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O Museum In The Mansion

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Mrs. Rosa Parks’ History at O Museum In The Mansion, Washington, DC

with our themed rooms and 70 secret doors we are like no other wedding venue in the world – offering a destination wedding without having to travel. we have been featured on the travel channel’s “mega mansions”, named a washingtonian magazine “hidden gem” and featured in national geographic traveler among others.

our world-class cuisine, top-notch service and awe-inspiring intimate environment will create lasting memories for you and your guests. our 5 star chef can create an extraordinary meal tailored to your groups unique personality and dietary needs – including, kosher-style, halal, vegan, vegetarian, regional and international cuisine. our pastry chef is rated in the top ten in the country.

we offer packaged pricing that can be enhanced and customized just for you. your complimentary event planner will listen to you – to create the wedding you’ve always dreamed of – so you can spend less time planning and more time enjoying your special day.

African American Heritage Trail

Mrs. Rosa Parks History

We are honored to have been included on The African American Heritage Trail and designated as a 20th Century Civil Rights site by Cultural Tourism DC.

From 1994 to 2003 The Mansion On O & O Street Museum was the place Mrs. Rosa Parks called home whenever she visited Washington, DC. Mrs. Rosa Parks helped spark the American civil rights movement in 1955 by refusing to give up her seat to a white man on a segregated Montgomery, Alabama bus. That act made her one of the most important women in American history and earned her the nickname Mother of the Civil Rights Movement.

In 1994 H.H. Leonards, Founder of The O Museum in The Mansion received a phone call from Brother Willis Edwards, head of the NAACP in Beverly Hills saying Mrs. Parks had been attacked and beaten in her home in Detroit and needed a safe place to heal and rest. Lady H invited her and her close friends to stay for free as part of The O Museums Heroes-in-Residence Program.

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the mansion is one of the most unique and intimate environments in the world.

nestled in the center of washington, d.c., only minutes from the white house and georgetown, the mansion on o street’s discrete private club offers a respite for discerning guests.

the mansion is a way of life. it’s where presidents, prime ministers and religious leaders come to relax. it’s where ceos inspire their employees. it’s where business associates and friends meet for drinks. it’s where artists and authors find their muse. it’s where families gather to create special memories and it’s where the music plays on, beyond forever. live heaven, live life, at the mansion

no request too large, no detail too small.

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Why We Do It

The O Street Museum Foundation was created for everyone to share and collaborate within – and then go out into the world, where anything is possible, and dreams can be made real.

People are often afraid to approach art because they feel inadequate and inferior to the artist and/or artistic creation. But as raw music demonstrates , art is the result of hard work and devotion to the process. An artist is a spiritual carpenter and a craftsman. Everyday he/she goes to work, to apply their knowledge and create their work. Creativity manifests itself in many different forms making artists out of many you wouldnt ordinarily consider. Top Fortune 500 CEOs for example possess a rich artistic vision – solving complex problems by imagining the unimaginable. Thats what art is.

As a non-profit funding our programs is crucial. O Street Museums one-of-a-kind exhibits, intimate music experiences, loyal volunteers, and engaged advisory board have helped propel visitorship and cultivate donors to generate growth.

But it is not enough.

In addition to our programs we have critical infrastructure and operating expenses that need funding so we can continue to further our mission.

Economic Impact By The Numbers

How We Help The Community

Funding By The Numbers

The Mansion On O & O Street Museum

The Mansion On O Street

With over 100 rooms and 70 secret doors, The Mansion on O O Museum is one of the most unique properties in the world. They were named The Coolest Place in DC by, Top 5 historic venues to explore by Smithsonian Magazine, and Top 7 Hotels in DC by Forbes. Their immersive environment has been featured in television shows, books, and magazines including the Travel Channel’s Mega Mansions, and National Geographic’s Traveler Magazine.

Their ever-changing spaces and expansive footprint includes 12 conference rooms, large and small meeting galleries, a secret wine cellar, and a host of creative spaces perfect for retreats, corporate events, private dining, weddings, and parties. For those needing overnight accommodations, they have 23 uniquely themed hotel rooms suites ideal for executive lodging, short or long term stays.

A haven for CEOs, rock stars, celebrities, and politicians, they adhere to a strict privacy policy. They offer on-site world-class catering, top-notch service and unique team-building opportunities that set the standard for out-of-the-box meetings, retreats events.

As a historic site on The African American Heritage Trail it was Mrs. Rosa Parks home-away-from-home whenever she visited DC guests will enjoy an immersive inspiring experience that includes themed rooms, secret doors, history, art, literature, signature guitars, sports entertainment memorabilia, and one-of-a-kind gems found only at O Museum.

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Mansion Privacy Policy >

We take your security, health, and privacy very seriously at The Mansion, with a strict, no-tolerance policy of never sharing your personal information even your name with anyone, before, during or after your event, hotel stay and/or retreat. In addition, no one has access to The Mansion, without a prearranged meeting/visit.

simply put, no one can reach you when you are here, unless they have a password .

If anyone comes to the door or calls for a guest, member, or employee, and they do not have the password, they will be told There is no one here by that name or There is no group here by that name. No exceptions. What happens at The Mansion stays at The Mansion.

This is part of our core philosophy and a key reason why the Mansion continues to be a preferred venue for our hotel guests, and for so many private and corporate clients over the years.

Thank you for your kindness. I liked the feel of the room and the secret door. I enjoyed my stay. See you again!


Notes From Captivity: Emerging

I have been spending long hours reorganizing and redesigning the rooms at O Museum and cleaning and cleaning and cleaning. I am grateful to my mother who had me scrubbing linoleum floors when I was 4 years old.My hands-on cleaning these long weeks have helped settle my heart and mind. I have begun … again .. to let go … to think with my heart and feel with my mind.I realize it’s all good. It was and is time for all of us to step back and reconfigure who we want to become. We must all hold hands . No one is alone.As we begin to think and pray about coming out of “captivity,” here are five things to consider:

  • Raise your expectations. Say yes to your dreams
  • Clean, dance, and exercise off your doubts and fears
  • There is no more “normal”. Accept this, and let it go
  • Pace yourself. Have more compassion for others for sure, but don’t forget your Self
  • Smile more. If you smile before eating, your food always tastes better
  • If you have any thoughts about this, email me. I will personally answer every letter I get.There is so much to be thankful for. Believe.And don’t forget to “scrub the floors.”

    H. H. Leonards, Founder

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    Lodging Reservation Details >

    • reservations are secured with a one night non-refundable, non-transferable deposit. the balance is due at check-in.
    • If you are booking a block of rooms for multiple nights a 50% nonrefundable/nontransferable deposit for the entire length of stay for each room is required at time of booking. The balance is due 15 days before your stay, and is nonrefundable/nontransferable.
    • check-in is at 3 p.m. check-out is 11 a.m.
    • there is a $100/night charge for early checkout and $100 for a late checkout
    • parking $48/car/night + tax
    • You are welcome to schedule a private party in one of our event spaces but, private parties in our rooms, suites, and residences are strictly prohibited. A fine of $1,000 may be assessed for non-compliance.
    • pets allowed with written permission. please note: you will be charged for any damage incurred during your occupancy.
    • need more than 23 rooms? we have partnerships with some of the worlds best properties – inquire

    Express Yourself!

    just don’t come nude

    Mansion Smoking Policy >

    Experience O Museum in The Mansion

    As a private club, The Mansion provides you the freedom to choose a smoking or smoke-free environment for your gathering when you choose the exclusive club floor rental option. While we support the responsible use of fine cigars and cigarettes, we also recognize and accomodate all of the diverse needs of our members. To that end, we offer a state-of-the art air circulation and purification system that allows for constant clean air throughout The Mansion.

    Our world class mahogany humidor, is kept at 70 degrees with a humidity level of 70% to ensure the integrity of every cigar. We have a wide variety of cigars on hand. You can also host an event with a cigar roller

    Harness The Power of Good: Partner with us to raise money for your cause

    What is a charity shopping spree?Its a fundraiser where we give back to non-profit organizations. Its easy! Your members shop in our on-line store during their designated 48 hour period and put in their special code at check-out and we will donate 10% – 20% of their purchase to your charity. There is no cost to your organization.

    Who is eligible?Any registered non-profit organization or school. This includes church groups, charities and more.

    When are they held?A charity spree can be held during any 48 hour period of your choice.

    How does a shopping spree work?Save the date. Contact us with the date youd like to host your shopping spree and well give you a code for your charity to use.

    Watch Our Shopping Channel

    Public Transportation

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    Complimentary Event Planner For Your Dream Wedding >

    Every wedding is as special and unique as The Mansion itself. Each moment of your wedding weekend should reflect and highlight you – not just to set the tone for your customized weekend, but your future, together. we are experienced in securingall of the details and helping you accomplish the finishing touches toensure your wedding is spectacular – without the worry!

    We believe events are made memorable when every detail is addressed and coordinated, from your choice of flowers, to your food selection – to how you arrive for your event. When you book your wedding with us you’ll be paired with your own complimentary on-site event planner who will work with you to be sure every detail is a reflection of your dreams. Our staff’s focused attention to detail is legendary. No request too large, no detail too small.

    Equipment Pricing

    we offer state-of-the-art technology including high speed wireless internet, seamless video conferencing and recording services.

    our world class audio, visual and sound systems have been tested by some of the most talented musicians in the industry. other than your phone, ipad and/or lap top computer, no other electrical equipment can be brought in.

    * must use mansion equipment

    music must be downloaded to your device. music streaming services are strictly prohibited. we support our musician’s and songwriter’s right to be paid for their music.

    60″ flat screen with tech support

    Buffet Must Have 40 Or More Guests

    • bread basket homebaked mansion bread with sweet whipped butter
    • brussel sprouts or roasted with hazelnuts, oranges, and goat cheese
    • butternut squash ravioli pasta squares filled with butternut squash topped with a sage butter sauce
    • california sage brush salad baby greens with hearts of palm, avocado & sage croutons, in a cactus pear vinaigrette
    • caprese salad beefsteak tomatoes & fresh mozzarella, drizzled with balsamic vinaigrette & fresh basil
    • citrus asparagus with oranges and grapefruit in a italian vinaigrette
    • filet of beef renaissance tenderloin of texas beef marinated in tarragon & pinot noir
    • gratin potatoes
    • italian & japanese eggplant
    • norwegian fjord grilled salmon with papaya in a champagne mint sauce

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    Complimentary Event Planner To Make It Easy >

    our complimentary event planners will guide you in creating a unique, memorable event for your organization. the mansion is an ever changing environment so there is no one particular way to handle an event at the mansion – every event is as special and unique as the mansion itself. we are experienced in securing last minute details and helping you accomplish the finishing touches to ensure the success of your event – without the worry!

    We believe events are made memorable when every detail is addressed and coordinated, from your menu – to the seating arrangements. When you book your event with us you’ll be paired with your own complimentary on-site event planner who will work with you to be sure every detail is a reflection of your brand. Our staff’s focused attention to detail is legendary.

    we have entertained u.s. president’s, civil rights leaders, celebrities and world travelers – let us entertain you.

    Lodging For Groups Of All Sizes >

    The Mansion on O &  O Street Museum

    Planning a meeting or an event with us and need to house a large group of guests? From single rooms, to suites, to residences and beyond we can accommodate your hotel needs!

    If booking an event you and your guests enjoy a 30% discount on single rooms & suites. large groups inquire >

    Inn Love is our and . Check us out.

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    O Museum In The Mansionbooking Unavailable On Tripadvisor

    LIZ RHeritage Beer Hunt4 stars based on my kids opinion, 2 for me, so we will settle on 3. We did the secret door hunt. Found 11 or 12 of the 30+ doors. Many were LABELED that they were a secret door , but there was so much stuff in front of them you couldn’t open them. My husband felt like a bull in a china shop because they tell you “you break it you buy it” and I’m like wow, can’t move around easily so really worried about breaking something. There. Is. So. Much. Suff. I can’t really explain it. It’s just endless Knick knacks and do-dads and framed art everywhere and overly opulent bedrooms. One review I read before going was it would be a nightmare for a minimalist and that about sums it up. My husband and kids had fun, I just found it to be too overstimulating. It was beyond quirky it was over the top.Heritage Beer Hunt

    Why We Like It

    We love the surprise nature of this hotel, the sense of wonder it offers in its jam-packed, flea-market-like, creatively designed rooms. You never know what youre going to discoverwhether its John Lennons guitar, original sculpture by Frederick art, a signed Lord of the Rings film script, or a wooden hot tub. Its been described as part Alice in Wonderland, part Downton Abbey, and thats exactly what it feels like–this is not your typical hotel. And yet, despite its eccentric nature, youre guaranteed all the luxuries and comforts of a first-rate hotel. And all the privacy and anonymity anyone could ever want.

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    Career Intern Volunteer & Docent Opportunities >

    More than business, The Mansion is a way of life. It is not about us, the “house” or our employees, it is about our guests.

    First and foremost, we strive to put our guests first immersing them in music, art, literature, creativity, joyful spaces and most of all a place to truly be yourself. We create an experience that inspires each and every individual in a positive way. It is a place where dreams come true and where imagination is the rule, not the exception.

    As a small private luxury hotel and club, conference center, and museum, we combine art, architecture, literature and inspiration to craft an exhilarating, entertaining experience for our guests.

    As an extension of our family, you need to be: selfless, self-motivated, able to follow procedures, flexible, service oriented, have blind faith, lots of ambition, and drive.

    We have built a culture where everything is about our guests. It doesn’t matter who you are, what you have done, or how long you have been with The Mansion, we have a zero tolerance policy for theft and/or drama.

    We always have room for creative, passionate, hardworking people. To accommodate a global footprint, many of our teammates telecommute from around the world.

    If you have talent or expertise to lend, don’t worry about your location. Send us your resume, a short video or audio tape on how you think you can help and why you want to join our team.

    Simply amazing, why haven’t I done this already!

    Matt Waldron

    Why We Fly Together

    O Street Museum in The Mansion

    It is during the periods of our worst suffering that cause us to fly in the same direction and be brought, together.

    The bad times and we’ve all had our share are almost invariably the places where I’ve learned crucial lessons. In fact, I’d say that the bad parts should be embraced more. Even though you really don’t feel like that when you are suffering, or feel badly.

    After a while, we begin to see how positive things can come out of the bad, which allows us to understand the pain that we’ve endured.

    You learn to accept that one day you’ll be famous, the next day infamous. One day you’ll be rich, the next day poor. One day people will think you’re great, the next day they’ll think you’re not so great. This is just the stuff of life.

    Then one day, a light bulb goes on inside your soul, and you realize you are not alone, that life is ever changing, and not always in your control.

    What makes you stronger and wiser are the lessons you learn along the way. This is how you learn to be grateful for what you have, and what is.

    The way I see it, life is about growth, struggle, and trying to expand your love of self and in this process, a deeper love of others.

    I’m ready to fly again. Join me.

    H. H. Leonards, Founder

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