free access to over 50 museums and monuments in Paris and surrounding areas. As an added bonus, the pass also allows you to skip the lineups , allowing you to make the most of your limited vacation time. There used to be no limits to how many times you could visit a museum with the pass, but that has changed. Now the Paris Museum Pass can only be used for one admission to each site.

The Paris Museum Pass can be purchased for 2, 4 or 6 consecutive days. Each pass also includes a flyer with information about the places you can use it at.

Note: The Paris Museum Pass is not to be confused with the Paris Pass. They are two different things. The Paris Pass is all encompassing and includes the Museum Pass, an Attractions Pass, bus tour and guidebook. The Paris Museum Pass only grants free access to museums and monuments, which is why it is far less expensive than the Paris Pass.

Paris Visite Transport Pass Review

This is not an attractions pass, but rather a transportation pass that can save you time, money, and aggravation.

If you are looking for a convenient way to get around the city without having to deal with buying tickets each time, the Paris Visite Pass is a lifesaver.

This pass offers unlimited travel on the bus, metro, tramway, and RER networks in Paris and its suburbs.

Unless you plan on renting a vehicle or using a cab to get around, this is a great way to save money and avoid the necessity of exact change on public transportation.

NOTE:This pass is already included in the Paris Pass, Turbopass, and the Multi-Day Passlib, so if you are buying one of those, you won’t need to purchase this separately.

Prices as of 2022

  • 1-Day Pass 12 for Adults 6 for Children
  • 1-Day Pass 25.25 for Adults 12.60 for Children
  • 2-Day Pass 19.50 for Adults 9.75 for Children
  • 2-Day Pass 38.35 for Adults 19.15 for Children
  • 3-Day Pass 26.65 for Adults 13.30 for Children
  • 3-Day Pass 53.75 for Adults 26.85 for Children
  • 5-Day Pass 38.35 for Adults 19.15 for Children
  • 5-Day Pass 65.80 for Adults 32.90 for Children

Things to Consider

Even if you have no intention of picking up any of the other tourist passes on this page, you might still want to consider purchasing the Visite Pass simply to get around town.

As a matter of fact, you could actually save money by purchasing some of these passes individually.

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Who Should Avoid The Pass

Visitors interested ONLY in museums If youre not interested in the attractions portion of the pass , skip the Paris Pass and get the Paris Museum Pass instead.

Extreme value seekers and those uninterested in museums If youre on a really tight budget or dont plan to visit the museums, skip getting a pass all together.

Which Attractions Are Not Included In The Paris Museum Pass

Paris Museum Pass: 2, 4, or 6 Days

Now there are several major attractions in Paris that are NOT included with the Paris Museum Pass that you should take into consideration. These include the Eiffel Tower, Opéra Garnier, Grand Palais, the catacombs, Espace Dalà , Jacquemart-André Museum, Luxembourg Museum, Musée Marmottan Monet, Montmartre Museum, elevator at La Défense, treasury at Notre-Dame, and the dome at Sacré Coeur.

Further the pass does not include any transportation passes, hop-on hop-off buses, or Seine River boat cruises.

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Paris Museum Weekly Closed Days

Always check the website of attractions you plan to visit for planned or unexpected closures. These typically happen for several reasons:

  • Regular closures – Most Paris museums and many monuments close for one day each week to allow for a thorough cleaning, quick repairs, and other needed maintenance
  • Holiday closures – Most museums and monuments will be closed on January 1, May 1, and December 25. Some may also be closed on July 14 , November 1 , and November 11 , and occasionally other days
  • Unexpected closures – These can be due to a strike, a threat, severe weather conditions , or, as we’ve all recently experienced, a pandemic
  • Renovations – Some renovation-related closures last only a few months, but others last for years very frustrating, but to be fair, the results are almost always worth the wait

Admire The Pantheon Of Paris

The Pantheon in the Latin Quarter is a striking building worth visiting if youre spending 4 days in Paris. Only those considered of some influence in the countrys identity are buried in the Pantheon.

Notable people are buried here, such as Rousseau, Voltaire, Alexandre Dumas, and Victor Hugo. The crypt also accommodates an interesting permanent exposition about their lives.

Architecture-wise, the Pantheon is genuinely breathtaking. Youll feel tiny once you walk in. The tall columns and huge statues on pedestals make you feel like youre walking into a remarkable temple.

  • Opening hours: Every day 10 am 6 pm.

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What Is The Difference Between The Paris Pass & The Paris Museum Pass

The difference between the Paris Museum Pass and The Paris Pass from Go City is actually very simple. The Paris Pass is made up of three parts. The first, as outlined in section one above, is the Paris Museum Pass. The second is a Metro travel card, that gets you unlimited travel on public transport . These two can be bought separately.

The third part of the Paris Pass is what is called the Paris Attraction Card, this gets you entry to the seven attractions and on to the sightseeing bus, as well as a number of special offers at selected restaurants and shops. This third component is unique to the Paris Pass, and can not be purchased separately

Where To Buy The Paris Museum Pass

Melihat lukisan Monalisa asli di Museum Louvre , Paris

The easiest way to get your Paris Museum Pass is to buy it online in advance and then pick it up at the location indicated in the booking confirmation: 23 rue dAboukir, in Paris 2 .

You can also purchase the Paris Museum Pass in different places like the Paris Tourist Office, Paris airports, train stations, Paris museums included on the pass, or dedicated kiosks.

The Paris Museum Pass cost depends on its duration:

GOOD TO KNOW: the days of use for the Paris Museum Pass are consecutive. The pass is activated after the entrance to the first museum or landmark.

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Visit The Pompidou Center

This artistic complex houses the most significant modern art museum in Europe . Just so you know, the exhibitions and artworks here are fantastic!

The design of the complex is a bit peculiar though. The Pompidou Center building has huge pipes running vertically on its facade as well as iron wires and staircases. It has a bit of an industrial feeling. Its really cool!

  • Opening hours: Closed on Tuesdays. Friday-Monday and Wednesday 11 am 10 pm. Thursday 11 am 11 pm.

Day : Towers Of Notre Dame + Arc De Triomphe

You will still need to queue to visit the Towers of Notre Dame , but our wait wasn’t too long. After climbing over 400 stairs you’re rewarded with some pretty spectacular views of the city, the architectural detail of the Cathedral, and the famous gargoyles.

We planned to add either Sainte-Chapelle or the Architecture Museum to this day, but the weather was so sunny and beautiful that we opted for ice cream from Berthillon and a picnic at the end of Ile Saint-Louis. We’re so glad we did – it’s been raining ever since and the place where we picnicked is now a several meters under water.

After dinner, we went to watch the the sunset and the evening’s first Eiffel Tower sparkling from the Arc de Triomphe. We certainly weren’t the only ones who had the idea – lines were long, but here you can skip both the ticket and security lines, so we made it up with time to spare. It’s a fantastic 360-degree view of the city, and quite possibly my favorite. To top it off, the nearest Ladurée stays open late, which means you should probably get a few macarons to eat while you walk back down the Champs-Élysées.

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Cruise The Seine River

This four days in Paris itinerary had to have a Seine river cruise. Paris is exceptionally charming, and a river cruise allows you to see its beauty from a different perspective.

You can either take a simple cruise or a cruise + dinner at the Seine River. At Bateaux Parisiens, they serve a decent 3-course meal. If you choose the tour with the 8 pm dinner*, which lasts longer, there will be live music too.

We must be honest, its a bit pricey, after all, this is Paris. The city is pricey. Still, hopefully, you can save some money with the Paris Pass.

If having dinner on the cruise will break the bank, stop by Fermier Gourmet. A barbecue restaurant with great options of vegetables too.

* A River Cruise without dinner is included in the Paris Pass.

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