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Lucille Ball Desi Arnaz Museum

The Lives Of Lucille Ball And Desi Arnaz

Lucy Desi Museum â Lucille Ball & Desi Arnaz â Jamestown, NY
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  • Our new, state-of-the-art LaughSafe program is designed to ensure a healthy, safe and worry-free experience for you during your visit. The health and safety of our guests is our highest priority.
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With Dual Admission To The National Comedy Centerour Most Popular Ticket And The Best Value

Inspired by Lucys vision for her hometown to become a celebration of comedy, the award-winning National Comedy Center takes you laugh-filled, interactive journey through the world of comedy.

See why visitors and the media are raving about this one-of-a-kind experience, recently selected by USA Today as the Best New Museum in the country, and by TIME as one of its Worlds Greatest Places.

Where Was Lucille Ball Born

Lucille Desiree Ball was born on August 6, 1911, in Jamestown, New York. Her parents were Desiree Hunt and Henry Ball. At the age of one month, Lucy and her mother traveled to Montana, where Henry was working as a telephone linesman for the Michigan Bell Company. The family then moved to Wyandotte, Michigan, where Henry tragically succumbed to typhoid fever. Toddler Lucy and her pregnant mother returned to Jamestown, where they moved in with DeDes parents, who raised Lucy and her baby brother, Freddy.

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What Was Lucy Ricardo Doing At Film Star Richard Widmarks Home

Ricky has lunch plans with film star Richard Widmark and Lucy begs to be allowed to tag along. Ricky tells her no, so she and Ethel decide to go on a bus tour of movie star homes. When the bus passes Widmarks home, the duo hops off to grab a souvenir grapefruit off a tree growing in his yard. Lucy climbs the wall and gets stuck on the other side, forced to sneak through the house to escape. Once inside, she gets cornered by housekeepers and a St. Bernard, and ends up hiding beneath a bearskin rug.

Why Did Desi Arnaz Immigrate To The United States

Lucille Ball Desi Arnaz Museum

Desis life was permanently altered in 1933 when the Cuban government was overthrown in a revolution. The Arnaz family homes, cars, boats, farms, and animals were destroyed and burned. Desi and his mother escaped with their lives, and his father was thrown in jail. After a few months, the senior Arnaz was released, and he and Desi made their way to the United States. They had lost everything and began their new lives without money, a home, or connections. Desis father made sure his son graduated from high school and took any job that would put food on the table. Desi embraced his extraordinary talent for music and entertaining and was soon fulfilling his own American dream.

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Things To Know Before You Go

  • Mega fans of Lucille Ball can combine a stop at the museum with a hometown tour of wider Jamestown.

  • Theres an on-site gift shop.

  • Children under 5 enter for free, while those under 17 enter for a reduced fee.

  • Theres free parking available at the nearby National Comedy Center lot.

  • The Lucille Ball Museum is wheelchair-friendly theres an accessible restroom in the next building.

What Was Lucille Balls Job Before She Moved To Hollywood For An Acting Role

Lucille Ball was a model at Hattie Carnegies prestigious salon in New York City. She also posed as a poster girl for advertising campaigns. One day while walking near the Palace Theatre, Lucy ran into talent agent Sylvia Halo who told her that comedian Eddie Cantor was looking for poster girls for his new movie Roman Scandals. Thinking the job was only for six weeks, Lucy looked upon it as a chance to see the country while earning a good salary, so she hopped on a train to California. A few years later, she was one of the brightest stars in Hollywood.

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Lucille Ball Y Desi Arnaz

Ya sea que estuviera pisoteando un hoyo de uvas, llenándose la cara de chocolates frenéticamente o arrastrando las palabras en un comercial de Vitameatavegamin, nunca perdió la forma de hacer reír a su audiencia. ¡Luuuuuy! como su esposo Ricky Ricardo gritaría cuando otro plan descabellado terminó en hilaridad, era la personalidad de comedia de situación de Lucille Ball.

Pero fuera de la pantalla, Lucy estaba lejos de ser un ama de casa torpe. Ella y su esposo Desi Arnaz eran una fuerza poderosa, ella como comediante y él como líder de una banda cubana que había huido de la agitación política en su país de origen para triunfar en los EE. UU. con su talento musical. . Esta loca pareja ficticia no solo dominó el horario de máxima audiencia, sino que las verdaderas Lucy y Desi se convirtieron en magnates del negocio de la televisión con su productora Desilu.

Located In Lucys Hometown Of Jamestown Ny

Inside The Lucille Ball Desi Arnaz Museum | COZI TV

Celebrating the lives, careers, and legacies of the First Couple of Comedy, and their incredible impact on the world, the Lucille Ball Desi Arnaz Museum has welcomed thousands of visitors from across the globe for over 25 years.


Visit the Lucille Ball Desi Arnaz Museum in Lucys Hometown of Jamestown, NY!


$12 Active Military and Veterans$0 Member

I Love Lucy

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The Ultimate I Love Lucy Experience At The Lucille Ball Desi Arnaz Museum

The Lucy Desi Museum features exact re-creations of studio sets from the beloved TV sitcom I Love Lucy, including Lucy and Ricky Ricardos New York City apartment and Hollywood hotel suite. Also on display are screen-used costumes and props, Emmy Awards, and scripts from this legendary TV series.

Get a behind-the-scenes look at the creation of this innovative and history-making TV series, enjoy an opportunity to perform your very own Vitameatavegamin commercial, and much more at the Lucille Ball Desi Arnaz Museum!

Their Lives and Careers

Celebrating The Legacy Of Lucille Ball And Desi Arnaz

Plan your visit to the Lucille Ball Desi Arnaz Museum and explore the lives, careers, and legacy of the First Couple of Comedy, and the incredible impact they had on the world. Experience exact re-creations of the studio sets of the most beloved TV comedy of all time I Love Lucy including the Ricardos New York City apartment and their Hollywood hotel suite. Also on display are Lucille Balls Emmy Awards, and original wardrobe and props from the legendary TV series.

Get a behind-the-scenes look into the creation and production of the show as well as an intimate look into the personal lives and careers of Lucy and Desi. Costumes, gowns, photographs, letters, scripts, and more are among some of the priceless artifacts on display, and youre sure to notice something new each visit!

Plan your visit today!

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New Film Draws Attention To ‘i Love Lucy’ Jamestown’s Lucille Ball Desi Arnaz Museum

JAMESTOWN, N.Y. â Fans are lining up to see the new movie, âBeing the Ricardos,â a film chronicling the lives of stars Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz, known for the hit show âI Love Lucy.â

For fans of the hit television show, itâs no secret that Ball was born in Jamestown. Now, the new movie is drawing attention to the city, home to the Lucille Ball Desi Arnaz Museum and a National Comedy Center.

What You Need To Know

  • There is a new movie, ‘Being the Ricardos,’ which gives a glimpse into the lives of both actors Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz
  • Ball was born in Jamestown
  • The museum features original costumes and props from ‘I Love Lucy,’ and recreates sets

âThe Lucille Ball Desi Arnaz Museum celebrates the lives, careers and legacies of two people who are the first couple of comedy and who revolutionized the entertainment industry,” Journey Gunderson, the executive director of Lucille Ball Desi Arnaz Museum and the National Comedy Center, said

The museum features original costumes and props from ‘I Love Lucy,’ and recreates sets.

âWhere Iâm standing right now is the Lucy Desi Museum in probably the most famous living room in television history,â Gunderson said. â the iconic Ricardos living room from their Manhattan apartment.”

In 2018 the National Comedy Center opened in Jamestown. It represents Lucille Ballâs vision for the celebration of her legacy.

Explore The Incredible Lives And Careers Of Lucy And Desi

TV BANTER . . . with Joanne Madden: The Lucille Ball Desi Arnaz Museum ...

Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz were pioneering artists, innovators, and cultural icons. Learn about their fascinating life stories, their creation of the powerhouse Desilu Studios, and their lasting influence on the course of American cultural history.

Experience one-of-a-kind artifacts, rarely-seen footage, and unique exhibits that illuminate the Lucy Desi story for comedy fans of all generations. Youre sure to notice something new each visit!

I Love Lucy Gift Shop

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Desi Arnaz Was Born In Which Country

Desi Arnaz was born on March 2, 1917 in Santiago de Cuba. The only child of a wealthy Cuban couple, Desi came from a long line of educated and powerful people. His mothers side of the family was involved in the Bacardi Rum Company, and his fathers side had careers as physicians and politicians. Desis father served as Santiagos mayor and as a congressman. Desi and his father moved to the United States in the mid-1930s. Although he loved his native land, Desi became a U.S. citizen in 1942 and proudly served his new country during World War II.

The Lucille Ball Desi Arnaz Museum Is Located At2 W 3rd St Jamestown Ny 14701

Buffalo, Rochester, Or Syracuse, NY

Follow Interstate 90 west, toward Erie, PA. Exit at Exit 59, Dunkirk-Fredonia, NY and follow Route 60 south to Jamestown.

Erie, PA or Cleveland, OH

Driving from points west, follow Interstate 90 east to I-86, just a few miles past Erie, PA. Follow I-86 east to Jamestown, Exit 12. Route 60 south to Jamestown .

Binghamton or Elmira, NY

Follow I-86 west to Exit 12. Follow Route 60 south .

Pittsburgh, PA

Interstate 79 north from the Pittsburgh area meets Interstate 90 at Erie, PA. Follow I-90 east to I-86, just a few miles past Erie, PA. Follow I-86 to Jamestown, Exit 12. Follow Route 60 south to Jamestown .

Free Parking is offered at the National Comedy Centers parking lot located at 45 W. 2nd St. on a first come first serve basis.

There are several additional parking options available within a short walking distance of the museum. Parking Garages are located around Jamestown, $1.00/hr or $5.00/day.

On street parking is metered M-F, 9am-5pm, $0.50/hr. Meters accepted nickels, dimes, and quarters. There is a free parking zone within the business district that is limited to 2 hours.

All parking is free on weekends.

Shop I Love Lucy

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Explore Area Attractions Of The Hometown Of Lucille Ball

Make it an Extended Stay

The National Comedy Center

The National Comedy Center is one of the most exciting area arractions in Jamestown, N.Y.. The Comedy Center is the United States official cultural institution and museum dedicated to the art form of comedy. The state-of-the-art museum celebrates comedys great minds and unique voices, from Charlie Chaplin to Dave Chappelle. Exclusive collections and world-class exhibits provide an unprecedented behind-the-scenes look at the time-honed creative processes that have elevated comedy to an art form.

Jamestown, N.Y.

As Chautauqua Countys year-round hub for culture and commerce, area attractions in Jamestown offer a unique mixture of rural relaxation and urban flair. Here, laughter, knowledge and nature are equally revered, producing an environment where people and businesses can create and flourish. Jamestown, N.Y. is the hometown of Lucille Ball and the National Comedy Center.

Chautauqua County

Lucille Ball: A Look Back At The Stars Career

(I LOVE LUCY) Lucille Ball Desi Arnaz Museum in Jamestown, NY

Celebrate the I Love Lucy icons 111th birthday with Bookstr! Read more to see how the beloved actress and producer, Lucille Ball, paved her legacy.

This five-time Emmy Award-winning icon had a career full of projects that paved the way for women in film and television. Lucille Ball was born on August 6, 1911 in Jamestown, New York but managed to have an impact on the entire nation. We know her as the star of the 1951 sitcom I Love Lucy and for her roles in various films throughout the 20th century. But she didnt start off on the screen in the way we imagine.

After attending a drama school in New York City, Ball ignited her career in 1929 as a model under the name Diane Belmont. Though her initial attempts in theater were rejected, her modeling work impressed the Hollywood studios and earned her roles in Roman Scandals and Kid Millions among others. In the latter half of the 1930s and early 40s, Ball appeared in RKO Radio Pictures films, usually cast as a chorus girl. This also happened to be when she met her husband, Desi Arnaz, who was a Cuban bandleader and fellow actor.

Her film success meant she stayed booked and busy until she eventually took the lead rather than filling supporting roles. Ball and Arnaz kept their careers separate for the next decade as Ball landed major comedies like The Big Street with Henry Fonda and Fancy Pants with Bob Hope.


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Lucille Ball Desi Arnaz Museum

A Legacy of Laughter

The legacy of Lucille Ball has been proudly honored right here in Lucys hometown of Jamestown by the Lucille Ball Desi Arnaz Museum since 1996. For decades, Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz played a vital role in television and on the big screen, and were fortunate to have the privilege of preserving their memory and the impact theyve both had on the world through all of the fun costumes and screen-used memorabilia on display, awards they were both given, photographs of both their personal and TV lives, and much more!

Explore the Incredible Life Stories and Careers of Lucy and Desi

The Ultimate I Love Lucy Experience

The Lucille Ball Desi Arnaz Museum features exact recreations of the studio sets from the most beloved TV comedy of all time, I Love Lucy, including the Ricardos New York City apartment living room and kitchen, and their Hollywood hotel suite. Also featured are live-sized mural of the original studio audience, the opportunity to be a part of your very own Viteameatavegamin commercial, Lucille Balls Emmy awards, a look into the history and creation of I Love Lucy, and more.

Inside the Museum

Popular Restaurants In Jamestown

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Lucy And Ethel Once Wrote A Musical Called:

Having secretly borrowed money from her club treasury to balance her own books, Lucy is in trouble. The club wants to put on a show, but there is no money to pay for it. Lucy plans to save money by writing the operetta herself and hopes that the ticket sales will pay for the costume and set rentals. The play stars Ethel as Lily of the Valley, Fred as Squire Quinn, Ricky as Prince Lancelot, and Lucy as the snaggle-toothed Queen of the gypsies, Camille. The show is sold out and everything is going welluntil repo men start dragging the set off the stage. It seems Lucys post-dated check bounced!

Why Did The I Love Lucy Writers Decide To Move The Show To Hollywood In The Fourth Season

Lucille Ball

In the fourth season of the show, the writers needed a fresh canvas to work with. Feeling they had exhausted domestic storylines and outgrown the confines of the Ricardos apartment-bound setting, they sent the cast on an extended trip to a new locale. The Hollywood setting allowed for the introduction of more modern and varied settings, and permitted many of Lucy and Desis real-life celebrity friends to guest star on the show.

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Which Of The I Love Lucy Gang Have Been Honored With Stars Along The Hollywood Walk Of Fame

The Hollywood Walk of Fame is a tribute to Americas legendary entertainers. The walk extends for more than two miles along Hollywood Boulevard and Vine Street in Los Angeles. All four of I Love Lucys principal actors were honored with their own stars. Lucille Ball has two: at 6436 Hollywood Boulevard and one at 6100 Hollywood Boulevard . Desi also has two: One at 6323 1/2 Hollywood Boulevard and 6254 Hollywood Boulevard . Vivian Vance has one for television at 7000 Hollywood Boulevard. William Frawley has one for film at 6322 Hollywood Boulevard, but was never honored for his contributions on television.

Desi Arnaz Born March 2nd 1917

American people have the ability to laugh at themselves. It is one of the things that makes this country the great country that it is. Desi Arnaz

On March 2nd, 1917, the legendary actor, performer, musician, producer, entertainment mogul, innovator, and star: Desiderio Alberto Arnaz III, was born in Santiago, Cuba.

Desi Arnazs great-great grandfather, Don Manuel Arnaz, had settled in California in the 1899s and owned land which is now part of Beverly Hills, the Wilshire district and much of the San Fernando Valley. The name Ventura, well known in southern California was from Desis great-great grandmother.

His father, Desiderio Arnaz II, was mayor of Santiago, the original capital of Cuba. His mother, Dolores de Acha, was the daughter of one of the founders of the Bacardi Rum Company. His grandfather, Don Desiderio, was a physician who accompanied Theodore Roosevelt and the Rough Riders at the Battle of San Juan Hill.

Desi Arnaz spent the early years of his life in a privileged environment many houses, grand vacations and recreational opportunities. His family planned for him to attend Notre Dame University and become an attorney.

Desi Arnaz was attending St. Patricks High School in Miami in 1936 when he made his show business debut. He was hired to play guitar and sing in a small rhumba band the Siboney Septet at the Roney Plaza Hotel in Miami Beach.

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