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Jasmine Moran Children’s Museum Seminole

Jasmine Moran: A Life Well

Jasmine Moran Children’s Museum

Jasmine lacks her formerly spry health these days. Years of dance and scoliosis have caught up to her, but her mind, humor, kindness and passion remain the same. As she entered the museum for an interview Nov. 1, her face was only slightly bruised from a bad fall she had suffered while recovering from heart surgery.

There was this little grasshopper trapped in the house, she said. It was getting to be the end of grasshopper season, and I thought it would have a better chance of survival if I took it outside. I fell and banged up my face. Next time, the grasshopper can find his own way out.

Jasmine has always had a passion for animals and a disdain for animal cruelty.

Animals are living things, and they feel, she said. I despise cruelty. You have to be strong and stand up against cruelty to any living thing.

Almost single-handedly, Jasmine funded and created the Seminole Animal Shelter and Seminole Humane Society, which adopts out 75 animals a month. She was an avid opponent of cockfighting and has taken powerful people to court over animal rights.

Now, with 11 major surgeries behind her, she has no plans to quit.

We are all like diamonds, she said. A cut diamond has many facets. You can see the beauty on the surface, but underneath all those layers may be something not so pretty. Ive always made it a point to leave kindness behind. You pick yourself up, and you keep on going.

Like the true faerie people of the old country, Jasmine continues to do just that.

Where Children Play To Learn And Adults Learn To Play

The Jasmine Moran Children’s Museum has 42,000 square feet of indoor exhibit space and a large outdoor play area, complete with miniature houses and a riding train, the SuperSONIC Express. The museum offers children an opportunity to explore the world of work through many of our career-based exhibits. Young visitors can be a judge, doctor, artist, news anchor, meteorologist, actor/actress, pilot, EMT, firefighter, and much more. We even have a 13,500-gallon aquarium filled with Oklahoma aquatic life. Our 12,000 square foot Castle Maze provides exploratory experiences for those who like a physical challenge. Those who just like to just look, can observe from the elevated deck. All exhibits and experiences are Hands-On, not Hands Off.

We hope you will visit us soon. Should you have any questions, please give us a call at 1-800-259-KIDS.

Jasmine Moran Childrens Museum

Address: 1714 W. Wrangler | P.O Box 1828, Seminole, OK 74868-1828

Contact: Marci Donaho


Description: Located in Seminole, Okla., the museum features interactive indoor and outdoor exhibits that provide opportunities for children to explore a variety of potential careers.

Population Served: Children & Youth

Region: Statewide

Services: Arts/Culture

Make an online donation to this organizations permanent endowment fund at the Oklahoma City Community Foundation.

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Reasons To Love The Jasmine Moran Childrens Museum

Just a little off the beaten path in Seminole, you and your family will uncover an incredible childrens museum packed with educational exhibits and endless ways to make memories together.

Whether youre looking for a new place to take your preschooler or youre planning some exciting fall break outings for your big kids, the Jasmine Moran Childrens Museum in Seminole is the perfect place to go for hands-on fun. Inside and outside, the museum and its grounds are packed with ways for kids to learn through play. Here are five things you dont want to miss when you visit the Jasmine Moran Childrens Museum.

1. Tinkering in the Park

Weve visited Jasmine Moran several times before, but one area that was new since our last visit was Tinkering in the Park. This exhibit has several tables where visitors can build with a variety of materials from LEGOs to Lincoln Logs. Both of my kids enjoyed this area and I also saw quite a few parents taking part, too.

2. The SuperSONIC Express

3. WaterWorks

Water tables always are fun but the WaterWorks exhibit takes it to another level. This is no longer the little table set up for young kids to splash around in its an interactive waterscape where visitors can change the flow and speed of the water, lift big buckets and conduct races. The area is large enough for many kids to play at once without getting each other soaked, and they can crawl under the table to play from the center of the water ring.

4. Centennial Hospital

Jasmine Moran: A Life Of Magic War And Kindness

Jasmine Moran Children

SEMINOLE It was a fortune teller who informed 7-year-old Jasmine Dolores Careen Burchell of her future.

In 1941, Jasmine had but a few coins to spend at a country fair in Hornchurch, England, and, being one of three surviving daughters, she learned thriftiness from her mother, Lillian.

Lillian had married a scoundrel who not only caroused with other women but had the bad taste to leave his family on their own when he died of pneumonia.

Money wasnt something to spend frivolously, but when Jasmine saw the colorful tent advertising futures read, she couldnt resist.

I walked in, and the gypsy said, I dont do the crystal ball. I read palms. So I held out my palm, Jasmine recalled.

Youll make your fortune with your face, the woman said. Jasmine immediately discounted that as untrue.

Youll live in America, the fortune-teller added.

Well, thats rubbish, Jasmine said. Im a good English girl.

But Jasmine Burchell, who would later become Jasmine Moran, didnt realize how true the fortune-tellers words would be. Throughout her life, she faced hardships few would comprehend today, but used her looks, singing voice and talent to succeed on London stages as a chorus-line dancer and actress.

She would eventually catch the eye of a young Oklahoma serviceman and move to America.

Yes, Jasmine Moran, Seminoles 2008 Citizen of the Year, has made her mark on Oklahoma and the states families.

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What Is There To Do

Kids – are you ready to have some fun? So are we, so we’re off to the Jasmine Moran Children’s Museum where it’s ALL about hands-on fun!

It’s a place where kids can learn through play, and a place where they can create, experiment, and imagine!

Jasmine Moran Children’s Museum is filled with attractions for those inquisitive minds. There is a fun imaginary town where kids can role play a number of careers – perhaps they want to be what their parents are! They can be a pilot, or a grocer…anything they want to be!

Another part of the museum is dedicated to self-discovery in the world of healthcare and science.

Kids can really reach for the stars as they perform heart bypass surgery, or they can step into the shoes of a Hospitalist. Kids – have you ever heard what a patients stomach really sounds like? They might even choose to take care of a baby in an incubator, climb into a real ambulance and so much more as they explore over 300 health care careers!

Then, one of the most popular areas in the museum – the outside! Their outside play area holds a 12,000 square foot Castle Maze and an amazing train: the SuperSONIC Express!

Heaps of kids fun at this Oklahoma museum. Let’s get those creative hats on, because it’s imagination time!

On The Town: Childrens Museum Plans Reopening Party

By: Lillie-Beth Brinkman The Journal RecordMay 27, 20210

Lillie-Beth Brinkman

The Jasmine Moran Childrens Museum in Seminole is throwing a party on Saturday to welcome summer and celebrate reopening after being closed for 13 long months.

Throughout the day, the museum will have the India Shriner Clowns, balloon-making, live animals including a fox and lemur from Nomads Animal Encounter, rock painting, face painting and free hot dogs and cake. The Seminole Arts Council is assisting.

President and CEO Marci Donaho said museum officials are excited about reopening but wanted to wait until all staffers had the opportunity to be vaccinated against COVID-19. Since it reopened quietly on May 4, the museum has seen good attendance and a big jump in memberships, she added.

Popular regular exhibits for all ages include animatronic dinosaurs from the Oklahoma Museum Network, a bubble exhibit, a 13,500-gallon aquarium and more. For information, go to or call 405-382-0950.

Several fun things are happening at Riversport as well this weekend. First, the new Ski OKC slope opened this week, allowing visitors with passes to ski and snowboard on an artificial turf. The surf area is also open, adding more fun adventures to whitewater rafting, kayaking, adventure courses and more in the Boathouse District. Ill have more on the new surfing and skiing later, when I have a chance to try them out, but if you go, tell me about your experience.

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Jasmine Moran Children’s Museum

Roesler Hall


Climbing Maze, and Waterworks.


Small train and Jasmines Ark


New train, SuperSonic Express and Safety Town . The town and tracks were funded by a Department of Transportation T-21 grant and the train was funded by Sonic Restaurants. Also part of this expansion was Henderson Nature Park, completed in 2003.


Castle Maze was funded by the Paula Timmerman Estate and the Oklahoma Centennial Commission 12,000 square feet.


Kim Henry Science Works Wing , which includes the Heath Care exhibit, spearheaded by Kim Henry and Stan Hupfeld, who challenged other hospitals to be part of the expansion. The Whitten Newman Foundation was the single largest funder of the Kim Henry Science Works Wing. The wing also includes the audio-kinetic exhibit with half the funding by the Roeslers.


Expansion of the lobby and introduction of the Acrocanthosaurus dinosaur cast.


Weather Forecast For Jasmine Moran Children’s Museum Seminole Oklahoma

Jasmine Moran Children’s Museum

Traveling to Jasmine Moran Children’s Museum, Seminole, Oklahoma?Here is your 6-day weather forecast in the area.Whether it is a warm weather destinations or cold climate dont forget to consider weather, while you pack your bags for this trip.Start your day when the sunrises at 12:33 PM and dont miss the sunset at 12:35 AM.Todays winds are traveling south-southeast at a speed of 17 MPH.The temperature feels like 65 with a humidity level of 51.Cloud coverage is 48 percent with 14.1 percent visibility.Todays UV index is 2 make sure to prepare properly.Make sure to plan your travel itinerary to match your travel weather forecast to make the most of your vacation with

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