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Meow Wolf Museum Santa Fe

Meow Wolfs Hidden Wonders

The Meow Wolf Experience | Meow Wolf

Once inside the house, visitors and secret agents are free to snoop and rummage through the layers of Selig family history found in papers, photos, childrens toys and artwork throughout the house. Even cursory glances at the family flotsam across the front rooms an orange portrait of a faceless head, an aquarium filled with glowing coral but no fish, a worried note from a child about grandpas machine lead to vague dread that something is wrong.

I felt that foreboding even before a fellow explorer opened the refrigerator, stepped in and disappeared.

The house is filled with secret, and occasionally blatant entrances, to other art spaces or, going with the story, other dimensions. One room leads to the next installation and each seems to lead into another world or alternative universe: pastel caves filled with alien mammoth, mushroom treehouses a mirrored infinity spa, those stunning neon forests, a manga graffiti office and lots of alien alleyways and bazaars.

The $29 ticket gives access for the day, but I only had about two hours in my schedule. I felt I needed another several hours just to fully explore the Eternal multiverse or at the very least to find an exit. I made it through the alternate dimension gateway in the fireplace and refrigerator but the dishwasher portal was apparently on the fritz. It must be hard to get speedy appliance repair when the service person is teleporting in from the Andromeda Galaxy.

Meow Wolf Museum In Santa Fe Nm With A Kid

During our trip in 2018 to the International Albuquerque Balloon festival, me and Laila took a day trip to Santa Fe, New Mexico with my godmother to visit this super cool interactive art collective called Meow Wolf. Guys, this place blew my mind! Im talking twilight zone shows I saw as a kid combined with fantasyland dreams like you cant imagine all filled this huge warehouse that seems to be a major attraction in Santa Fe.

  • Great interactive areas for kids and adults

Everything in this space is interactive, which means no parent shaming here for your kid running around and touching any and everything. Umm yes, please! The art instillations make everyone in attendance want to participate and have fun- adults included.

  • You have a chance to experience things that you would see in a sci-fi movie or a dream

Some of the art instillations made me pause and feel like I was in another world, which I think was the object to begin with. Two instillations that really stuck out to me and seem to be the most popular on social media were the dryer and refrigerator art instillations. From the outside, they appear to be normal old appliances. Once you open them you are literally immersed into a new world.

The fridge opens and youre struck by a white light that has you thinking the next stop is to an unknown alien destination, but in reality it takes you in a maze-like way to another part of the museum. I was just as excited as Laila to participate in this!

New Mexico Museum Of Art

Open in 1917, the New Mexico Museum of Art became the first public building in the state dedicated to art. Its collections include works from early Santa Fe and Taos art groups, including Los Pintores and the Taos Society of Artists, which helped established these towns as art colonies at the start of the 20th century. While youre at the museum, which sits on the edge of Plaza, take note of whats outside, too. The museum was designed in the Pueblo Revival style inspired by the state’s Native American pueblos. The architectural style became a defining design in the Southwest. In 2021, the museum plans to introduce a satellite museum in the Railyard district called Vladem Contemporary to house those collections and mount more contemporary installations and exhibitions.

American modernist painter Georgia OKeeffe is synonymous with New Mexico. The desert landscapes north of Santa Fe, in Abiquiu, inspired her works for decades. Set just off the Plaza, the Georgia OKeeffe Museum is dedicated to the artists works, so youll always find sections of her paintings on display. Youll also see artifacts from her life alongside exhibitions on how she influenced other artists, depending on the season. Up for a road trip? Ask the museum about how you can visit her home, studio, and the lands that inspired her work. Tours show you the exact places she stood to paint and how she lived on a daily basis.

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Museum Of Indian Arts & Culture

The small but excellent Museum of Spanish Colonial Art, also on Museum Hill, spotlights the devotional and decorative art, furniture, and textiles of the Spanish colonial era. Youll learn about typical arts of the time period, including retablos and bultos , punched tin work, and colcha . You’ll also learn how New Mexico’s artists are continuing these heritage arts today. Plan ahead for the citys Traditional Spanish Market, held on a weekend in July, when modern-day artists sell traditional arts.

Why Meow Wolf Denver Is A Big Deal And Why Its Sparked Some Controversy

Visit Meow Wolf Santa Fe

Meow Wolf is a huge tourist attraction with international name recognition . Its earned hundreds of millions of dollars in Santa Fe alone and draws hundreds of thousands of visitors each year, and at 90,000 square feet, Convergence Station is the biggest Meow Wolf experience yet.

Already Meow Wolf is changing Denvers landscape, leaving a mark on the city with billboards and train ads and cryptic shrimp memory ads. And its also coming to a city already known for its immersive and DIY arts. Its arrival has the potential to make Denver even more of an arts attraction, and has generated both excitement and controversy.

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What Else Can You See And Do Here

Youll find an array of events and things to do aside from the House of Eternal Return at Meow Wolf in Santa Fe. Concerts, interactive art activities, and themed dance parties are just a few of the fun and innovative events that take place inside of the exhibit almost every night of the week. You can also check out Float Cafe & Bar, where bartenders create unique cocktails and other drinks with interesting methods.

Meow Wolf Santa Fe Health & Safety Protocol

Meow Wolf reiterated its commitment to public health and the well-being of its visitors, staff, and the surrounding community, and has updated its vaccination policy and mask mandates for all guests. âThe below has been implemented in response to the rising Covid-19 infection rates. Meow Wolf is continuing to monitor the situation in New Mexico and has made adjustments to help ensure the safety of the community. âMasks For All Guests

  • All guests visiting the exhibition during normal hours will be required to wear masks.
  • We do not permit the use of Gaiters, Bandanas, or valved masks or any other mask the CDC does not recommend.
  • Meow Wolf will provide a CDC-approved mask to those who need one.
  • Temperature and Mask ChecksTeam members will conduct non-invasive temperature checks utilizing thermal cameras in the vestibule. All guests over the age of 8 will be screened. Anyone displaying a temperature over 100.4°F will be taken to a private area for a secondary temporal temperature screening. Guests confirmed to have a temperature over 100.4°F will not be allowed entry, along with their entire party, to the property and will be directed towards appropriate medical care . Guest denied entry will be issued a refund. Guests who pass the health screening will receive a wristband and be directed to the lobby. Note: All guests must wear face coverings that cover their nose and mouth at all times.

Vaccine Requirement for Concerts and Special Events

Consuming Food and Beverage

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When Is The Best Time To Visit

The best time to visit Meow Wolf is during the winter and spring months. Crowds are typically thinner throughout those seasons, meaning you can make the most of your journey through this incredible attraction with shorter wait times. Plus, its a great relief from the cooler temperatures present during the wintertime!

How Has It Been Received

Meow Wolf announces upcoming Phoenix exhibition and hotel, new Santa Fe museum features

When the collective first pitched the idea for the House of Eternal Return, their initial projections called for about 300,000 visitors and $1.2 million in gross revenue in the first year. Those goals proved too modest as the exhibition drew more than 400,000 visitors within nine months of its opening in March 2016.

As a result, the collective is looking to take produce similar exhibitions in other cities. Within 10 years, it hopes to open exhibitions in markets such as Austin, Denver, Las Vegas and Los Angeles. Each new exhibit would have a different story and involve local artists.

They feel this is a new type of entertainment for people who want something more immersive more than movies, plays or traditional art exhibits.

Its totally self-exploratory, there is no beginning or end, Clavio said. You can go through the exhibition in an infinite number of ways and experience it differently each time. It really gives our visitors an opportunity to craft their own story and their own experience.

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What Can We Expect From The Denver Experience

The location at 1338 1st St. will be Meow Wolfs third, after House of Eternal Return in Santa Fe and Omega Mart in Las Vegas. Itll also be the companys largest and most ambitious project at 90,000 square feet, as well as its most narratively complex. Guests will explore four floors and more than 70 immersive, interactive installations designed by more than 300 creatives, including more than 110 Colorado-based artists. Theres also an in-world fast-casual restaurant called HELLOFOOD café, whose menu features items from local businesses like Raices Brewing Company. At night, the installation space will be converted into a 488-person immersive performance venue outfitted with interactive tech and projection equipment.

Museum Of International Folk Art

An incredible place to visit, the Museum of International Folk Art has a captivating collection of some 135,000 objects that hail from more than 100 countries. It is the largest and best museum of folk art globally, and its stimulating artifacts and exhibits are just a short drive south of the city center.

Since its opening in 1953, its colossal collection has grown steadily, and today incredible toys and textiles are on display alongside colorful carvings, ceramics, and costumes from around the world.

In addition to displaying a great deal of splendid local Hispanic art, the excellent museum also features some charming scenes and exhibits depicting everyday life in different societies.

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A Review Of Santa Fe Meow Wolf: House Of Eternal Return

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* * *

Ive wanted to go to Meow Wolf in Santa Fe ever since I first heard of it. To be honest, I didnt even really understand what it was I just need the photos were intriguing and the mystery made it even more enticing. But realistically, any attraction thats labeled as immersive piques my interest. Thats sightDOING at its finest.

Unfortunately, Ive had three potential visits cancelled while Meow Wolf was closed over the past year. Im sure Ill eventually get the chance to try again, but in the meantime my parents went to check it out since theyre an easy day trip away. Not only did they report back to me, but I quizzed them on the finer details and my desire to visit is even stronger now. This weird-yet-exciting attraction checks all the boxes for fun, inspiring, and unique. If youre heading to one of their destinations, you should definitely add Meow Wolf to your plans!

Palace Of The Governors

Meow Wolfâs House of Eternal Return is a unique art ...

On one side of the pretty and pleasant Plaza de Santa Fe is the Palacio de Los Gobernadores, built impressively in 1610. As the oldest public building in the country, it served as the seat of state government for centuries. Today, it is protected as part of the excellent New Mexico Museum of History.

It is filled with fabulous period pieces and furniture. Its ancient artifacts offer an exciting look at the history of the building, the city, and the state. The simple one-story structure is now a National Historic Landmark featuring excellent adobe architecture.

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Building The House Of Eternal Return

It took more than 200 people to construct the House of Eternal Return.

In addition to artists and other creative types who developed more than 200 hours of narrative content, they had to enlist architects and designers to help convert the 20,000 square feet of space into the house. There also were engineers, electricians, carpenters and others who helped bring the ideas to life and volunteers who did things like cleaning and painting.

In addition to the big pieces, such as rooms, furniture and futuristic dinosaur-skeleton-size musical instruments, there are smaller pieces that hold clues for those trying to figure out the Seligs story.

Artists spent countless hours developing magazine articles, postcards, diary entries and computer posts designed to advance the narrative of the House of Eternal Return. Visitors are encouraged to take time to read the materials left on tabletops and dressers or in the working computers or television screens in the home.

Those details are part of what makes the exhibit intriguing for entire families. Young children find the brightly colored, noisy and at times surreal portions of the house fascinating. Older children and adults can delve into the mystery of the Selig family and try to figure it out.

There are so many things to see and do that its hard to absorb it all in a single visit.

New Mexico State Capitol

Just a short walk from the Santa Fe Plaza is the New Mexico State Capitol, which is the seat of the state government. This is a unique and unusual building, informally known as the Roundhouse as its striking architecture is designed to resemble the circular emblem of the Zia People, which is also the symbol of the state.

Built in 1966, it exhibits a delightful mix of territorial revival and neoclassical architectural styles, with its impressive dome and the stained glass ceiling being the highlight.

In addition to viewing the House and Senate chambers from above, visitors can see all of the fantastic art displayed, representing the history and culture of the peoples of New Mexico.

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Santa Fe Interactive Art Exhibit Is Like Stepping Into A Science Fiction Mystery Novel

SANTA FE If you visit the Selig family’s house, feel free to peek in the refrigerator, rummage through the closets or even go through their mail.

They wont mind. Theyve got much bigger things to worry about.

The Seligs are the fictitious family whose bizarre saga makes up the House of Eternal Return story, which is featured at the Meow Wolf Art Complex.

Its hard to explain what happens at the exhibit. Its best to just experience it. But for those who need some sort of explanation, Meow Wolf is part art exhibit, part amusement park, part movie set and part play space.

Or you could say its a performance art piece where everyone who attends is part of the show.

Canyon Road Arts District

What’s New at House of Eternal Return in 2021 | Meow Wolf Santa Fe

Stroll Santa Fes fabled Canyon Road and in just a half-mile, youll find more than a hundred galleries, artist studios, shops and restaurants. Meet fascinating gallery owners exhibiting stellar work by artists from around the globe. Peek into a studio and you might find a painter setting up an easel or a jeweler placing the finishing gemstone on an exquisite bracelet. Check out Canyon Roads vibrant Friday night art openings, an enduring tradition. This is the very heart of the citys longtime, lauded art scene. Check out some of our favorite galleries.

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How Long Does It Take To Visit Meow Wolf

I would recommend budgeting at least 90 minutes to visit Meow Wolf, but you could easily spend 3-4 hours there if you were really taking your time. I think the average visit is around 2 hours. Youll need to take a decent amount of time to explore all of the rooms, and if youre looking for clues, that can take a while too. The installation wraps around itself and there are tons of little secret passageways to explore, so its easy to get lost or stumble upon something new around each corner. Im not even convinced I saw all of the rooms in the House of Eternal Return and we were there for over 2 hours!

Why Meow Wolf In Santa Fe Is One Of The Best Attractions

New Mexico is home to many outdoor marvels and quirky sights, giving it the nickname the Land of Enchantment. Santa Fe has plenty of unique things to see and do painted against a breathtaking natural background, but one of the oddest and most awe-inspiring attractions is inside. Meow Wolf in Santa Fe is an immersive art and entertainment experience that includes architecture, sculpting, painting, software development, and many more artistic disciplines. Santa Fe hosts many great things to see and do among its distinct adobe building architecture. If you want local tips and recommendation to make planning your getaway to The City Different, request our free Vacation Guide!

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What To Bring + What To Wear

There are no bags or backpacks allowed in Meow Wolf, so I would recommend locking them in your car. If you want to bring them inside, there are lockers in the lobby where youll be allowed to store them . For obvious reasons, you also cannot bring drinks or food inside the House of Eternal Return. There is a small cafe in the lobby area if you get hungry, or the food trucks outside are great for supporting local restaurants.

As of writing this in summer 2021, masks were required of ALL visitors regardless of vaccination status.

I would recommend wearing comfortable walking shoes and clothes that are easy to move in. The space is large and you will probably be walking around for an hour or two exploring the installation. There are tunnels and small ladders to climb and crawl through, so having apparel that is easy to move around in makes the experience better.

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