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Oil Painting Reproductions Museum Quality

I Have To Say The Work Is Stunning

The Girls on the Bridge – Edvard Munch | Museum Quality Handmade Art Reproduction

I have to say the work is stunning. Extremely faithful to the original, which I find truly impressive. To be honest, this is first painting Ive ever bought. I didnt even know these recreations could be commissioned until I found this website. I couldnt be more satisfied with the finished product. Ivy was also very responsive over email and kept me updated on the status of my painting.

Jose Cacho, US

Are Art Reproductions Worth Anything

In general art reproductions have little value. Fine art replica paintings are not an investment like some original art is. Then again, theres no guarantee either that an original piece of art will go up in value either. There are of course exceptions with art reproductions. For example, if Hockney painted an art reproduction of the Mona Lisa, then yes that would be worth a lot as it is being painted by a famous artist. But in general art reproductions are worth whatever somebody is going to pay for them. We sometimes have auction houses contacting us in order to sell our artwork at auction so clearly there is money to be made as otherwise they wouldnt be commissioning us to paint for them.

What Is The History Of Fine Art Reproduction

We can trace fine art reproduction oil paintings back to the 16th century, when it was common practice for art students to copy their old masters/teachers in order to learn how to paint. This procedure of copying their masters artwork would allow an art student to practice a skilled mode of painting before developing their own style. Many famous artists such as Degas and Picasso employed this practice.

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The Salmon By Edouard Manet

Édouard Manet 23 January was a French painter. He was one of the first 19th-century artists to paint modern life, and a pivotal figure in the transition from Realism to Impressionism. “The salmon” was painted 1868 in Paris, France in dimensions 92 x 72 cm and is now located in the Shelburne Museum, Shelburne, VT, US.

Should You Be Buying A Reproduction

Museum quality reproduction paintings

Museum quality painting reproductions are ideal for anyone who loves art, but cannot afford to buy the original. These paintings will not always be the cheapest, but if you want a specific famous painting in your home, you should consider this. However, it is important to note that museum quality is not always the best quality to use for a situation.

If you are simply looking to fill wall space in an office, you can look at lower grade paintings. There are many retail stores and office buildings that use commercial quality paintings for this purpose. If you are on a tight budget, you may want to consider a medium quality reproduction because most of the painting will be there, but for less than a museum quality one.

Museum quality painting reproductions are replicas of famous paintings that are done to the highest quality. 1st Art Gallery these paintings will be created using the same medium and brushwork as the original.

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Hand Painted Fine Art Replica Works Of Art

Our artists take fierce pride in their work. Over 60% of our clients purchase from us again after receiving their first order. We think that speaks volumes about our passion for quality and service. Our online testimonials, from hundreds of customers, confirm our commitment to providing a very personal online shopping experience and to providing the finest quality reproduction art to the most discerning art lover.

Do You Suffer From Blank Or Bland

Fabulous Masterpieces will paint you beautiful pieces of artwork designer art

Start making your favourite art a real part of your life. Bring your home or office to life with museum-quality masterpieces of the greatest art ever created! Order your painting online or telephone 020 8354 1818 for friendly one-to-one advice.

New In Stock Oil Paintings Added! to take a peek and see what is available right now. For example, our replica oil painting of Klimt’s Adele Bloch Bauer I is available to purchase right now, 91cm x 91cm.

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What Are Painting Reproductions

Before looking at the quality types of reproductions, you need to know what they are. Painting reproductions are created by artists in the same medium as the original painting. This means that an oil painting will be created on canvas using oil paints.

The use of the same medium as the original painting is what differentiates reproductions from prints. Prints are laser prints of the painting generally produced on cardboard or as a poster. It is important to note that you should not actually be able to get museum grade reproductions of modern art because of copyright.

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Red Poppies and Daisies – Vincent van Gogh | Museum Quality Handmade Art Reproduction

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Handmade oil paintings reproductions, Museum quality oil painting reproductions. Directory of Galleries, Art Reproduction of masterpieces, Copy famous paintings. All we sell is 100% Hand Painted by Professional Artist . Oil painting reproductions are paintings that have been created by copying in oils an original oil painting by an artist. Oil painting reproductions are distinct from original oil painting such as are often of interest to collectors and museums But our reproductions of paintings is hand painted by experienced and professional artist, Make sure that the painting you receive is exactly what you want and imagine displaying museum quality. If content there is any infringement, please contact us back, we will handle or revoked in the first place.

Note: Normally we will send the oil painting as a roll, no framed unless you choose stretched. We sell framed as well, See here link or sub catalogue “Stretched Canvas Frame Paintinig “. If you require to send you pictures of the finished paintings before shipping, Please make a comment on “Special Instructions or Order Comments” when you checkout.

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The Differences Between The European And American Art Reproduction Markets

Having worked in the fine art reproduction industry for over 11 years now I can tell you theres a definite difference between the quality that goes out to America and the quality of reproduction oil painting that gets delivered to Europe. The UK and European market in general wont accept Museum quality Chinese art reproductions as they arent up to scratch, whereas in general America does. Likewise, the majority of American art reproduction companies import all their art replicas from China, which is why we get a lot of clients coming to us, with stories of how disappointed they were with fine art reproductions that they have bought from America and are having to have their art reproductions recommissioned with us. They got lured by the promise of Museum quality paintings and a cheap price tag and have had to learn the tough lesson that in the art reproduction industry you definitely get what you pay for.

What Is A Museum Quality Painting Reproduction

As the name suggests, a museum quality painting reproduction will be a replica of the painting that is so close to the original that it could hang in a museum. This is the highest quality reproduction that you will be able to get and will be created by experienced artists. 1 st Art GalleryThe reproduction will be similar to the original down to the brushstroke which are used.

The artist creating these reproductions will have a strong knowledge of different art techniques and will also need to be creative. It is important to note that these paintings will never be 100% the same as the original, but they are the closest you will get. There have been cases where a museum quality reproduction has been so similar to the original that it has fooled art experts.

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How Do Your Make Oil Reproductions In Australia

At Direct Art Australia, our oil painting reproductions are 100% hand painted by our professional artists using the same methods that were originally used to create them. Typically, we start with a sketch and gradually add more details and colours. Because we replicate even the techniques, our artist will be able to reproduce the texture and brush strokes.

Painting Reproduction Videos Museum Quality Handmade Art Replicas For Sale

Museum Quality Oil Painting Reproduction &  Oil Portrait ...

Being one of the art lovers, you may have a desire of enjoying masterpieces which created by the genius like Van Gogh and Monet in daily life. However, it is unrealistic to visit museums every day, and of course, you can not appreciate famous paintings in a close distance. Customizing a museum quality art reproduction of famous paintings is an ideal method to solve the question.

As a customer, you may care a lot of the quality HandmadePiece is able to provide. The great news is the working process of the famous oil painting reproductions have been made into videos. These art videos give all of you a effective and straightforward way to show how a replica painting was reproduced. From the painting videos, you can learn more of how we paint museum quality replicas and frame them. Hope it will be easier for you to shop famous painting reproductions online. We offer online preview, free shipping, and custom sizes and frames for every art lovers.

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Oil Painting Reproductions For Sale

China Oil Painting Gallery is a well reputed painting art company in Xiamen, China. We can supply famous oil painting on canvas in museum quality by the best price. Fine art is not far from you. We have professional artists of different painting subjects and art styles to do famous painting reproduction. Our oil paintings almost covered the whole range of fine art history from Renaissance, Academic Classicism, Baroque Art, Impressionism, to Post Impressionism art, etc. Our painting subjects include Figure painting, Woman painting, Nude painting, Landscape painting, Animal painting, Architecture painting, Religion painting and so on. You can choose any image from our website and put the order online. Or Contact us for the image from you. For any painting well arrange the best artist to paint when you confirm the order. We are representing some outstanding Chinese contemporary artistsoriginal paintings. For the original painting, you can buy the painting currently we have, if the sizes are not right for you, please contact with us with your specific requirement, well arrange the same artist to paint by your needs.

Campo Santo Venice By William Turner

Joseph Mallord William Turner was an English Romantic painter, printmaker and watercolourist, known for his expressive colourisation, imaginative landscapes and turbulent, often violent marine paintings. Campo Santo, Venice was painted in 1842 in the dimensions 91 x 61 cm and is located in the Toledo Museum of Art, Toledo, OH, US..

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Orders Shipped To International Destinations

All orders shipped to international destinations enjoy FREE SHIPPING for unframed oil paintings rolled in a shipping tube. For any orders containing framed oil paintings and/or framed mirrors, will pay 50% of the shipping and handling charges. To determine your 50% co-pay, you may contact us in advance of placing your order for a shipping quotation, or if you prefer, a staff member from our shipping department will e-mail you the exact shipping and handling cost after you have placed your order. Once your order is shipped, you will receive a tracking number by e-mail, which allows you to easily track your shipment and be aware of the actual day your order will arrive to your door.

Please note that international orders may be subject to customs charges, including import duties and taxes. These charges are the responsibility of the customer and are not included in our prices or shipping charges. When ordering from you are considered the importer of record and must comply with all the laws and regulations of the country where the goods are being received. Please note at this time we are not accepting orders from any country located in the European Union.

What Are Art Reproductions

Impression, Sunrise – Claude Oscar Monet | Museum Quality Reproduction Painting

Art reproductions are commercial copies of an original artwork. Some art dealers in Australia mass produce these works of art through a printing process. However, at Direct Art Australia, all our art reproductions are hand painted by experienced professional artists through the same techniques used to make the original.

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How Can One Find Artists That Can Offer This Quality

Finding an artist or reproduction company that can help you with a painting reproduction requires knowing exactly what to look out for. There are a number of companies that can deliver this quality of service. A good example is the company that was top rated on Trust Pilot for its category 1st Art Reproductions. To find one of these, you just need to know how to identify them. Here are a few things to look out for when searching for one such company:

Welcome To Fabulous Masterpieces

As seen on Channel 4& mentioned in The Sunday Times & The Daily Telegraph.

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Paintings in Stock

Have you seen our special offers on our fabulous reproduction oil paintings?to save money on oil paintings that are already in stock!

News – Our Oil Painting is Front Cover ofThe Windsor Society Magazine

Hello! I’m Tim. I’m one of the founders of Fabulous Masterpieces & behind me are some of our fine art reproductions. If you would like to know a bit more about us please

Newest Testimonial: “Just to let you know that we received the portrait and we are truly delighted. Thanks very much for your work and please pass on our warm regards and heartfelt thanks to the artist. Exceptional. “

Would you like to see more photographs of our oil paintings insitu? to view our insitu paintings.

Television Coverage: Did you see us on Channel 4’s The Restoration Man? Below is a short clip showing George Clarke along with our customers unveil an oil painting of Edward VIII that we painted for their period home. To learn more and to see the clip on a larger screen please .

When Paramount Pictures asked us to painted the Transformers painting for the Transformers movie and the Dulwich Picture Gallery Prank….!

Gauguin’s Te Faresold at auction for just over £20 Million on 28th February 2017!

You can purchase a faithful oil painting replica of it in the Hot Paintings section

NEW SERVICE – Ancestral Portraits

Why not commission a fine art replica of your favourite piece?

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Are Oil Painting Reproductions Expensive

The prices of oil painting reproductions vary greatly, but they are usually inexpensive. At Direct Art Australia, we produce affordable museum-quality oil painting reproductions that can add aesthetic appeal to your living space or office. Our most popular art reproductions are masterpieces which are globally recognised for their artistic finesse. Paintings such as The Mona Lisa, The Starry Night, and The Scream are worth hundreds of millions of dollars. We make it possible for a commoner to lay hands on these classics with our oil painting reproductions worth a few hundred dollars. You may check our pricing guide here.

Did You See Our Fine Art Replica Oil Painting In ‘property And Home Magazine With Phil Spencer’

Framed Custom Oil Painting Reproductions UK

Please remember this is our actual hand painted fine art replica that we at Fabulous Masterpieces have painted and therefore is an excellent indication of the quality you will receive from our artists. Please note the Fabulous Masterpieces’ watermark will not be on your actual painting.

Choose your own dimensions orcommission this oil painting – 100cm x 140cm onto canvas, which will be hand-painted in oils for just £500 + VAT . We deliver world-wide and delivery is free. You can also see it in ourArtist of the Month Section here.

Do you want to learn more about art reproduction? If so, Please look at the art reproduction page.

Perhaps the artists or paintings you want are not even featured on our site? Please drop us an and we’ll confirm that we can, subject to copyright, have the painting reproduced immediately for you.

Amazingly affordableProduced on fine linen canvas with superior oils, prices for our museum quality oil paintings start at just £197 + VAT – including free delivery. .

See below how people have used Fabulous Masterpieces’ Fine Art reproductions to bring energy, joy and soul into their homes.

Anna Tubb, London

How do I obtain a Fabulous Masterpieces reproduction oil painting?

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How Can I Find High Quality Reproduction Oil Paintings

If youre looking to find high quality reproduction oil paintings then you need to check out the art reproduction website, Fabulous Masterpieces.

Fabulous Masterpieces based in London, UK only specialise in high quality reproduction oil paintings. Just so you know, high quality reproduction oil paintings are often referred to in the art reproduction industry as Museum quality. This is without a doubt the best standard of fine art reproduction oil paintings you can buy. You cant get any better. Museum quality art reproductions should always be painted by the most senior and top painters who have an extremely strong knowledge on art techniques but who are also very creative. Whilst it is impossible to recreate a painting 100% just like the original, museum quality reproductions are the nearest that anybody is ever going to get to owning an original masterpiece, without spending millions of pounds or robbing a National gallery.

Just to be clear, Fabulous Masterpieces only paint museum quality art reproductions. Weve actually painted replica oil paintings for museums and for art collectors too. Be careful of reproduction oil painting companies especially American ones that offer paintings at ridiculously low prices. There is a reason for this! In most cases youll actually receive a medium quality art reproduction as opposed to the museum high quality reproduction oil paintings that you had hoped for.

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