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Kansas City Museum Of Illusions

Museum Of Illusions Kc The Art Of Forced Perspective

OTR: Kansas City Missouri – Museum of Illusions in Union Station!

Over the years we have visited loads of various museums. They come in all sizes and focus on a host of topics. Some of our favorite are the one-off type that feature some unique subject. A newcomer to the Kansas City scene is the Museum of Illusions KC, located in Union Station. We dropped by to check out their exhibits on forced perspective, which some refer to as optical illusions.

We want to thank the Museum of Illusion for their hospitality. Rest assured all opinions are our own.

Its All About Angles

Some versions of forced perspective rely solely on the viewpoint. This oversized chair is made with a grouping of pieces. When viewed from one distinct angle, the pieces line up to create the illusion of a piece of furniture. Of course, it should be noted that two-dimensional photographs often lack the ability to fool the mind as well as the naked eye. When you visit you will see this for yourself.

Visual Aids

To assist in getting the best vantage point, staff at the Museum of Illusions KC have located these viewing station identifiers throughout the place. When you see one of these, you will want to check it out to see how it creates the best version of the forced perspective. Lets see what this viewing station has to offer.

Feelings of Goliath

Is It Crowded In Here?

This One Surprised Us

Getting Sideways

What is Going On Here?

Ill Have Your Head

Theyre Multiplying

Forced Perspective at Museum of Illusions

If Youre A Fan Of Optical Illusions You Will Never Want To Leave This Place

A brand new, mind-boggling museum could be making its way soon to Miami! The Museum of Illusions promises to offer an interactive, immersive and incomprehensibly cool experience for all generations. And although no opening date has been announced for its Philadelphia location, were actually pretty excited to see whats in store for the Magic City!

With a Museum of Illusions already open in New York, Dallas, Kansas City and Chicago, Philadelphias Museum of Illusions is one of 6 more coming to United States cities including Philadelphia and Miami as part of the fast-growing Museum of Illusions project that started in Zagreb, Croatia five years ago.

Like in the other cities, DCs museum could feature tons of mind-bending exhibits all based on math, science and psychology. Visitors are highly encouraged to participate in the exhibits to learn more about vision, perception, and the human brain. Not to mention they make for totally awesome Instagram opportunities!

Mirror infinity rooms, scale-distorting rooms, holograms, and vortex tunnels are but some of the cool displays that DCs Museum of Illusions could house. For example, in NYCs museum, theres even a room where everything gets turned absolutely upside down an anti-gravity room!

The place will basically be one giant, out-of-this-world awesome optical illusion and we cannot wait for it to open! What about you? Would you visit Philadelphias Museum of Illusions?

Art Of Illusion: Photography And Perceptual Play

Do photographs accurately convey visual truths? Or do they merely present illusions? The artists featured in this exhibition explore these ideas and challenge our understanding of the saying, seeing is believing. Using a range of technical and conceptual approaches, and working almost exclusively without darkroom manipulation or digital editing software, their works highlight the complex relationship between reality, visual perception, and camera vision. The majority of included works date from the early 1970s to the present.

Drawn from the museums renowned photography collection, Art of Illusion will feature approximately fifty works by twenty-five artists, including many recent acquisitions on view for the first time. Artists include: Thomas Barrow, Zeke Berman, Michael Bishop, Cortis & Sonderegger, Robert Cumming, Thomas Demand, John Divola, Liat Elbling, David Hockney, Graham Howe, Kenneth Josephson, Lilly McElroy, Jerry McMillan, Duane Michels, Arno Minkkinen, Abelardo Morell, Grant Mudford, Vik Muniz, John Pfahl, Marcia Resnick, Hiroshi Sugimoto, Michel Szulc-Krzyzanowski, Lew Thomas, Ruth Thorne-Thomsen, and Rodrigo Valenzuela.

This exhibition is dedicated to John Pfahl

Organized by The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art, this exhibition is supported by the Hall Family Foundation.

Media Partner: The Independent

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When Museum Of Illusions Started

In 2015 Zagreb, Croatia started a new project of illusions that the world quickly recognized and attracted peoples attention toward the project.

With increasing popularity, they also set their unique project at 15 cities globally. Moreover, it continues to expand in other cities to provide opportunities to different regions to enjoy a world of illusions.

Plan Your Group Visits

Kansas City Museum of illusions

From school groups to groups of retirees, Museum of Illusions welcomes and entertains all age groups. Come with a group of at least ten people and find out why your eyes see things that your brain cant understand. Plan in advance in order to get the desired time. Choose the unexpected and check out what awaits you in the world of illusion.

Groups are required to book their visit at least five days in advance as visits are planned according to bookings and other museum activities. For each group of 10 visitors, the Museum guarantees free entrance for the group leader.

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About Museum Of Illusions Kansas City

At the Museum of Illusions Kansas City, not all that is seen is mean to be believed. Visitors will need to study closely the mystifying optical illusions and confounding mazes they encounter inside this museum’s halls in order to understand the tricks they play on the mind. They’ll see themselves standing on the ceiling rather than the floor, experience a mind-blowing anti-gravity room, and enter a world full of mirrors that seems to go on forever. And with a camera in tow, they’ll snap photos fit for social media and sharing that viewers won’t be able to look away from.

What Fee Will They Charge For Entry

Ticket charges vary in different regions at their branches, but in Kansas City, MO, Museum of Illusions charges average is 30 to 40 dollars per person.

For the Giants house, a ticket for the elders is up to 40 dollars, but for kids from 6-12, you will pay only 30 dollars.

But your kids who are below five years are free to enter with you, so never forget to bring them to explore a new world.

The process of purchasing tickets is simple, but you must have JavaScript activated while booking the tickets.

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Kansas City The Main Place Of Illusions

The Museum of Illusions in Kansas City brings you a space suitable both for social and entertaining tours into the world of illusions which has delighted all generations. Its a unique place for new experiences and fun with friends and family. Not only is it a place for children who adore visiting, but also a place for parents, couples, grandmothers and grandfathers.

See what else we offer, you wont believe your eyes! Be brave enough to jump in an illusion created by the Vortex Tunnel! It will drive you crazy and make you believe youre heavily struggling just to make a step forward through a rotating cylinder on a surface so stable and flat! See yourself on the ceiling of the room, let yourself free in an Infinity room, resist the laws of gravity and size ratio, and take pictures of yourself in EVERY POSSIBLE POSE!

If A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words Be Sure That An Illusion Hides More Than A Million

Museum of Illusion – Kansas City

Enter the fascinating world of illusions which will trick your confidence in your own senses, but will also amaze you by doing so the world that will confuse you completely, but also educate you Visit us and you will be thrilled because nothing is what it seems, especially not in the Museum of Illusions!

Are you ready for a fascinating adventure? We offer you an intriguing visual, sensory and educational experience with a handful of new, unexplored illusions.

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Are You Ready For An Adventure

Enter the fascinating world of illusions which will trick your confidence in your own senses, but will also amaze you by doing so the world that will confuse you completely, but also educate you We promise you will be thrilled because nothing is what it seems, especially not in the Museum of Illusions!Museum of Illusions started as a unique project which soon became one of the fastest growing education and entertainment places, with locations in more than 30 cities around the globe and continues to expand! This original concept was launched in Zagreb, Croatia in 2015 and quickly become a recognizable brand and leading attraction in each city where it is launched.

Museum of Illusions offers interactive, immersive and fun experience for children, parents, couples, grandmothers and grandfathers a perfect, unusual and exciting place for all generations. Amusing and awesome tricks will teach you about vision, perception, the human brain and science so it will be easier to perceive why your eyes see things which your brain cannot understand.

What Museum Of Illusions Kansas City Offer

Museum of Illusions Kansas City, MO, offers a unique, funny, immersive, creative, and interactive experience for all people.

Children, parents, couples, and a group of friends visit and explore the new ideas of illusions at that center. You will be entertained and feel an incredible thrilling experienced because you will see nothing.

The Center is a perfect exciting and unusual place for all generations to keep them enjoyed and entertaining. When you experience such amusing and excellent fun provided experiences, it will explore your perception, vision, and fresh mind.

You will not just explore the new world but also understand the science behind the perception concept. Furthermore, you will learn about why you see such things that your mind cannot understand.

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