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Science Museum Virtual Field Trip

+ Science And Tech Museums You Can Tour Virtually

Kindergarten Life Science – Virtual Field Trip | California Science Center

These virtual tours are a great way of visiting some of the best science and tech museums around the globe.

If you are housebound or want a “try before you buy” museum trip then these great virtual tours will be right up your street. These are just the tip of the iceberg but also happen to be some of the best around.

Happy virtual ramblings.

Field Trip Reservation Fees

The Museum has limited funding available for students who qualify for field trip assistance. Please inquire about this if there is a need.

Multiple visits: If you return with the same students, you receive 50% off Exhibit Halls admission. When making reservations, inform Science Central that you will be visiting more than once with your students.


Pricing And Access Rates

Field trips cost $8.00 per student for standard school groups or $3.00 per student for reduced-price eligible school groups.

Omnitheater movies cost $5.00 per student for standard school groups or $3.00 per student for reduced-price eligible school groups.

Schools with 50% or more of their students approved for free and reduced-price meals are eligible for the reduced-price tickets.

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Im Not A Teaching Professional Can I Book A Virtual Field Trip

Absolutely! Our virtual offerings have been designed for youth learning in a variety of settings including school groups, homeschool groups, micro-schools, after school programs, community groups, early learning or childcare centers and libraries. If you have questions about whether a virtual program is a good fit for your group, we are always happy to discuss your needs and help you find which program will be the best fit. Reach out to us at or 206.543.5591.

Why Not Tour Nasa’s Langley Research Center Online

Take a Virtual Field Trip to the California Science Center  NBC Los ...

NASA Orion Spacecraft/Flickr

NASA’s famous Langley Research Center in Virginia, as well as its Glenn Research Center, also provides some cool virtual tours of their facilities. With these tours, you’ll get to see some of the most important technological inventions in history without ever having to leave your own home.

The Space Center at Houston also offers an awesome app that provides virtual tours, augmented reality experiences, and videos and audio stories about space exploration.

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Belgium’s Museum Of Natural Sciences’ Virtual Tour Is Brilliant

Another awesome virtual tour of a science and tech museum comes to us courtesy of The Museum of Natural Sciences in Belgium. Containing tons of Dinosaurs and other interesting scientific exhibits, this virtual tour and augmented reality is definitely worth a gander.

Like the NHM in London, this tour was partially developed with the help of Google’s Cultural Institute.

How Does Your Reservation Process Work

If you have any questions about our virtual offerings, please contact us via email or by phone before submitting a request. When youre ready, you can submit your request via our online form. Once we have received your request, we will respond with more information. If we can accommodate your request, you will receive an email with your reservation details and a link to confirm or decline the reservation. If we are unable to accommodate your request, we will contact you to discuss alternative dates or options.

Once your program is finalized, you will receive an invoice and any pre-program materials via email. You can pay for your program by check, credit card or purchase order. For Burke Live! programs, payment is due on or before the date of your program.

For Virtual Field Trips payment is due on or before your access end date. If you choose to pay by credit card, you can do so via our online portal. You will receive a link to this portal when you confirm your reservation.

Please note:

  • Placing a hold on a tentative date and time will hold your program for one week. If you do not confirm your program within one week of placing a hold, your hold will be released.
  • Cancellation for Virtual Field Trips and Burke Live! programs must be made two weeks in advance in order to receive a refund. Efforts will be made to reschedule your program if you must cancel within two weeks prior to your program, but refunds cannot be offered.

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Virtual Field Trip Options

Schedule a virtual science demonstration with an Adventure Science Center Learning Specialist.

Demonstration PackagesOption 1: Pre-recorded Demonstration = $100Option 2: Livestream Demonstration with Learning Specialist = $150

Demonstrations are purchased on 30 students per class basis. Classes beyond 30 students will chared $50 per group of additional 30 students.

Interconnected: Biology At The Burke

4th Grade Life Science – Virtual Field Trip | California Science Center

How do living beings survive, adapt, and interact?

Investigate the incredible biodiversity on our planet today and why it matters. Explore the Amazing Life gallery to learn about the relationships between living beings and how species adapt to their environment. Visit the Floor 2 experience alcove to observe the different roles organisms play in three Washington ecosystems. Go behind the scenes with the Burkes Biology collections managers to understand how natural history collections are a library of life used for research.

Unlimited access to this digital resource for the month of your choicefor a class of up to 35 students: $40

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What’s The Difference Between A Burke Live Program And A Virtual Field Trip

Burke Live! lessons are live virtual lessonsa Burke educator joins your group via video conferencing, sharing activities and discussions that focus on a specific topic. Burke Live! lessons are 45-minute long events.

Virtual Field Trips are web-based tours that your group can complete at your own pace. They consist of a series of videos, photos, and text prompts that bring you behind the scenes into research spaces as well as into galleries within the Burke Museum. Groups can choose to project this tour in front of a classroom or do screen-sharing with remote students in order to go through the tour together as a group. Or, you can assign sections of this tour to students to view independently on individual computers. Virtual Field Trips are accessible for one full month, which gives you time to review the material yourself, and make a plan for how you would like your students to engage with the material.

The Museum Of Science In Boston Also Has A Great Virtual Tour

Yet another amazing science and tech museum that offers virtual exhibits is the Museum of Science in Boston. The museum has a long history of being a leader in producing digital exhibits, videos, and audio presentations, and it is no surprise that their virtual material is world-class.

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Virtual Field Trip Information

Arizona Science Centers field trips have gone virtual! Bring the fun and excitement of a Science Center field trip to your students while engaging them with enriching content designed to enhance your curriculum and ignite their curiosity.

Arizona Science Centers educators come to your classroom live from the Science Center and lead students through workshops, activities, and demonstrations that feature some of your favorite STEM activities. Each field trip is aligned to grade-level standards and aims to educate, inspire, and engage learners in hands-on STEM activities. Virtual Field Trips are designed for small groups of students, including school groups, homeschool students, micro-schools, and afterschool settings.

Virtual Field Trips 2022

Virtual Field Trip: Tellus Science Museum

Explore art, history, and natural science online with the Oakland Museum of California through our virtual field trips that let you explore the many stories of California and its people. Learn about the natural, artistic, and social forces that affect the state and investigate your own role in both its history and its future through discussion, storytelling, and inquiry.

Spring 2022 virtual field trips are available from March 1 to June 3, 2022. Virtual field trips must be scheduled at least two weeks in advance. Following the virtual field trip, a live discussion will be offered using OMCAs Zoom account. A link will be provided upon registration.

OMCA is also offering a Black History Virtual Performance which will be live-streamed on February 18 at 10 am. If your class is not able to attend the live performance, a recording of the Black History Virtual Performance will be available through June 30, 2022.

Stay up to date through our teacher mailing list. Email our School and Group Sales Coordinator at for questions about our offerings or the registration process.

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What Does A Virtual Tour Mean

As the term suggests, a virtual tour is a simulated visit around an existing location, like a museum. They may be composed of a series of videos or still images, virtual reality, or telepresence devices.

Such tours can also include other multimedia elements like sound effects, music, narration, and text, etc.

Can I Make Changes To My Program

Yes, if you need to change or cancel a reservation, please call the Education office at 206.543.5591 or email as soon as possible.

Cancellations must be made a minimum of two weeks before the scheduled program for a refund. Cancellations made with less than two weeks notice will be charged the full fee. We will work with you to reschedule the program for a different date if possible.

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Stuck At Home Travel Virtually All Over The World Instead

  • California Polytechnic State University at San Luis Obispo
  • Tweet

Just because your kids are learning at home doesn’t mean you have time to take them on field trips. When you can’t get away, your kids still can by taking a virtual field trip to a museum, farm, zoo, or another fun location. We compiled our list of favorites to help you keep your kids engaged and entertained.

  • Bright, well-produced videos and images.

  • Offers tours of numerous countries.

  • Includes video and still frame-images.

  • What’s not to like?

AirPano has a variety of tours in China, Portugal, Switzerland, and more countries. Children can visit the Zhangjiajie Glass Bridge in China, an underwater cave in Indonesia, ski resorts in France, and more destinations around the globe.

What makes this site so good is that it offers narrations of several tours, provides closeups through interactive actions, and includes short chunks of written information that’s easy for kids of most ages to read. The tours are also fairly short, which makes these tours great for younger kids, but older kids will still enjoy the trip.

  • Covers all aspects of dairy farming.

  • Useful, easy-to-understand explanations of farm activities and how milk is made.

  • Includes student questions.

  • Tours are narrated and easy to follow.

  • Provides student handouts, vocabulary, and discussion questions.

  • We wish there was a larger library of tours!

  • Fixed camera angles mean you’re not always guaranteed to see the animals.

Spark Online Education By Nascar Hall Of Fame

2nd Grade Life Science – Virtual Field Trip | California Science Center

Not all educational field trips are created equal. This is an exciting chance for students to learn about physics, geology, and engineering all in the context of Nascar races. It also includes lesson plans.

These are just some of the many options for science field trips from home. Other choices include virtual reality trips, trips to the back yard, or turning your home into a science lab by ordering kits and finding fun projects.

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Virtually Tour The Wonders Of The Museo Galileo

Another awesome virtual tour option you might want to check out are the videos offered by Museo Galileo. Located in the city of Florence, the museum houses some of the most important instruments in scientific history.

Virtual tours of the museum might actually be the best way to see the museum, as it can be a bit tricky to actually physically visit the place. It is a pretty small building and tends to be very popular over the summer months.

If computer history is more your bag, then you might want to take the National Museum of Computing’s virtual tour. Take a 3D tour of the history of the ongoing development of computing from, fittingly, your own computer.

The museum is home to the world’s largest collection of working historic computers and includes examples of the history of world-changing tech from the 1940s to the present day.

Visit The Burke Museum From The Comfort Of Your Own Home Or Classroom

Youll get unlimited access to this digital resource for the month of your choice. Through your web browser, visit a gallery in the Burke Museum and go behind-the-scenes to see the collections and workrooms! Screen-share during class and take your students through the tour together or have them access it independently.

Virtual Field Trips have been designed for and are recommended for Grades 28. We recommend that students in Grades 2-3 have adult assistance if being asked to use the digital resource on their own.

Want a sneak peek of a Virtual Field Trip?

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Take A Museum Field Trip

When a field trip is out of the question, journey to a virtual museum! Join Education World as we visit science, art, and history museums around the world.

A class field trip to a museum can spark intense student interest as well as nurture thinking skills. But practical concerns, such as money and time, limit the location and number of museums a class can visit.

An alternative to real-life field trips is online virtual visits that can be taken via computer. Clearly, nothing replaces the actual experience of a museum tour, yet experiencing a high-quality online museum yields its own rewards.

Here is a sampling of excellent online museums to visit with your class, divided by category. Suggested activities accompany the descriptions of the Web sites.


The Franklin Institute Science MuseumThis Philadelphia-based museum has structured its online site in a way that is ideal for educational purposes. The presentation is straightforward you won’t have to spend much time finding what you want. The site offers a number of interesting exhibits, and there is almost definitely going to be some content that relates to your curriculum. At this time, the following are among the offerings:


Activity: Have students explore the museum’s Web site, and then ask them to make a four-page illustrated brochure about the American Museum of Natural History.




Can I Book Access To A Virtual Field Trip For More Than One Month

Virtual Field Trip: Yellowstone National Park

Yes, however our virtual field trip URL and password is changed each month. If youd like to request access to a virtual field trip for an additional month, please submit your request for the month youd like access to begin, then send us a follow-up email at to let us know youd like to extend your access. We will book your access for the months you indicate in your email. Each month of access costs $40, and you will be invoiced accordingly. Please note that you will be sent a unique URL and password for each month of access that you book.

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For Reservations Call 810

Whether youre teaching remotely or in the classroom, we can virtually present interactive science content to your kids. Activity kits include all the materials for fun, hands-on exploration that aligns with state standards.

Virtual Field Trips for Classroom Learning: Programs marked with a gold star are available as virtual experiences for in-person learners in their classrooms.

Virtual Field Trips for Remote Learning: Programs marked with a green circle are available as virtual at-home experiences for remote learners.

Art Speaks Loud Virtual Tour

Grades 35Investigate how artists use art as a powerful tool to talk about some of the issues that matter most to students in California, including identity, community, health, the environment, and social and racial justice. This virtual tour includes:

  • A 45-minute live discussion through Zoom
  • Accompanying hands-on poster-making art activity with short instructional videos
  • Teacher guide

Dates and time: 1st and 3rd Thursdays at 9:30 am. Currently scheduling from March 1 to June 3, 2022.

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The Best Virtual Science Field Trips

Nifty ways to keep science education lively and entertaining with virtual field trips.

As many students are finishing the 2019-2020 school year with online lessons due to COVID-19, parents and educators alike have been charged with stimulating children in a non-traditional education setting.

There is also a strong likelihood that as governments continue to scramble in finding ways to stop the spread of coronavirus, at least the first term of the next school year may continue in the form of distance education.


Distance education can work quite smoothly when planned in advance. There are many online resources that can give students educational opportunities paramount to those they would receive in the brick and mortar classroom.

However, due to the extraordinary circumstances placed on many by the pandemic, extracurricular and supplemental activities are simply not feasible. One thing that students may be missing, especially in the spring and summer months is the chance to go on field trips. Field trips allow the classroom to come alive. A field trip takes learning into the community and gives students a chance to do fun, hands-on activities.

Enhance Your Schools Teaching And Learning With A Virtual Field Trip To The Nature Museum That Includes A Live Interactive Workshop Centered Around Unique Museum Resources

5th Grade Life Science – Virtual Field Trip | California Science Center

Register for our creative science and nature workshops to focus your virtual field trip and create meaningful connections between in- and out-of-school learning experiences in real-world contexts. All workshops are taught by an experienced museum educator and correlate with the Next Generation Science Standards.

Preparing for your Virtual Field Trip


Once you register for your workshop, youll receive your Virtual Field Trip Guide and confirmation, where youll find your virtual student workshop time, FAQs, and an asynchronous pre-visit activity to ground your Nature Museum experience!

Live Interactive Student Workshop

Bring locally focused science education to your class and create meaningful connections to the Nature Museum through an interactive, educator-led virtual workshop.


After your virtual visit, share theasynchronous post-visit activities and resources in the Virtual Field Trip Guide with your students and families to continue your Nature Museum experiences.

Guided virtual experiences are a wonderful way for our young learners to still explore the world even during a pandemic! Thank you!

Virtual Student Workshop Participant 2020

Pre-K & K Workshops

Butterfly Body PartsNGSS: LS1

A Habitat HikeNGSS: LS4, ESS3

Explore the diversity of local living things! Students will compare and contrast Chicago-area land and water habitats and the living things that call those places home on an interactive virtual hike integrating the Museums collection.

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