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Glass Museum St Petersburg Fl

Summer Safari Scavenger Hunt

Drone Tour of The Imagine Museum in St. Pete | Taste and See Tampa Bay

Let Imagine Museum customize a memorable tour for your family, group of friends, corporate clients, or your social or philanthropic groups. We promise, you will be inspired and uplifted by our contemporary glass museum and the captivating world of Studio Glass. Private Group Tours are available to parties of 10 or more. All safety protocols are observed.

The Booming Art Scene

Ill be the first to admit that art galleries arent my thing. I dont know if its just me but big art galleries are overwhelming. Being as far from a student of art that one can be, Ive always found it hard to appreciate art. Is that bad of me to say?

Good news. The art that St. Pete is anything but dull or boring. You wont believe which two artists have big galleries in the city.

The man behind the melting clock

Surrealism is the style and Salvador Dalí is the man behind the famous works on display at The Dalí Museum. Now it may seem strange that St. Pete is home to the second largest collection of Dalí works in the world but its all thanks to the A. Reynolds Morse and Eleanor R. Morse. In 1942, they started a 40-year relationship with Dalí as both friends and patrons and built up an extensive collection of original Dalí works.

Just as Dalí pushed the boundaries of surrealism, so too is the design and architecture of this museum. Built by the waterfront of St. Pete, The Dalí Museum opened in 2011. Composed of concrete, glass skyways, and a giant spiral staircase, it was a joy just to roam around the museum.

While Im not familiar with all of Dalís works, I was mesmerized by the evolution of his art. Listening to the free audio guide, I was able to decode otherwise complex and fiercely technical pieces. My favorite has to be the double entendre piece Gala Contemplating the Mediterranean Sea. Move your eyes back from the screen and tell me what you see.

St Petersburg Museum Of History

The St. Petersburg Museum of History aims to collect, preserve and communicate the history and heritage of the Sunshine City. From historical themed parties, concerts, and private events, the museum has a way to engage people of all ages.

The Museum is best known for its Lark of Duluth exhibit, a Benoist XIV biplane seaplane that marked the beginning of the era of air travel. The SPMOH tells an incredible story of the transformation of St. Petersburg and the surrounding areas.

Price:$15 Adults, $12 Seniors , $9 Veterans, $9 Teachers & Students, $9 Teen, Free for Children 6 and under

Location: 335 2nd Ave NE, St. Petersburg, FL 33701

Website: St. Petersburg Museum of History

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The Dali Museum In St Petersburg

This museum began with a collection of Dalis paintings that owned by A. Reynolds and Eleanor Morse of Cleveland, Ohio, who began collecting Dalis works in 1942 and became friends with the artist and his wife, Gala.

St. Pete beat out large, well-established art museums by promising to keep the Morses collection intact. It included at the time 93 oil paintings, 200 watercolor and drawings, and 1,000 prints plus a 2,500-volume library on Dali and surrealism, some films and other objects by Dali.

Since the museum opened in 1982, it has continued to acquire significant Dali works. A new building for the expanding collection opened in 2011, with a freeform geodesic dome known as the enigma built into its side and a spiral staircase based on the Fibonacci sequence.

The view from the enigmas second-floor windows overlooks St. Petersburgs marina.

The museums permanent collection takes visitors through a retrospective of Dalis life and work, with examples from each period. A favorite of most visitors is the large oil painting called Gala Contemplating the Mediterranean Sea which at Twenty Meters Becomes the Portrait of Abraham Lincoln.

Up close, its difficult to see Lincolns face, but stand back far enough almost to the other end of the museums long gallery and you will see the large pixel-like blocks of color transform into the image of Lincoln.

The Dali Museum

Imagine Museum Invites All Ages To Experience The Beauty Of Glass Art

Chihuly Glass Museum: St. Petersburg, Florida

Imagine Museum features cutting edge art

See glass artwork from around the world at the Imagine Museum in St. Petersburg.

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. St. Petersburg has many opportunities to see fine art, from the murals along Central Avenue to the Bending Arc at the Pier. Among the museums showing specialized works of art, the Imagine Museum stands out as unique.

We are a museum that showcases contemporary glass from around the world, stated Jane Buckman, the executive director of Imagine Museum.

The museum is full of creative works all with the common element of being made of glass, but glass art is not an old art form such as drawing and painting.

Really, this is an American movement actually, it started in the 1960S and then it exploded, Buckman explained. The artists said, We want to create with this material and we want to make fine art.’

Like other creative people, artists around the world saw what the Americans were doing and followed suit.

So when you come to Imagine Museum, what youre able to see is artists from around the world, inspired by Americans to take this material of glass and to create the beautiful sculpture you see in this museum, said Buckman.

But glass art, thats just for responsible adults and hands-off types, right? Not so, said Buckman. The Imagine Museum in St. Petersburg loves when children attend.

People, for not very much money, can come in and have a wonderful experience, Buckman shared.


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Imagine Museum In St Petersburg

I want to call this the museum of fascination and meditation, because the works on display invite both. Imagine Museum is good name, as every work in this exquisite collection invites you to imagine a story, emotion or idea. It is impressive to see the many ways glass can be used to create art: dizzying infinity mirror pieces, gardens of glass, a bakery in miniature, thought-provoking boat-like pieces by Swedish artist Bertil Vallien, works that look like waves, flowing water, space aliens works of blown glass, works of cast glass, works made by melting and bending rods of glass into shapes.

Two spaces particularly feel like a call to meditation. One is a wall of 1,000 Buddha heads in repeating patterns, created by Duggan. The other is a wall sculpture with holes through which a kaleidoscope plays continuously.

Each year the museum chooses a working glass artist to feature in one of its galleries with a year-long installation. In 2022, that artist is Chihuly protégé Martin Blank, whose work, If A River Could Tell a Story opened Jan. 29.

A well-curated gift shop offers art glass, decorative glass items and jewelry.

Imagine Museum

Open Tuesday-Sunday. Tickets $15. Discounts for seniors, students, military and youth. Children 6 and under and members free. Open late on Thursdays, with $5 admission after 5 p.m. Free guided tours daily with admission. On the web: | Phone:

James Museum Of Western & Wildlife Art

Overall Ratings

5.0 based on 251 reviews

The James Museum of Western & Wildlife Art will revive interest and passion about the history of the American West. The tenacious spirit of Native American, pioneer and immigrant cultures embodies the history of our country. We will engage the community, through programs and public events, in meaningful ways to connect and make this narrative relevant to civilization today. The museum features over 500 modern and historic works of art that evoke the spirit of a wide-open frontier and the beauty of life in the American West.

Reviewed By SusanaW1979GU – St. Pete Beach, United States

Visitors from DC complimented the newest museum addition to St. Petersburg The James Museum of Western and Wildlife Art. From the striated limestone and copper panels distinguishing the exterior structure to the arroyo entrance to the carved granite waterfall, they were astonished by the architecture evocative of the American West. The collection of sculpture and paintings is a lesson in history as well as art. Highly recommended

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Our Guests Dmg Gallery

A beautiful display of glass art. The colors are just amazing. A very nice variety of collections of glass art. I cant say enough words to describe this place. The gallery includes an outdoor patio, excellent for gatherings. For art lovers, particular who appreciate glass as a media this is a must see if in the area. You will not be disappointed.

Dont miss this gallery in the warehouse art district. You wont believe your eyes when you step inside. The space itself is a work of art, and the work of over 40 artists from around the globe is stunning! Duncan, the owner, was kind enough to show us around and explain what they do. They also do charitable work with schools and the local art community. Once there, you wont want to leave!

Japan: Inspired Glass Gallery 210

Imagine Museum in St. Petersburg, Florida and their Amazing Glass Art Masterpieces

Contemporary Japanese glass art is as striking as it is diverse, combining European glass making methods with Japans inherent sensibility of beauty. The glass sculptures capture a sense of independence for the artists because the history of Japanese contemporary glass is relatively short, with ceramics being the medium of longevity and choice for the culture. Nature and beauty find no boundaries for the expression of the Japanese artists in our collection as they use the glass material to capture their independent voice.

Hiroshi Yamano

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Things To Do In St Petersburg During Winter

If you are used to cold weather, traveling to St. Petersburg, Florida, may feel like living in an open sauna. I decided to take my second trip to St. Petersburg in early December because it wasnt too chilly, but neither was it piping hot.

Swimming and relaxing at the beaches will be your go-to activities in the summer, while winter will allow you more space to explore, learn about the city up close, and be introduced to its diverse culture.

Located downtown, the new St. Pete Pier will introduce you to St. Petersburgs authentic lifestyle and culture. Covering over 26 acres, this recreation center, called the Pleasure Pier, offers multiple activities for travelers and locals, including kayaking, paddle-boating, swimming, hiking, walking, etc.

At St. Pete Pier, visitors can also enjoy the serene waterfront, along with downtown City-vibe.

St. Pete Pier is a popular destination for families and friends with over five restaurants, recreation playgrounds for kids, a pier plaza, an authentic market, waterfront resting places, and so much more.

For kids, this pier includes the splash pad at the plaza, Discovery Center and wetland, the Glazer playground with swings and slides, and the Bioswale picnic area. Children will love to spend time here given all the activities and attractions.

The avenue has bars, walking pavement close to the waterfront, spas, kayaking enclosure, boating, fishing, and paved walking trails for adults.

The James Museum Of Western & Wildlife Art

The James Museum of Western & Wildlife Art has a deep rooted passion for the arts and culture thats in St. Petersburg, just like the founders Tom and Mary James. The couple first started buying masterpieces from artists for a personal pleasure but also as a way to help artists earn a living.

Since their first acquisition, a large artistic legacy has grown one populated by emerging artists and living legends and filled with tribal tradition and classical finesse. Tom and Mary have succeed in their aim to share their vision, passion, and devotion to the arts.

Price: $20 Adults, $15 Seniors , $15 Students & Teachers, $15 Active Military, $10 Teens, Free for Members and children 6 & under

Special Pricing: Every Tuesday $10 Adults, $5 Teens

Location: 150 Central Ave St. Petersburg, FL 33701

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The James Museum Of Western And Wildlife Art In St Petersburg

My friends know I call this the cowboys and Indians museum because thats whats depicted in the vast majority of the art in this museum except for the wildlife gallery, which is full of realistic paintings of animals.

Each sandstone block of the museums exterior and lobby was painstakingly numbered where it was quarried, then placed so that the walls look like artistically designed sandstone cliffs.

Collector Tom James spent about $55 million remodeling this building, which the museum shares with a city parking garage.

You wont fail to notice the statuesque and regal bronze statues of American Indians in the museums lobby. There are more upstairs after you pay the price of admission.

My favorite gallery by far is the Native Artists Gallery, where artwork by living American Indian artists is displayed. This artwork is fierce and thoughtful, and, to me, more thought-provoking than the walls and walls of realistic and naturalistic paintings of cowboys and Indians in the rest of the galleries.

The Native Artists gallery surrounds the Jewel Box, a fascinating collection of Native-made jewelry, including several vintage pieces.

The James Museum also has a lively Happy Hour concert series, a high-quality gift shop, and the Canyon Café, featuring a long wooden bar from the early 1900s such as you might see in a Western saloon. The cafe is closed temporarily due to COVID, but you can see the bar at the rear of the gift shop.

Livio Seguso Nobility Of A Poetic Dream On View Through December 2021

A brand

Internationally renowned artist Livio Seguso has and continues to be a pioneer in the expressive use of glass. From the island of Murano, where, from an early age, he achieved an in-depth knowledge of traditional glassmaking techniques, Seguso has since abandoned those techniques and focused on the clear crystal, changeable and ambiguous purity of glass as an expressive art form. In recent years, his artistic pursuits exceeded the confines of glass, leading Seguso to experiment with and incorporate other materials like steel, rock, marble, granite, and, more recently, wood. The new mediums, always used in combination with glass, promote both the transparency of glass and the intensity of the light, creating an ideal between the sense of refined elegance and poetic imagination.

Livio Seguso

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Museum Of Fine Art In St Petersburg

Any discussion of St. Petes art scene is incomplete without a mention of the grand dame on the bay, the stately Museum of Fine Art, which opened in 1965.

I describe this museum as a mini-Met, a small version of New Yorks Metropolitan Museum in its scope. Theres a little of everything in this compact museum:

Ancient artifacts from Mesopotamia ancient Hindu, Buddhist, Greek and Roman sculpture and pottery African masks and sculptures a bit of Japanese and Chinese art, artworks from the European Renaissance, Dutch masters, naturalists and Impressionists, Tiffany glass, 17th century decorative furniture pieces, modern American art, photography and quite a bit more.

The collection is large and whats on display changes frequently. Museum curators use one gallery to highlight parts of the collection that arent always seen.

Unlike the real Met, the MFA is not large. You can see the whole thing in an hour or so or spend longer and become more familiar with everything in a gallery or two.

I love this museum because the collection is excellent go for the Monet, stay for the three Georgia OKeefes, dont miss the Dutch flower paintings, take in a bit of Asian or African art as a bonus but it is never overwhelming and rarely crowded. One recent evening, I had most of the galleries to myself.

Museum of Fine Art St Petersburg

Immerse Yourself In Chihulys Art In Downtown St Pete

Chihulys glass sculptures are dreamy, abstract interpretations of sea creatures, submerged landscapes and floating tumbleweeds. Meticulously blown and assembled, these glass creations represent decades of work not just by Chihuly, but also by his studio of glass artists .

While photos and videos of Chihulys work hint at his genius, visiting the Chihuly Collection is the best way to understand the scale and impact of his whimsical glass art pieces, some of which are enormous individual sculptures while others are intricate collections of many smaller pieces.

Legendary glassblower Dale Chihulys fantastical glass creations often feature incredibly bright colors, which are dramatically displayed within the Dale Chihuly Collection in St. Pete.

This lightning-like fixture at the Dale Chihuly Collection presented by Morean Arts Center is the centerpiece of one of many of the collections immersive experiences.

When it comes to Dale Chihulys awe-inspiring, larger-than-life chandeliers, you truly have to see them in person at the Dale Chihuly Collection in St. Pete.

Reminiscent of sea creatures on a vibrant coral reef, this overhead installment at the Chihuly Collection in St. Pete invites you to use your imagination as you explore it.

Featuring countless glass balls of varying diameters displayed in and around a life-size canoe, Float Boat is a signature piece on display at the Dale Chihuly Collection in St. Pete.

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Wrapping Up The Best Things To Do In St Petersburg Fl

This golden city offers multiple entertainment activities at every hour of the day. While you can enjoy beaches and a good suntan at noon, St. Petersburg is wild and illuminating at night.

Take a stroll amid the famous downtown district and enjoy their cuisine scenes St. Pete is exceptionally popular for wineries and breweries. Then, take a sunset cruise across the waterfront and enjoy lunch on the watercraft amidst the sea. At night, go kayaking or spend a cozy date with your partner on Fort DeSoto.

You will never find yourself wondering what to do in St. Petersburg. The city has it all and attracts visitors with its beaches, parks, playgrounds, and dining scene. So enjoy these twelve best things to do in St. Petersburg for your perfect summer family/couple vacation.

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