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Edventure Children’s Museum Columbia Sc

About The Components In The Flight Gallery:

Columbia- EdVenture Children’s Museum

The 1700 sq. is an immersive environment where visitors can explore several exhibits that promote the physics of flight in air and space. Visitors will be able to experiment, design and investigate why some objects have the potential to fly and others do not. Boeing 757 Classic Cockpit: Get a pilots eye view from a real flight deck and experience Columbias best view of the Gervais Street Bridge.Simulators: Test your piloting skills and feel the sensation of flight in three Boeing 777 flight simulators. Test Flight Zone: Build and test the flying ability of your own paper airplanes. Manufacturing Zone: Work with the latest robotic technology used to build airplanes right here in South Carolina. Video wall: See the Greater Columbia area from a pilots view.

Homeschool Fridays Are Back

Add EdVentures signature programming to your curriculum! On the first Friday of each month, September May, we offer informal, experiential, hands-on education specialized for homeschool students. Come enjoy programs in one of Columbias biggest and brightest classrooms. Perfect for ages 4-10, this programming gives your student a chance to experience EdVenture in a whole new way!

Edventure Opened Its Newest Exhibit Flight Designed To:

  • Introduce visitors to the world of aeronautics and teach the forces of flight
  • Connect science, technology, engineering and math concepts directly to South Carolina aeronautic-related career opportunities
  • Convey NASAs role in aeronautics and its future in flight
  • Experience the sensation of flight from the pilot seat in a real Boeing 757 classic cockpit, overlooking the Gervais Street Bridge

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A Real Edventure In Aerospace Awaits Children In South Carolina

New, interactive 757 exhibit at childrens museum made possible by Boeing

Thanks to the efforts of several employees from across the Boeing enterprise, the EdVenture Childrens Museum in Columbia, S.C., will soon going wheels-up with a cool, interactive aerospace exhibit:

A retired 757.

Those efforts began when Jon Maddux, a Business Operations manager at Boeing South Carolina, was asked by leadership, to help the museum with some ideas for their new aerospace exhibit. The museum had secured a multi-million dollar grant from NASA to bring it to life.

Maddux advised them to go big.

I said to the museum, What you need is an airplane! I dont know how to get you one, but thats what you need, Maddux recalled of his first meeting with museum officials. They loved the idea, so we got to work figuring out how to make it happen.

When Maddux contacted Michael Murray, an Asset Management business manager with Boeing Capital Corporation, he got good news.

I really didnt know what to expect when I reached out to them but they said, We can help you locate an airplane, no problem. All we need to do is figure out the shipping costs and transportation logistics, Maddux recalled.

Boeing Capital Corporation oversees Boeings business in the used airplane market, finding homes for commercial airplanes taken in as trade-ins.

The nose section of the donated 757 is lifted into position at the EdVenture Childrens Museum in Columbia, S.C.

Renewable Energy And Climate Goals

Dalmatian Station at EdVenture Children

Attaining 100 percent clean and renewable energy by 2036 is incorporated into the city’s 67 climate goals. Projects include a solar farm to provide power for the wastewater treatment plant, an updated water metering system, reduction of water leaks, and replacement of polluting, city-owned vehicles.

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The Worlds Largest 10 Year

  • He is 40 feet tall & weighs 35,000 pounds.
  • He has a very big heart weighing over 500 pounds. Three adults can fit inside!
  • His shoes are each about the size of a compact car measuring 12.5 feet.
  • He has shoulders that are 22 feet wide.
  • He has a smile over 3.5 feet. That requires a lot of toothpaste!
  • He is TWICE the size of the Lincoln & Jefferson Memorials in Washington, D.C.
  • His watch was designed from a clock that came from a school in S.C.
  • The dragonfly is named Flutter. Flutter is a young dragonfly who lived at the Congaree River next to the museum. This curious creature accidentally flew into EdVenture during construction.
  • EDDIE is so big that he has his own sprinkler system!
  • If you listen carefully you can hear his stomach actually growl, his heart beat and air pass through his lungs.
  • His favorite subject in school is Science.

Edventure Childrens Museum Names Interim President And Ceo

EdVentures Board of Trustees is pleased to announce that Willie Calloway has been named as the Interim President and CEO. Mr. Calloway has been serving on the EdVenture Board since his retirement after 18 years of service as the Executive Director of the SC State Museum. He will continue to ensure that the mission and the museums strategic plan are successfully implemented by supporting the delivery of programs, events, and services that the community has come to expect. Since 2003, EdVenture has enjoyed inspiring the joy of learning, promoting early learning STEAM education and health, nutrition, and wellness.

Over the past three years, the museum has advanced under the seasoned leadership of Lisa Hailey who expertly led the organization during the challenges of a global pandemic. EdVentures Board of Trustees wishes to express its sincerest thanks to Lisa for her commitment to the museum and its satellite locations, said Dr. Dwayne Porter, chair of the museums board. We are grateful for her leadership and wish her the best in her next endeavor, that includes serving in an advisory capacity during the transition.

eSOURCES HR, located in Columbia, South Carolina will be leading the national search for the next President and CEO. For inquiries and additional information, please contact eSOURCES HR at 376-1401.

About EdVenture

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Bubbles And Big Adventures At Edventure Children’s Museum

Columbia, S.C. Children will love the hands-on fun and learning this summer at EdVentures two newest exhibits, the Big Adventure and Bubbleloosa. The wonderfully wacky challenge game of fun-filled action-packed BIG ADVENTURE opens June 16 and runs through September 16.

Children can choose their own adventure and challenge their mental and physical abilities in the new exhibit. Activity adventures include:

Adventure Mountain climb a six-foot wall of rocks

Tunnels of Fun crawl through dark tunnels to reach the crows nest

Out on a Ledge move from building to building on a thin beam

Virtual Flyer fly with your friends on this kid-sized airplane

River Crossing: Bridge Out keep your balance to escape the alligators

The Main Drag explore a variety of surfaces and vehicles

Charlies Web create a six-and-a-half-foot web challenge of your own

Having fun is essential to a childs growth and learning process, said Cindy DeTuelo, director of education at EdVenture. Children want to be actively involved in their learning. They love to be challenged. The more fully and actively a child is engaged, the more intense the learning experience. Thats why the Big Adventure is such a great exhibit.

EdVenture is located at 211 Gervais Street in downtown Columbia. To learn more about EdVenture, visit

Big Fun For Your Family At Edventure Childrens Museum

2011 Medal Winner: EdVenture Children’s Museum

There’s big fun awaiting your family at at EdVenture Children’s Museum in Columbia. The South’s largest children’s museum is home to more than 350 hands-on activities, and unlike stodgy look-don’t-touch museums, you can touch everything here. It’s a museum made for a great family adventure.

When you first walk in the door you are greeted by EDDIE, the world’s largest 10-year-old boy. He is 40-feet tall and weighs 17.5 tons. Visitors can learn more about how the human body works by crawling through EDDIE’s brain and down his spine, into his beating heart, and then bouncing around in his tummy with bits of food. You can even slide out his intestines, complete with sound effects.

In the World of Work exhibit, learn what it takes to be a scientist, builder or mechanic. Down on the EdVenture farm, you see where your food comes from and how it gets to your table. You can pretend to be a check-out person or customer at the market, and then sit down for a healthy pretend meal at the café.

In the Wags and Whiskers exhibit learn what it means to be a veterinarian or groomer and how to care for your pets. And take a peek inside Dalmatian Station, where your kids will love dressing up like a fireman, crawling around on a real fire truck and meeting the in-house fire and life safety expert dressed in full fire gear.

Bang out some tunes with your family in Mission Imagination, and then anchor your own news show or weather report in the WEDV-TV news station.

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Can I Get One Of Those

This EdVenture Gift Shop has the largest collection of Melissa & Doug items in ALL of Columbia! From Finger Paints to On The Go books, to the classic games like Hang Man and Memory, they even have pretend and play costumes! But, it doesn’t stop there – they also offer a selection of Toysmith, Plus Plus, WowToyz and our collection is always growing!

What Is There To Do

Experience the joy of learning and discovery at EdVenture Childrens Museum, filled with hands-on experiences that allow children to learn, discover, and create through play!

Its a place where kids can be kids, adults can discover their inner child, and imaginations run WILD!

All of the exhibits at EdVenture Children’s Museum feature different themes and experiences for kids, encouraging them to become anyone they want to be!

Animal lovers can teach health and wellness through the care and feeding of pets, as kids explore the role of a veterinarian, pet owner, and even groomer!

Kids over 5 years can enjoy inspiring workstations with materials and tools to help them sculpt a masterpiece, or design a wind-powered creation, and aspiring newscasters and meteorologists can learn how news is created, and they can even practice giving reports!

For those youngest family members under 3 years visiting EdVenture can enjoy free reign in the infant and toddler safe My Backyard, with a variety of textures and objects to play with, and the Little SS Shrimpy to climb, slide and hide in!

Future scientists and work their magic as they experiment in the Bio Lab, or kids can visit a diner, shop in the neighborhood market, or visit a Busy Bee Farm as they role play being Mom and Dad for the day!

EdVenture Children’s Museum is just that – a museum JUST for kids where it’s all about discovery, learning, and having a great time!

Sounds pretty fabulous to us!

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Designation As State Capital

After the American Revolutionary War and United States independence, State Senator John Lewis Gervais of the town of Ninety Six introduced a bill that was approved by the legislature on March 22, 1786, to create a new state capital. Considerable argument occurred over the name for the new city. According to published accounts, Senator Gervais said he hoped that “in this town we should find refuge under the wings of COLUMBIA“, for that was the name which he wished it to be called. One legislator insisted on the name “Washington”, but “Columbia” won by a vote of 117 in the state senate.

The site was chosen as the new state capital in 1786 due to its central location in the state. The State Legislature first met there in 1790. After remaining under the direct government of the legislature for the first two decades of its existence, Columbia was incorporated as a village in 1805 and then as a city in 1854.

Columbia received a large stimulus to development when it was connected in a direct water route to Charleston by the Santee Canal. This connected the Santee and Cooper rivers in a 22-mile-long section. It was first chartered in 1786 and completed in 1800, making it one of the earliest canals in the United States. With competition later from faster railroad traffic, it ceased operation around 1850.

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