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Tallahassee Museum Of Natural History

Tallahassee Museum Of History And Natural Sciences

Tallahassee Museum of History & Natural Science

My children have enjoyed several visits to this attraction. I highly recommend it to younger children as an educational and fun activity. It gets hot in the summer, so go early in the day.


Recently had a wonderful time with kids & grandkids at Talla. Museum of History & Natural Science. Trail walk on lovely dirt and boardwalk path great fun to see the various Florida animals in their natural habitat. Zip line was excellent adults and grandkids enjoyed the challenge on the well-designed adventure. Training beforehand very good and “spotters” conscientious and helpful. Excellent place for an outing for the entire family.

This amazing place, formerly known as “The Junior Museum”, has been a favorite of Tallahassee locals and visitors for many years. It has expanded in more recent years to include canopy zip lines, with 3 levels for young children, intermediate adventurers and experts–The old homestead farm, the old school, church and Murat house are the “history” experience the nature trails and wildlife habitat, with some indoor exhibits, are the “natural science” experience. Throughout the year special programs are offered for music concerts and farm days when old-time skills are demonstrated in the farm buildings. Summer camps are offered for kids of all ages.

Florida Historic Capitol Museum

Florida Historic Capitol Museum offers the Doorknobs to Domes tour to highlight the unique architecture of the building and its restoration process. Tours are available Sat. from 10:00am – to 4:00pm. The Florida Historic Capitol Museum is also open as a museum, with special exhibits interpreting the State’s political history, Constitution and the history of the building.

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Tallahassee Museum Of History And Natural Science

Great place to relax and be with nature. Musical events are fantastic. Family membership is not expensive and you come in whenever you want to as many times as you want to.


Thank you to the museum for hosting such an enjoyable event. The acts were very good and the weather couldn’t have been better for it. Great way to spend the afternoon.

Must see if your in town its mostly outdoors so dress appropriately. The first part takes you back to days gone by with exhibits depicting life in days gone by with interaction from the staff. Kid friendly you can zip line through the wildlife area and see the exhibits from above or walk leisurely thru and view them from the ground. you can see it all in about 3 hours.

We had an awesome time the place was very nice and the was a place to eat midway through the outdoor area and the food was very good would go back again

I agree with a previous user in that this has more animal exhibits than anything else. The natural history exhibits were nice as well. My kids ENJOYED the Tree-to-Tree ropes course. I would definitely visit this site again!

Explore The Rich Historical Collection Of The Museum Of Florida History:

Zoos in Tallahassee, FL

The museum of Florida History opened in 1977. And it focuses on collecting and preserving artifacts and interprets evidence of past and present cultures in Florida.

Things to see in the Museum of Florida History:

The museum is rich with over 46,800 artifacts, dating mainly from the mid-19th century to the present. The collections include social, political, and economic trends, historical events, and notable and ordinary individuals in Floridas past.

The museum tour first starts with a slide presentation. At the entrance, you will see several beautiful paintings from the famous Florida Highwaymen artists. The museum has various sections, including a well-documented second world war section where you can see authentic posters, pictures, and artifacts.

They also have a section devoted to agriculture, which played a major part in the history of Florida. You will also get to see one of the original RVs and the Baker Electric car made in 1911.

Major highlights of the museum:

At the museum, you will get to experience the history of Florida all the way back to prehistoric times. Some highlights include dinosaur bones, dioramas of native people, Spanish Conquistadors, and their treasure. There is also a civil war section where you can see old flags, uniforms, and weapons. The museum also has interactive exhibits that kids will enjoy while learning history.


Address: 500 S Bronough St, Tallahassee, FL 32399.

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Hotels Close To Tallahassee Museum Of History And Natural Science In Tallahassee

Keen on booking accommodation close to Tallahassee Museum of History and Natural Science? There are 62 suitable hotels available within a short walk of Tallahassee Museum of History and Natural Science. Travelers seeking accommodations in Tallahassee near Tallahassee Museum of History and Natural Science could think about staying at Tallahassee Sun & Moon, a friendly hostel with hiking, complimentary private parking and a free parking lot.

Get A Unique Museum Experience At Tallahassee Museum:

Tallahassee Museum is a 52-acre lakeside museum and one of Tallahassees iconic landmarks. The museum encourages visitors to discover and learn about North Floridas natural environment, rich history, and diverse cultural communities.

Things to see in Tallahassee Museum:

The museum offers a unique experience featuring living exhibits of native Florida wildlife, nature trails, native gardens, rare historic buildings, and flora and fauna of north Florida.

The museum is a fun place to visit with the kids. They will love to see all the animals throughout the museum. It has a wooden trail where you can walk through the forest and watch various animals. They also have bird aviaries with various birds that you can watch close by.

You will have a unique museum experience as you will get to see an old farmhouse set up with farm animals, an old plantation, a train caboose, and all the animals in a neat zoo-like atmosphere.

They also have fun outdoor activities like zipline courses and a rope course with many types of bridges to cross.


The Tallahassee Museum would be one of the best Tallahassee museums to visit in Tallahassee. You can have a great time with your family.

Address: 3945 Museum Rd, Tallahassee, FL 32310.

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Most Popular Tallahassee Museums

Tallahassee is rich in history and beautiful natural places. There are various Tallahassee museums you can explore to learn about the rich history of Florida. You can visit the popular Tallahassee antique car museum to see one of the nations largest car collections. You can enjoy a unique museum experience at Tallahassee natural history museum. To explore the history of Florida, you can visit the Tallahassee museum of Florida history and the Florida Historic Capitol Museum. Also, you can visit the lovely Goodwood Museum & Gardens with your family and friends.

Welcome To The Tallahassee Museum

The Tallahassee Museum

With 52 acres of natural wonders, historic buildings, high-flying adventures and animal exhibits, this is no typical museum. See what makes us unique.

Our colorful sculptures by Jim Gary turn old car parts into even older dinosaurs. Can you spot them all?

Come see our new Birds of Prey Aviary which is home to our eagles, owls, and hawks.

Treemendous Adventures lets even young guests experience the thrill of ziplining.

The Big Bend Farm recreates life here in the 1880s, from the animals and plants living outside to the spartan features of the home itself.

Hands-on activities abound in our school break camps and educational programs.

Learn about the species survival of red wolves along our Wildlife Trail.

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Visit Car Enthusiasts Heaven Tallahassee Automobile Museum:

DeVoe Moore founded the Tallahassee Automobile Museum in 1996. It all started with his love for collecting when he first started his knife collection at 9 years. The Tallahassee Automobile Museum is home to one of the nations largest collections and includes over 160 automobiles.

Its a 2-story museum, and the lower level has many vintages, classic, and newer cars. And the upper level has vintage boats, motors, memorabilia, old radios, and displays of other smaller items.

The major car collections of the museum:

The museums rare automobile collections include an 1894 Duryea, a 1931 Duesenberg, 1911 Ford Model T Torpedo Run About, 1955 Kayser Darrin Roadster, a Tucker, and Batmobiles. You will get to see every collection along with the written down history.

The Museum isnt just collections of cars as it also has a variety of collections such as guns, knives, outboard motors, sports memorabilia, dolls, models, old golf clubs, and motorcycles. Everything is clean and well organized, and all the items are in pristine condition.


The Tallahassee Automobile Museum would be one of the best Tallahassee museums to visit in Tallahassee, especially if you love cars.

Address: 6800 Mahan Dr, Tallahassee, FL 32308.

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If you are visiting Tallahassee on a budget, think about staying at Tallahassee Sun & Moon that offers hiking, complimentary parking and complimentary private parking and rates at 40US$. Tallahassee Sun & Moon is a simple budget hostel, settled next to Tallahassee Museum of History and Natural Science with room rates from only 40US$ per night.

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Mission San Luis: A Living History Village And National Landmark

Bring your parents to the 17th century! See, hear, and feel the past come to life at this Apalachee and Spanish village. Relax in our picnic area, see 300-year-old artifacts found on site, watch our Saturday black-powder musket demonstrations, or just shop in our museum store. You may have driven by and wondered what we are. Now is the time to find out!

Visiting 1902 Old Capitol At Florida Historic Capitol Museum:

The Tree

Florida Historic Capitol Museum was first built in 1845 in Tallahassee, and the old capitol museum expanded and restored throughout the years. They restored the old capitol to its 1902 appearance, along with the 1902 Governors office and chambers, Senate, and Supreme Court.

The museum offers visitors to explore the colorful history of the evolution of the Florida government from territorial days to the present, with over 250 artifacts in 21 rooms.

Museum admission is free, and the tour is self-guided. In the beginning, the host will give you a summary of the museums history. The various displays of the museum are very informational, and you will have a great time exploring around.

The museum also has activities for kids, and the most popular one is the scavenger hunt. The museum is also stunning from the outside, and from the top of the new Capitol building, you will get the best view of Tallahassee.

Parking is available but limited to an hours stay, and they dont allow food and drink inside.


The Florida Historic Capitol Museum would be one of the best Tallahassee museums to visit in Tallahassee. You will love to see the history of old Florida.

Address: 400 S Monroe St, Tallahassee, FL 32399.

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