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Miami Auto Museum At The Dezer Collection

Fort Lauderdale Antique Car Museum

Movie cars at the Miami Auto Museum, the Dezer collection. Star cars.

Showcasing the collection of legendary Fort Lauderdale florist Arthur Stone, this museum showcases the prime obsession of its founder: the Packard. Although the automaker only was in existence from 1899 until 1958, in that time it made some truly remarkable autos. Each year of production is represented at this museum, along with all sorts of other memorabilia.

About The Dezer Museum

The Dezer Car Collection and Museum and Pavilion now feature more than 1,100 of the most classic, antique, and unique vehicles ever held in any private collection. The museums eight auto and vehicle exhibitions display the auto history of cars, from old military vehicles to classic European cars and motorcycles.

At the Dezer Museum, there is something for every car collector and car enthusiast. The museum is also well suited for exhibitions and both private and corporate events. The museum is a total of 75,000 feet and hosts a car private collection never seen before.

Inside The Dezer Car Collection and Auto Museum in Miami

New Hollywood Car Museum Las Vegas Showcases Classic Film And Tv Vehicles

Hollywood Car Museum Las Vegas at Hot Rod City, Las Vegas, Showcases Classic Film and TV Vehicles Hot Rod City Las Vegas and Michael Dezer, owner of one of the worlds largest vehicle collections at The Miami Auto Museum, has announced the grand opening of the new Hollywood Car Museum Las Vegas. The recent partnering with Dezer, one of the worlds

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The Dauer Classic Car Museum

The Dauer Classic Car Museum is something of an anomaly. Instead of just showing cars or brands, its an immersive experience where visitors can enjoy a wide swatch of American culture, particularly after World War II. There are exhibits dedicated to attending drive-in movies, beach parties, and even what it was like to ride in a 1950s ambulance. Its one of a kind, believe us.

The Miami Auto Museum

Photos for Miami Auto Museum at the Dezer Collection

This collection is literally two blocks from Prestige Imports, even if it feels transported from a different time and place altogether. Along with a number of different lounge spaces, there are also a number of enthralling exhibits, including ones featuring European classics, James Bond cars, and a full Batman exhibit.

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Wheelers Bikes Motorcycles And Scooters

Considered to be one of the first forms of modern transportation the bicycle holds an important place in the worlds automotive history. Without the bicycle, we would have never had motorbikes, scooters, or motorcycles which remain to this day the most prolific modes of transportation worldwide. The Dezer collection does a nice job of taking its visitors through the history of bicycles and features some finely restored examples of many classic bikes.

It is said that the entire Dezer Collection can be traced back to one vehicle, the original Vespa owned by mister Dezer himself at the age of 16. It is said to be the vehicle that inspired his love of motoring and started a life-long passion for automobiles. Its no wonder then that The Miami Automobile Museum features the largest collection of Vespas in the world with over 400 models on display.

Miami Auto Museum At The Dezer Collection

Review Highlights

There’s a little bit of everything, even a huge collection of early motorized bicycles and 10 reviews

The second building has more “classic” cars along with motorcycles, electric cars, boat engines, and a military 18 reviews

I know some folks personally who are into cars and would definitely love this car museum, and so will you!in 6 reviews

Location & Hours

Michel Dezer M.

Business Owner

The Dezer Collection Auto Museum & Event Space, featuring the largest James Bond museum in the world: Bond motorcycles, subs, planes, copters, boats, and is home to the “Golden Gun,” a T-55 Soviet tank featured in Goldeneye, a BD-5, Micro jet, six Aston Martins, and much more. The Collection hosts one of America’s largest private automobile collections with over 1000 cars, motorcycles, bicycles, and much more, spanning over a century of automotive history from Ford Model “T’s,” Classics, micro cars to the latest in “Hollywood Cars of the Stars” showcasing automobiles from some of Hollywood’s most celebrated films and television shows: Batman, James Bond, Ghost Busters, Back To The Future, Flinstones, The Great Race, and much more.Home to South Florida’s newest and most unique special event venue. including 50,000 total sq ft of meeting space: 25,000 in our Gallery, our James Bond and Batman lounges, and more. The Dezer Collection fits everyone’s needs.

Recommended Reviews

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Where Hollywood Cars Are The Stars

Upon arriving at Miamis Auto Museum, we followed the signs to the 50s diner style lobby, complete with vintage cars fashioned into booth style seating. Even from the entrance, the overwhelming volume, quality, and uniqueness of the collection of vehicles and vehicle-related collectibles begins to astound you. You eventually realize you are in for one of those the world is a bigger place than you gave it credit for experiences. The collection is broken up into fifteen dedicated galleries in two buildings. One building houses the American classics, European classics, military vehicles, electric vehicles, motorcycles, scooters/bicycles, and outboard motors. The other building is mostly designed around pop culture themes, including an incredible collection of Hollywood memorabilia and the original cars used in long running television shows including The Dukes of Hazzard, Night Rider, The Munsters, The Monkees, and Hardcastle and McCormick. If you are anything like me and considered the real star of Magnum PI to be a red Ferrrari 308GTS, then you are in for a real treat.

Also housed under the roof of the pop culture building is the worlds largest collection of micro cars, an indoor drive in Movie Theater, a childrens play space, an arcade, an electric train display and more. I can comfortably say that there is something at Miamis Auto Museum at the Dezer Collection for everyone. Personally, I cannot wait to go back and explore even more of this incredible museum.

Miami Auto Museum: Dezer Collection

Dezer Collection Car Museum

Travel through time and experience the largest privately owned transportation museum in the world! Car aficionados and novices alike will appreciate the great collection that Michael Dezer has amassed over the years.

When youre driving on Biscayne Boulevard, you can see what looks like an old gas station with a few classic cars and a sign overhead that says Dezer Collection. Growing up in the area, I must have passed it a million times. I wondered what all the fuss was about, especially since it looked so small. Boy was I wrong! Turns out the two buildings that hold the collection are around the back. All together, there are over 250,000 square feet with over 1,000 vehicles!

The entrances to the two buildings

Right away, youre hit with bright lights and incredible memorabilia. Now, Im not really into cars. But I can appreciate the dedication and passion it took to create this collection. Plus, it turns out there werent just cars. Aside from vintage cars, there were also cars from various movies, motorcycles, scooters, bicycles, and military vehicles. Scattered around there were also keepsakes that went along with the era of the cars . My favorite exhibits were the Hollywood Cars of the Stars and the James Bond Exhibition .

We had a great time admiring the Dezer Collection. I think its a great way to spend a few hours in Miami, especially if youre trying to find something to do thats inside.

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MiamiMuseum Has 1,200 Cars, Bicycles, Vespas The classic cars lined up against an empty, vintage gas station along a busy street in North Miami attract visitors to a much larger space right …

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