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Air Museum Mt Pleasant Tx

Mid America Flight Museum

Mid America Flight Museum in Mount Pleasant, Tx

There are a lot of beautiful Aviation museums across the country that have their own particular mission.

Mid America Flight Museum is based in Mt. Pleasant Texas . Our museum differentiates itself from many other museums in that the great majority of the airplanes in the museum fly on a regular basis, and that ongoing projects are being restored to fly!


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Mid America Flight Museum Reopens

MT. PLEASANT, Texas – One of the best-kept secrets in East Texas is once again opening to the public. The Mid America Flight Museum at the Mount Pleasant Regional Airport has over 40 flying vintage aircraft on display.

At the Mid America flight museum there are a lot of flying things to look at, but Director of Operations Kelly Mahon is going to tell us about two.

This airplane is a 1933 Lockheed Vega, Mahon said,

Its the same type Emilia Earhart flew. And:

This is a 1940 Spartan Executive, Mahon said.

Which appealed to well off businessmen.

They built 34 of them. Theres about eight or nine of them left flying today. And designed and built by students at the Spartan School of Aeronautics in Tulsa Oklahoma. And Spartan School of Aeronautics is still there today training A& P mechanics, Mahon said.

Mahon says Mid America has had it a couple years and has won grand champion at the Oshkosh air show.

In todays world this is the pinnacle of antique airplanes. If you have a Spartan executive you are really somebody, Mahon said.

Its polished aluminum because paint is heavy.

A paint job on that airplane would probably be worth 40 pounds, Mahon said.

He says that equals less the plane can carry. And the Vega is:

He says Earhart chose it because its heavy duty, has space for tanks, and a hatch to get in the cockpit, and this one is famous.

It was used in a movie about Emilia Earhart in 76, Mahon said.

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Event Date: Dec 21 2020

A message from our President and CEO

In early November we were approached with an offer to buy our B-17, Thunderbird. The offer was such we had to take it seriously and consider it. After much discussion with Scott Glover of the Mid America Flight Museum in Mount Pleasant, Texas, we came to agreement on the sale of the airplane to Mid America and a display agreement that will bring Thunderbird as well as other significant aircraft from the Mid America collection for display at our museum periodically for at least the next four years. The sale of the aircraft finalized on Monday, December 21st.

Great opportunity comes with this new relationship between our two Texas aviation museums that have shared interests and missions in celebrating the history of aviation and its role in our country. We are very excited about our museums future. Our board of directors and our Founder, Mr. Bob Waltrip recognize this opportunity, and all support the effort.


Historic Aircraft Rally To The Antique Airfield Homecoming Routes

Mid America Flight Museum, Mt Pleasant, Texas B

The Antique Airplane Association Inc. . and the Air PowerMuseum Inc. cordially invite our AAA members and their guests tothe 66th National AAA Fly-In and the 46th AAA/APM Invitational Fly-In.Come join us to celebrate HARAAH, the Historic Airfield Rally toAntique Airfield.

We are calling on owners of pre-1941 airplanes to participate in the inaugural “Historic Airfield Rally tothe Antique Airfield Homecoming,” forever after to be known as HARAAH.

Since 1953 the AAA has worked to ‘Keep The Antiques Flying’. In 2008,for instance, AAA/APM achieved great success during its invitationalfly-in by hosting Air Mail Days. Not only did airplanes that onceflew the Air Mail attend, but AAA-member crews were sworn in by theUnited States Postal Service to actually fly the mail in 17antique/classic airplanes. In 2019 HARAAH will build on thistradition of experiencing historical flight as it really happened… ornearly so.

Anyone interested in participating,as pilot or sponsor–in the firstever HARAAH, please contact , or call 938-2773.

Addison Pemberton, Spokane, WA in his 1931 Stearman 4DM

My plan is to intercept Ben Scott and company in Ogden Utah and fly I-80 and a segment of CAM 18 to Omaha, with a stop at the historic airports along the way then a stopover in Greenfield, IA before the IA27 arrival on Thursday.

Dave & Jeanne Allen from Elbert, CO. Likely in their 1934 Waco YKC.

Ben Scott, Larry & Ilse Harmacinski from Reno, NV in Bens 1930 Stearman 4E

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San Antonio : Texas Air Museum At Stinson Field

Pioneer aviator Katherine Stinson and her family opened a flying school at San Antonios first airport in 1915. The fourth woman to ever earn a pilots license, Katherine flew in stunt planes, including planes she built herself, for crowds around the world. During WWI, she applied to train as a military pilot, but her application was rejected on account of her sex. Katherine served as an ambulance driver in France until the wars end when she returned to America and continued her career in aviation as the first commissioned mail pilot.

Still an airport, Stinson Field is home of the Texas Air Museum. Memorabilia and restored and replica aircraft pay tribute to the flying Stinsons, along with military aviation during World Wars I and II, illustrating changes in aviation technology across more than a century of development.

Watch our Social Change in Texas During WWI video to learn more about Texas and Texans in WWI. This video was produced for inclusion in our Texas and the Great War mobile tour found in our Texas Time Travel Tours mobile app. Download the app for more videos and travel information:

Mid America Flight Museum Mt Pleasant Tx

Mid America Flight Museum is home to Historical Air Tours. They are dedicated to keeping a fleet of historically important aircraft in flying condition. They fly often and they love to take veterans flying in aircraft such as the C-47 DC-3 that participated in the D-Day invasion. They have many aircraft including a Corsair, P-51 Mustang, Ford Tri-motor received strafing damage during Pearl Harbor, Lockheed Lodestar, Cessna 305, A-26 Invader, B-25 Bomber, Staggerwing, T-6 Texan, T-28, Curtis Robin, Travel Air 4000 and 6000, Stearman, Gruman Albatross, Stinsons, Howards, Fairchilds, and many more. When not flying out to various events to give not sell rides, they spend weekends flying around the Mt. Pleasant area. Get to know them on Facebook: – Submitted by Ben ScarboroughAll destinations and events listed on this website were provided by visitors to our website. If you decide to fly or drive to any destination listed, you do so at your own risk. Please see our disclaimer.

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Inside The Midamerica Flight Museum In Mount Pleasant

MOUNT PLEASANT, Texas – Kelly Mahon, director of operations for the Mid-America Flight Museum, took us on a tour of the museum on Tuesday.

There are over 60 aircraft to look at, and even climb into. Many of them are WWII warbirds. The majority of them are flightworthy.

Kelly Mahon says the museum has been around about eight years, but:

The collection of airplanes started as long as thirty years ago with Scott Glover here in Mount Pleasant, Mahon said.

Glover made some money in the pet food business and started collecting planes, :

Forties and earlier, and its grown into the warbirds so weve got a lot of WWII airplanes, Mahon said.

There are bombers and fighters and trainers the most exciting part for many may be the rides.

We also give airplane rides. Free admission, and no charge for the airplane rides when we are giving them, Mahon said.

But, not right now. The museum is temporarily closed due to cold weather and the COVID-19 pandemic, but they will reopen soon. Plane maintenance is ongoing.

At any given time we have forty to forty-five airplanes that are flying and its a constant rotation because of maintenance and inspections and engine overhauls, Mahon said.

So theres no telling which one will be on the tarmac waiting to give rides when you show up at the museum.

And there are even some that were in the wrong place at the wrong time back on December 7, 1941.


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Constellation Columbine II Arrival at Mt Pleasant TX Mid America Flight Museum

MOUNT PLEASANT, Texas If you like airplanes and history, youll love the Mid-America Flight Museum. This East Texas jewel is tucked away at the Mount Pleasant Regional Airport. The public is welcome to visit for free.

Museum Director Scott Glover owns most of the aircraft. He said the museum exists largely as a tribute to Americas veterans.

Everything you see here flew in, said Glover.

Among the bombers and fighters is a Huey helicopter, widely used in the Vietnam War. Its just a beautiful example of a restored UH-1H Huey, Glover said. This one actually is a 67 model and its got 2,000 hours of documented combat history in Vietnam.

Glover added that people from around the world visit the museum. Many of them are from Europe.

Were a very well known museum in Europe. Whereas, in Mount Pleasant, theres not many people that even know we exist in our own hometown, so its kind of funny, he said. I want people to come and be able to experience what these airplanes are, how theyre made. Youre not gonna hurt them if you touch them.

Also on display at the museum is an amphibious biplane that was used in air-sea rescues during World War II.

The J2F4 Duck, this is probably one of the rarest aircraft we got in our collection very few, theres only 4 of them left this airplane was actually at Pearl Harbor December 7th, 1941, it was at Fort Island, Glover said. It flew search and rescue the day of the attack at Pearl Harbor.

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