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Children’s Museum Cape Girardeau

Grand Opening For Cape Girardeau Children’s Museum Around The Corner

Cape Cod Children Museum Gala

Volunteers work toward the opening of children’s museum

CAPE GIRARDEAU Step inside the door at 502 Broadway and imagine.

Replace the whirring of sanders and pounding hammers with the oohs and aahs of children and the hum of a Van de Graaff generator. To the left, the cab of a 1952 firetruck is ready. Next door, a mock bank with play-money ATM and tellers is in the final stages of preparation. At the back of the room, that generator a static electricity producer that will make children’s hair stand on end sits on the floor waiting for its chance to amaze.

While a visitor may wonder whether the work can be finished in time, Discovery Playhouse board president Kevin Priester said the hardest work of converting the vacant building is finished and that he’s confident the children’s museum will open soon.

“We are picking up steam,” Priester said. “In the last three or four months, it has snowballed.”

To show off the work that has been done, museum organizers held an adults-only fundraiser to help raise money to operate the museum once it opens. The fundraiser was also a chance to recognize the lengthy list of individuals and businesses who have given their time and treasure to make the museum a reality.

Priester, whose day job is water system manager for the city, said the Discovery Playhouse has become a labor of love. “Oh God, I live here,” he said. “And I am not the only one, by any stretch.”

For Ages 6 Months To 8 Years

Our first-floor exhibits have been designed with younger kids in mind. While most exhibits on the first floor would be fun for most kids under 8, there are some exhibits designed for kiddos 4 and under.

  • Pollywog Pond – Shoe Free Zone
  • Kim’s Secret Water Garden
  • SoutheastHEALTHy Beginnings

Southeast Missouri Children’s Museum Dba Discovery Playhouse

A nonprofit organization

76 Donors

The mission of Discovery Playhouse is to create fun, educational and interactive experiences for children and caregivers as they play, discover and learn. Explore the many exciting, interactive exhibits in this fabulous Children’s Museum, located in Downtown Cape Girardeau! Ideal for children ages 11 and younger, our current 7,500 sq feet of exhibit space is a perfect place to play and learn! Shop in the grocery store, become a dentist, splash in the Secret Water Garden or learn about money at the bank! Young children can join in the fun as they uncover the magic of “Pollywog Pond” in their kid-sized fishing boat!

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Top 3 Places To Visit In Cape Girardeau Mo

Cape Girardeau has more than 250 years of rich heritage. Situated on the western bank of the Mississippi River, the town blends modern comfort with traditional charm and the sereneness of nature. As the Mississippi continues to flow untethered, Cape Girardeau is enriched with breathtaking scenery and abundant wildlife. At Auffenberg Kia of Cape Girardeau, we list the top 3 places to visit in Cape Girardeau, MO.

Create Fun Educational And Interactive Experiences For Children And Caregivers As They Play Discover And Learn

5 Future Careers for your kids to experience at Discovery ...

Explore the many exciting, interactive exhibits in this fabulous childrens museum, located in Downtown Cape Girardeau! Ideal for children ages 11 and younger, our current 7,500 sq feet of exhibit space is a perfect place to play and learn! You can spend hours laughing, playing, and learning at Discovery Playhouse. Come by and see us!

Kids of all ages can explore the inside of a REAL airplane! Fly to new heights and learn about what it takes to take off!

Can you keep track of your ball? Air play teaches you all about the power of air! Levitate, launch and track your foam spheres around this exhibit! Youre sure to have a blast.

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Discovery Playhouse Is Back Open For Business

CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo. – Discovery Playhouse Museum in Cape Girardeau is back open for kids to play, but there are some new rules.

Its a place where a kid can be whatever they want to be. After being closed for months, Cape Girardeaus hands-on childrens museum is back open.

So we are being very strict as far as our guidelines for coming in everyone that comes in nine and above has to wear mask we are doing temperature checks, said Molly Wilhelm, the executive director.

Wilhelm said they’ve removed hard-to-clean items and closed off areas where kids cannot socially distance.

Staff members are also monitoring the number of visitors and getting contact information.

So if people are here July 2nd and then they call us in two weeks, and say hey, Ive been exposed to COVID.’ So, that way we can get hold of the health department for contact tracing, she said.

Madeline Hulshof is a nanny who says she’s glad the museum is putting the kids safety first.

Taking their temperature kind of frightening them at first they were a little bit confused but them we discussed that its just how it has to be, she said.

She said a day here at the museum may help kids feel like things are back to normal.

“They’re used to going to preschool everyday being with other kids in a different environment and they haven’t been able to do that so this has been really great for them,” she said.

Wilhelm said she understands if parents may be nervous about coming back.

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What Is There To Do

Located in the Southeast Missouri State University’s River Campus, the Crisp Museum offers a fine art galley AND history gallery that are both FREE admission!

The exhibitions run for a certain period of time, so if you just keep an eye on what’s on and what’s coming up, you can plan your trip so you can see something new on the next visit!

The fine art exhibitions often focus on a particular artist, so a grew way for those kids to be inspired!

The Crisp Museum also has permanent collections covering fine arts, as well as archaeology and history.

Also at the Crisp Museum are fun events and educational activities, such as Trick Art Treat and Halloween, Cinco de Mayo celebrations, and family days!

Keep an eye on the calendar too, because there are lots of art and craft activities happening across the week, which are great for actually getting those hands messy and creative!

A fun and FREE day out in Missouri, where art & history come together to make for a fascinating and educational day out!

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River Heritage Museum Closes Early For Exterior Renovations

After 40 years of meticulous curating, cataloging and showcasing of Cape Girardeau’s history, the Cape River Heritage Museum is taking some time to work on itself.

The museum closed a month early for its typical winter hiatus to undergo renovations. It will soon have a new roof a much needed refurbishment, according to longtime museum supporter Jerry Ford.

“There’s no telling how many years has been there,” Ford said. “It was deteriorating, and underneath, the eaves were all rotted out.”

Phillip Smith, an architect based in Cape Girardeau, was hired to conduct the renovations. Smith estimated the renovations will cost slightly more than $200,000.

In addition to replacing the roof, fixes will be made to the building’s tuckpointing, new gutters and downspouts will be installed and water-damaged soffits and facsia will be replaced.

Work is only being done to the outside of the museum. According to Ford, the City of Cape Girardeau maintains the outside of the building and the Cape River Heritage Museum Board takes care of the museum’s interior.

Cape River Heritage Museum closes each year from mid-December to mid-April. According to curator Charlotte Slinkard, the museum closed to the public a month early this year for the needed renovations.

Smith said the severity of this winter’s weather will determine when the renovations will be completed. He estimated work will be done by early spring at the latest.

Cape Girardeau Conservation Nature Center

Discovery Playhouse: Where Fun and Learning Come Full Circle!

The Cape Girardeau Conservation Nature Center has a rich cultural history and diverse natural resources. You can enjoy two miles of nature trails, commanding vistas, and rolling river hills with sinkholes, gullies, and deep hollows. You could also check out the wildlife viewing areas, childrens play area, and freshwater aquariums. Thus, if you want to be in the lap of nature, this is the place for you!

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