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Dali Museum St Petersburg Fl

St Pete’s Dal Museum Immerses Visitors In Surrealist Master’s World

The Dalí Museum Building, St. Petersburg, Florida

The Dalí Museum in St. Petersburg, Florida is a stunning Surrealist-inspired complex that complements the art of Salvador Dalí.

St. Petersburg, Florida — A. Reynolds and Eleanor Morse had good taste in art.

They had really good taste – and really good timing.

On March 21, 1943, the Ohio couple purchased their first Salvador Dalí painting, “Daddy Longlegs of the Evening, Hope!” Then they bought another, and one after that. They would became important patrons of Dalí and would quickly befriend the Spanish Surrealist master, who was one of the most famous artists of the 20th century.

In time, their home became a de facto Dalí museum. When they wanted to share their collection with the world, they opened a small museum in their office complex in Beachwood, Ohio. But so many people found it that they outgrew the space.

In the 1970s, after offering to donate their collection to ensure it would stay together in perpetuity, the city of St. Petersburg, Florida campaigned to house it, and The Dalí Museum was born in 1982.

Today, the museum is in its second home there, a stunning Surrealist-inspired complex that complements the art it houses.

Among the paintings is “The Disintegration of the Persistence of Memory,” which with its melting clocks references one of Dalí’s most famous works, 1931’s “The Persistence of Memory.”

Another AR experience lets you “walk inside” one of his paintings.

“Dalí definitely has that magic,” Tush said.

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Show Your Mustache Love At The Dali

The Dali houses the largest collection of works by Salvador Dali outside of Europe. Here, you can view several of Dalis first, Impressionist-inspired pieces, as well as several of his large masterworks. Museum-goers can also view photographs documenting Dali and his wife and muse, Gala, as well as visiting exhibits. The docents are the best Ive ever seen and extremely knowledgeable on Dalis life and work, and the free audio guide provides extra insight into Dali and his work. The museum is housed in a fascinating piece of architecture and features a wish tree, giant mustache that is the perfect photo opp and melting watch bench outside.

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Discover The Dal Museum

Visit an unparalleled collection of works by renowned artist Salvador Dalí, from iconic melting clocks to imaginative visual illusions and avant-garde symbols. Shop, play, wander and quench your curiosity for all that is Salvador Dalí and beyond. Plan your visit.

The Dalí Museum is a 501 non-profit organization. Gifts to The Dalí directly support our mission to preserve Salvador Dalís work and legacy. Learn more.

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The Dalí Museum

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    Master Of The Surreal

    The 20,000-square-foot Dalí Museum in St. Petersburg is dedicated to the worlds most comprehensive collection of masterpieces by Salvador Dalí, including 96 oil paintings, more than 100 watercolors and drawings, and 1,300 graphics, photos, sculptures, and objets dart. Adding to the appeal, the building itself is a surreal work of art. For a bit of learning, take the kids to the Mathematical Garden to correlate the relationship between math and nature, or find a way through the labyrinth.

    Dali Museum In St Petersburg

    The Dali Museum is one of the most intriguing art museums in the United States and is located in St. Petersburg, Florida which is approximately 45 minutes north of Sarasota. The late surrealist, Salvador Dali, rose to fame by painting outlandish, dreamlike imagery. His paintings of melting clocks, anatomical anomalies, and photographic precision can be seen in this 2,800 square foot museum.

    The Dali Museum holds the largest permanent collection of Dali works in the United States and features ninety-five oil paintings, including six of Dalis eighteen large masterpieces.

    Probably the most famous of the larger works is his nine-foot-tall The Hallucinogenic Toreador, a majestic and wild synthesis of Spanish heritage and personal exploration. The painting employs the double imagery technique Dali popularized, which allows the viewer to see different forms when shifting perspective.

    Dali has dazzled visual art enthusiasts for nearly a century. Along with its permanent collection, the Dali Museum features special exhibitions, usually including Dali works on loan from other museums and works by other surreal artists. To learn more about Salvador Dali and see examples of his Surrealism artwork !

    A museum store is on site selling reproductions, jewelry, and perfume inspired by Dali.

    Special events like the museums annual Hispanic Heritage festival and yearlong Breakfast with Dali program for children make the Dali museum a community asset, as well as a treasure for art lovers.

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    Primary And Secondary Education

    Public primary and secondary schools in St. Petersburg are administered by . Public high schools within the city limits include:

    • Keswick Christian School
    • Northside Christian School

    The non-profit educates more than 22,000 school children annually through field trip classes and offers winter, spring and summer workshops for 2,000 more.

    Service Or Emotional Support Animals

    Dali Museum – Travel Thru History – St. Petersburg, FL

    Service Animals* The Dalí complies with all ADA requirements and accepts service animals in the museum as defined in the ADA 2010.

    The Dalí does not permit Emotional Support Animals ** on site. Emotional Support Animals or Comfort Animals are often used as part of a medical treatment plan as therapy animals, are not considered service animals under the ADA.

    *Types of Service Dogs may include, but are not limited to:Guide Dog

    **Types of Emotional Support Animals may include, but are not limited to:Companionship animalsAnimals to help with depressionAnimals to help with anxietyAnimals to help with certain phobias

    Please leave all backpacks and other large bags in your car or use our lockers near the front entrance.

    To ensure the safety of the collection, The Dalí does not allow visitors to bring the following items into the Museum: backpacks of any size including backpack-style purses luggage of any size, including small carry-ons umbrellas of any size

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    Salvador Dali Museum St Petersbug Florida

    We at TheCoolist have been patrons of The Dali for a decade, and our excitement about this new home has been long-standing.

    The new Salvador Dali Museum provides 68,000 interior square feet for Dalis artwork and admirers. The new space features 100s of Dalis paintings and other artwork, which range from postcard size illustrations to massive, 15 masterworks.

    View in gallery

    Everything from the Persistence of Memory to the Hallucinogenic Toreador are housed in this building, including the largest collection of Dali masterworks in the world.

    The new design, courtesy of HOK Florida, is representative of Dalis creative spirit and is a fitting home to historys most famed surrealist painter.

    View in gallery

    The new Salvador Dali Museum was designed not only to represent the artist but to protect his works from the elements.

    While hurricanes are quite rare in Tampa Bay, this building has been designed to withstand a category 3 storm even the geodesic glass facade.

    The section which houses Dalis art is enclosed within concrete that is at least a foot thick in all directions.

    Standing at over 75 high, this new structure can weather a direct hit from a hurricane and open its doors to the public the following day.

    View in gallery

    If you find yourself in the Tampa area, a visit to the Salvador Dali Museum is a must. The sheer volume of this collection, especially the masterworks, provides an ample treat to fans of this great surrealist.

    View in gallery

    Where To Dine

    Casual: Bodega, on Central Avenue, a shoebox-sized spot with a few outdoor tables, serves up some of Florida’s best Cuban sandwiches, along with fresh-squeezed juices and smoothies.

    Splurge: The homemade pastas, focaccia and sausages earn raves at Il Ritorno, St. Pete’s hottest Italian ticket. Nosh in its cozy exposed-brick dining room or at one of its outdoor tables. Reservations recommended.

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    Where To Stay

    Beachside: For a prime Gulf-front location and a beachside swimming pool, splurge at the 277-room Don CeSar, a longtime local favorite dating back to the Great Gatsby era of the 1920s. The property just completed a top-to-bottom renovation in January.

    Near the beach: For lots of room and a full kitchen, settle into a one- or two-bedroom condo at Legacy Vacation Resorts Indian Shores. The low-key, 40-unit property sits north of St. Pete Beach on the Intracoastal Waterway, across from the just-as-powdery sands of Indian Shores Beach.

    Downtown: The 361-room Vinoy Renaissance St. Petersburg Resort & Golf Club brims with old-school glamour and has pools and restaurants overlooking the bay.

    Close proximity to the Dalí also makes the 333-room Hilton St. Petersburg Bayfront an appealing option. You’re just a seven-minute walk away.

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