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Trap Music Museum Atlanta Tickets

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Inside look at Trap Music Museum’s new Nipsy Hussle exhibit

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The Escape The Trap Escape Room Runs Monday

Mondays Thursday: 4:30PM 9:30PM

Saturdays: 12:00PM 11:30PM

Sundays: 2:30PM 9:30PM

For more details and the most up to date information visit the Trap Museums website. Do you plan to visit this Atlanta Music Museum?

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Not Just A Museum But A Love Letter To Trap Music

Atlantas beloved Trap Music Museum is the ultimate experience for lovers of trap music. It provides unbeatable insight into the rich history and culture of one of the most popular genres of music today. Founded by renowned rapper T.I., the interactive space pays homage to legendary trap icons, while providing a platform for up and coming artists.

Every Thursday, the Trap Music Museum hosts an epic bash, celebrating all things trap! Youll get a private tour of the museum, and a complimentary glass of champagne on arrival. Theres even happy hour specials, if you wish to keep the party going throughout your visit.

T.I. teamed up with business associate William Bem Sparks, creating the first ever hip-hop museum to celebrate the reality of southern-based trap music. It pays homage to other rap legends like Gucci Mane, Nicki Minaj, 2 Chainz, and more!

By visiting on Thursday, youll be able to skip the lines and beat the crowds, that are notorious over the weekend! Delve into the impressive and immersive art, touching tributes, and informative exhibitions that are throughout the museum. Any rap or hip-hop fan will thoroughly enjoy and appreciate the vibes and incredible atmosphere!

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Trap Music Museum Entry Ticket

Tickets to the Trap Music Museum

Please Note: If using a Cash App Card during your purchase, there is a possibility that a blocked charge can hold funds for 1-3 days. You can use your Cash App card at the museum.

Zip Codes during Purchase: Please ensure you enter the proper Zip Code with the card, so the charge isnt blocked. This is for your protection as a valued customer.

General Admission for One Day

Mask is required upon entry

18 and Up to Enter.

One Ticket Per Person

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A Trip to T.I.âs Trap Music Museum

To commemorate the 15-year anniversary of T.I.s album, Trap Muzik, T.I. opened the Trap Music Museum in Atlanta. The Trap Museum features rooms that paint the picture of the history that contributed to your favorite trap music artist and pays homage to the trap music culture. Heres a quick guide to visiting the Trap Music Museum:

Located on the west side, on 630 Travis Street NW.

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Breathing Life Into A Vision

The Spice Group specializes in music video production, short-form visual content and commercial photography. For the last nine years, the detail-oriented businesswoman has been able to oversee video concepts for T.I., Meek Mill, Young Thug, Migos, Lil Uzi Vert, Dej Loaf, Big K.R.I.T., 2 Chainz, Future, and T-Pain. Despite her highly sought-after vision, McLaughlin was seeking to produce more ambitious projects. Her goal, she says, was to produce and curate festivals, concerts, and live events.

Now, because music is primarily accessed and consumed via streaming platforms and social media, McLaughlin believes activations such as the Trap Music Museum and Motel 21 are great vehicles for popular acts to connect with younger audiences.

Young people dont connect unless they can see it or touch it, she said. Theyre not going to go the long route of Googling, researching, and reading articles. They want to look at a picture, touch it, talk about it, or insert themselves into it. You touch millions of people that way per se rather than having something uploaded online.

Peterson remembers McLaughlins temperament to execute the vision. a genius, he said. In our eyes, it was a lot of arguing, fussing, and fighting, but at the end of the day, it was for the culture. When it was all said and done, we all created something that we could all be proud of. Its something everybody will enjoy. Its dope.

Trap Music Museum Is Bringing A Pop

Trap Music Museum is a celebration of trap culture. While many see it as just a chance to take viral Instagram photos in front of super dope activations, the museum is actually way deeper. Its an ode and celebration of a music genre that got its roots in ATL.

After getting such great feedback and demand, the creators and curators decided to turn the movement into a permanent installation in Atlanta in 2018.

Now, those in and around the Miami area can check out Lil Trap House, a 6-month pop-up version of the Atlanta museum with a Miami twist.

We decided to set up Lil Trap House in Miamis historically Black Overtown neighborhood, Krystal Garner, general manager of Trap Music Museum, told Travel Noire. This is a neighborhood that has gone through revitalization over the years, so we wanted to bring something to highlight and bring awareness back to the rich Black culture responsible for making the neighborhood what it is.

Trap Music Museum partnered with other Black business in Overtown, to ensure this 6-month pop-up would truly be beneficial to all those set-up in this particular corridor.

It was the perfect place to pour into. Overtown is a community that is for and by the culture.

To keep guests safe, COVID-19 protocols will be in place. Visitors must sign a waiver prior to entering, masks are mandatory as well as temperature checks. There will be a limit of 5-10 people in the museum at one time.

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Christina Lee Takes A Look At The Origins Of A Singular Institution

Starting in 2015, escape rooms, where folks actually pay to get locked in a themed room, then seek clues and solve puzzles to find their way out, had finally made their way stateside. They became a novel basis for family outings, corporate team-building exercises and, for Atlanta hip-hop trailblazer T.I., a couples date night. He and William âBemâ Sparks, who manages business partnerships for T.I.âs label Grand Hustle, had taken their wives to a medieval-themed escape room, refashioned to look like a castle. âThis is dope,â Sparks said. âI wish they had a trap version of this.â

T.I. and the team behind Grand Hustle decided to make it themselves. The initial plan was to find an abandoned bungalow somewhere in town and decorate it with couches dumped curbside. Then they decided it wasnât enough to make patrons just feel like they were in the trap. They wanted folks to understand why the trap, and the music it birthed, exists in the first place. That is why the âEscape the Trapâ experience is now only part of what has become the Trap Music Museum. Itâs a more complete before-and-after image, laying out how trap music documented the aftermath of the â80s crack epidemic down South, and ended up shaping pop culture at large.

The Trap Music Museum did not have to wait for approval from anyone outside the culture. It is what happens when artists take charge of preserving their own legacies.

Dime Trap

Trap Music Museum Hours Of Operation:

T.I., Nasty C make an appearance at Atlanta’s Trap Music Museum

Thursdays: 4pm-10pm Saturdays: 12pm 12amSundays 2pm -10pm

Although we purchased tickets, there was still a line/wait to get in. Once inside the Trap Music Museum, you can view a curation of areas that include T.I.s gun closet, rooms dedicated to Jeezy, Rick Ross and Gucci Mane, a jail cell, 2 Chainzs pink car/Trap House, the history of Trap Music music labels and more. There are paintings of artists including the fallen Doe B, Bankroll Fresh and Shawty Lo.

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