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Houston Museum Of Natural Science Butterfly Exhibit

Houston Museum Of Natural Science Value Access Pass

Inside Access: Cockrell Butterfly Center
Expiration: 365 days after purchase

The Value Access Pass is your one-pass for access to the permanent exhibit hall, Burke Baker Planetarium, and Cockrell Butterfly Center at the Houston Museum of Natural Science. Experience a wide variety of fun, informative and exciting adventures for adults and children alike!

Explore The Cockrell Butterfly Center:

Houston Museum of Natural Science, 5555 Hermann Park Drive, Houston,Texas 77030

Visit the Cockrell Butterfly Center and Brown Hall of Entomology! Walk through the three-story living butterfly habitat and see some of the worlds largest and weirdest arthropods. See the Butterfly Center’sresidents here!

I usually direct you to outdoor spaces or small museums so you can avoid the crowds. Even though the Houston Museum of Natural Science is a popular museum, we did not find many people at the Butterfly Center on our recent trip.

Strollers are not allowed in the Butterfly Center, but there is stroller parking available in the hallway.

An admission fee is required for museum members and non-members.

Czech Center Museum Houston

The story of the Czech Center Museum begins with one dedicated and visionary woman Effie Rosene, who founded the museum with her husband Bill.

Texas has more than one million people of Czech heritage, the most of any place outside of the Czech Republic, according to Rosene. The early immigrants from Czech and Slovak lands came to Texas for a better life, the abundance of farmland and the warm climate.

Effie Rosene grew up in Texas one of 15 siblings who spent their childhood on a farm in Simonton. She knew little about her Czech heritage and said her parents were too busy struggling to make ends meet to teach her about their culture.

It wasnt until she and her husband went to the first Czech Heritage Society of Texas meeting in Hilljie that a passion for her heritage was awakened. She came home with a dream of creating a local Czech center.

At the time, there were a few Czech groups in the city but no central organization. Meetings with a handful of local Czechs began at Rosenes home in 1995.

A year later, the Rosenes registered the Czech Cultural Center Houston as a nonprofit, and they launched a $4.5 million capital campaign to build a permanent home.

Now the museum has celebrated its first decade and continues its efforts to bring attention to Czech history and culture. The center is not just for the Czech community but for everyone to see that Czechs are an integral part of the cultural fabric of the state of Texas.

  • 4912 Main Street

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Cockrell Butterfly Center At Houston Museum Of Natural Science

This article is a Commerce Spotlight, which is independent of our editorial and advertising / sponsored content. If you purchase tickets or sign up for more information, 365 Things to Do in Houston may receive a small share of the sale at no additional cost to you.

Per our advertising and commerce policy, we only feature items that meet our editorial standards and truly present a valuable activity, resource, or destination for residents or visitors across the greater Houston area. This revenue directly supports 365 Things to Do in Houston and our contributors, allowing us to expand our coverage of activities and events around the Houston area. .

World War Ii To The Late 20th Century


When started, tonnage levels at the port decreased and shipping activities were suspended however, the war did provide economic benefits for the city. Petrochemical refineries and manufacturing plants were constructed along the ship channel because of the demand for petroleum and synthetic rubber products by the defense industry during the war., initially built during , was revitalized as an advanced training center for bombardiers and navigators. The was founded in 1942 to build ships for the during World War II. Due to the boom in defense jobs, thousands of new workers migrated to the city, both blacks, and whites competing for the higher-paying jobs. President Roosevelt had established a policy of for defense contractors, and blacks gained some opportunities, especially in shipbuilding, although not without resistance from whites and increasing social tensions that erupted into occasional violence. Economic gains of blacks who entered defense industries continued in the postwar years.

The increased production of the expanded shipbuilding industry during World War II spurred Houston’s growth, as did the establishment in 1961 of NASA’s “Manned Spacecraft Center” . This was the stimulus for the development of the city’s aerospace industry. The , nicknamed the “”, opened in 1965 as the world’s first indoor domed sports stadium.

In 1997, Houstonians elected as the city’s first African American mayor.

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About Houston Museum Of Natural Science

Seven days a week, the Houston Museum of Natural Science cultivates knowledge with interactive exhibits that shuttle minds into such far-flung realms as tropical rainforests and outer space. Permanent exhibit halls house everything from the skeletons of Diplodocus in the recently expanded Morian Hall of Paleontology to artifacts from ancient Egypt and the Americas.

Housed inside three stories of glass, the museum’s Cockrell Butterfly Center habitat teems with more than 1,500 winged wonders from around the globe, which frolic around a 50-foot waterfall, and flutter through exotic plants. Visitors can also gaze skyward in the Burke Baker Planetarium, which casts more than 10 daily shows with curve-mirror projection technology. Eyes marvel at the planetarium’s 30’x18′ full-dome digital theater, capable of transporting families to the aurora borealis in the Arctic Circle or to the center of a black hole.

Child Friendly Bug And Butterfly Exhibits

I spent a few hours with my adult daughter at this museum. The butterfly center was definitely worthwhile, including the first stop of information about various bugs, before going to the butterfly enclosure. The museum also has an extensive collection of rocks, minerals, and gems, but it is overwhelming and somewhat boring with one display case after another, seemingly for miles. It is probably better for a researcher than for a visitor. The Faberge exhibit was closed. The chemistry exhibit was essentially empty. There was a wonderful exhibit of objets d’art made of gemstones bu a single artist. I was very surprised that there were no postcards at all in the various gift shops.

Thank you for your review! We love to hear feedback from our patrons. Hope you visit us again soon!

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Highlights Of The Houston Museum Of Natural Science

  • A Planetarium presents a range of science and astronomy presentations.
  • A butterfly zoo
  • A 60 feet long Foucault pendulum
  • Gems & Minerals exhibit of over 750 crystallized mineral specimens and rare gemstones
  • Wildlife exhibits of animals and wildlife native to Texas
  • The African Wildlife display of seven biomes of the continent of Africa
  • Three Tyrannosaurus rex
  • Energy exhibits which include a working replica of an offshore drilling rig drill floor
  • Ancient Egyptian artifacts
  • Computer-aided and hands-on exhibits about the Earth and its processes
  • An astronomy observatory equipped with three domed telescopes

Hall of Paleontology Houston Museum of Natural Science

Life Stages Of A Butterfly

Butterflies get released into the Cockrell Butterfly Center

If one aspired to see each type of butterfly found in the Cockrell Butterfly Center in the butterfly’s natural habitat, one would have to travel the world. Each week about one thousand butterflies are imported from countries around the world in their chrysalis or pupae stage.

There are four stages in the development of a butterfly.

  • Eggs: Many are laid upon leaves and plants that eventually provide nourishment to the next stage, which is the…
  • Larva AKA Caterpillars: And they do eat! They can literally strip a plant of leaves But that is their job which provides much-needed nourishment to the next stage which is…
  • Pupa AKA Chrysalis Stage: Which is the cocoon in which over time the fully developed…
  • Adult: The butterfly emerges
  • Butterflies emerging from their cocoons

    Peggy Woods

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    Houston Museum Of Natural Science General Admission

    Expiration: 365 days after purchase

    Experience a wide variety of fun, informative and exciting adventures for adults and children, including the McGovern Hall of the Americas, Cullen Hall of Gems and Minerals, Wiess Energy Hall and the brand new Hall of Paleontology.Please note, special exhibits require separate admission.

    Early Settlement To The 20th Century

    The Allen brothers and explored town sites on Buffalo Bayou and . According to historian David McComb, “he brothers, on August 26, 1836, bought from Elizabeth E. Parrott, wife of T.F.L. Parrott and widow of John Austin, the south half of the lower league granted to her by her late husband. They paid $5,000 total, but only $1,000 of this in cash notes made up the remainder.”

    The Allen brothers ran their first advertisement for Houston just four days later in the Telegraph and Texas Register, naming the notional town in honor of President Sam Houston. They successfully lobbied the to designate Houston as the temporary capital, agreeing to provide the new government with a state capitol building. About a dozen persons resided in the town at the beginning of 1837, but that number grew to about 1,500 by the time the Texas Congress convened in Houston for the first time that May. The Republic of Texas granted Houston incorporation on June 5, 1837, as became its first mayor. In the same year, Houston became the county seat of Harrisburg County .

    In 1840, the community established a chamber of commerce, in part to promote shipping and navigation at the newly created port on Buffalo Bayou.

    President opened the deep-water Port of Houston in 1914, seven years after digging began. By 1930, Houston had become Texas’s most populous city and Harris County the most populous county. In 1940, the reported Houston’s population as 77.5% White and 22.4% Black.

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    The Butterfly Life Cycle


    Ways To Save On Hmns Admission

    Cockrell Butterfly Center .. little piece of heaven

    Houston CityPASS tickets are a great way to visit HMNS and four additional top Space City attractions at a savings of . Each Houston CityPASS ticket includes prepaid admission to Space Center Houston, Downtown Aquarium, Houston Museum of Natural Science, a choice between the Houston Zoo or the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, and a choice between Kemah Boardwalk and the Children’s Museum of Houston. Bonus: Through Feb. 28, 2021, the usual 9-day validity on Houston CityPASS tickets has been extended to 30 days! This makes CityPASS an even smarter purchase for those who are planning staycations.

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    Houston Museum Of African American Culture

    The story of the Houston Museum of African American Culture changed radically after John Guess Jr. decided to take the position of CEO. I resisted for two years and then relented, he admitted.

    This native Houstonian, who was active on the boards of several cultural institutions, had a new vision for the museum. Instead of being dedicated to African American history, the museum would focus on more contemporary exhibits and activities.

    My idea was to put on the same quality programming based on excellence comparable to the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, the Contemporary Arts Museum and the Menil, Guess said.

    He also wanted to showcase the diverse cultures of Houston in the museum. Guess has spent the past few years building contemporary, multicultural programming and starting a dialogue about transcendence.

    Having artists that transcend race, we were able to talk about race in a different way, he said.

    Guess has been creating a range of multimedia programming andgathering a roster of dynamic artists to fit the bill filmmakers, visual artists, curators and writers.

    One recent partnership with the African American Film Festival Releasing Movement brought the award winning film, Middle of Nowhere, to Houston.

    Sundance Director Award winner Ava Duvernays film tells the story of how a woman named Ruby changes her life during her husbands incarceration. The story examines Rubys personal journey to maintain both her marriage and her own identity.

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    Looking For Butterflies In Houston Texas

    Houston, Texas, has a mild climate where one can see butterflies year-round. This is especially true if one has planted vegetation that attracts them. But where does one go to see exotic butterflies galore from all around the world in one place? The Cockrell Butterfly Center at the Museum of Natural History in Hermann Park is the answer. The address is 5555 Hermann Park Dr., Houston, Texas 77030.

    We have taken many family members and friends to that attraction if they were visiting us here in Houston. No matter what the weather is doing outside, inside the Cockrell Butterfly Center, it is always the same. Think tropical rainforest,and you have the idea.

    Butterfly Habitat & Exhibit Hall: Houston Museum Of Natural Science

    Houston Museum of Natural Science Body World Exhibit & Butterfly Exhibit

    *The event has already taken place on this date: Sat, 12/31/2016Please help us keep this calendar up to date! If this activity is sold out, canceled, or otherwise needs alteration, email so we can update it immediately.*Times, dates, and prices of any activity posted to our calendars are subject to change. Please be sure to click through directly to the organizations website to verify.

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    From Toddlers To Teens The Houston Museum Of Natural Science Entertains And Engages

    The coolest museums engage, entertain and educate all ages. And just how does the Houston Museum of Natural Science measure up to those lofty goals? Well, check, check and check! Hands-on exhibits and the colorful inhabitants of the Cockrell Butterfly Habitat will leave your little ones mesmerized. Massive dinosaur skeletons arranged in dramatic action poses will have your tweens and teens finally looking up from their mobile phones . And parents will be quietly high-fiving the fact that everyone is having fun .

    Covering more than 400,000 square feet, HMNS can seem a bit daunting. But, families can ensure maximum fun and minimal foot fatigue by honing in on the exhibits best suited to their travel party. Here are some top picks to make planning a visit easier, no matter what age group you’re trying to entertain.

    Sexual Orientation And Gender Identity

    Houston is home to one of the largest and in the United States. In 2018, the city scored a 70 out of 100 for LGBT friendliness. Jordan Blum of the stated levels of LGBT acceptance and discrimination varied in 2016 due to some of the region’s traditionally conservative culture.

    Before the 1970s, the city’s were spread around Downtown Houston and what is now . LGBT Houstonians needed to have a place to socialize after the closing of the gay bars. They began going to Art Wren, a 24-hour restaurant in Montrose. LGBT community members were attracted to Montrose as a neighborhood after encountering it while patronizing Art Wren, and they began to the neighborhood and assist its native inhabitants with property maintenance. Within Montrose, new gay bars began to open. By 1985, the flavor and politics of the neighborhood were heavily influenced by the LGBT community, and in 1990, according to Hill, 19% of Montrose residents identified as LGBT. was murdered in Montrose in 1991.

    Before the legalization of the , considered the first same-sex marriage in Texas history, took place on October 5, 1972. Houston elected the of a major city in 2009, and she served until 2016. During her tenure she authorized the which was intended to improve anti-discrimination coverage based on sexual orientation and gender identity in the city, specifically in areas such as housing and occupation where no anti-discrimination policy existed.

    Other faiths 1%
    Companies in the

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