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Museum Quality Mineral Specimens Sale

Collection: Fine Minerals Gallery

Museum Quality Calcite on Stibnite Mineral Specimen

These amazing museum quality rock specimens come from all over the world. You will view luxury interior design elements, statement focal home decor, mantle art, commercial interior design accents, curated home accents, geological decor, and more that are found in our Gallery Tour. Shop here for crystal and mineral decorative pieces.

Stones such as Amethyst, Citrine, Petrified Wood, Fish Fossil, Chrysanthemum, Fluorite, Obsidian, Celestite, Large Quartz Crystal Cluster, Orthoceras, Jasper, Serpentine Jade, Petrified Wood, Carved Phantom Calcite, Ammonite Fossil and more.

Hello From Mineral Store Stocking Queenslands Largest Range Of Fine Minerals And Crystals

Mineral Store Australia was founded by Tony and Jude Forsyth in 2012. Tony has been an avid mineral collector for over 50 years and Mineral Store Australia was established to allow them to bring a large selection of minerals and finely crystallised specimens, collected over countless years, to the market.

Tony is a past president of the Mineralogical Society of Queensland and is also the current Honorary Curator of the Minerals Heritage Museum located within the Queensland Museum at Southbank in Brisbane.

In June 2021 Tony and Jude retired and sold the business to David and Janelle Bissett. David is another long-time collector and began dealing at shows in 2009. David and Janelle are local to Tony and Jude in Brisbane and are well known for their current business Australian Rocks and Minerals. David was the purchaser of the Norman Donpon Estate Collection in 2018 and has an extensive knowledge of lapidary work as well as mineral collecting.

David and Janelle aim to follow on from Tonys passion for minerals and collecting which means that you will always receive sound advice and quality specimens at fair prices. Please feel free to contact us if you have a special mineral requirement, a collection to be appraised or a special specimen for a present. We offer vouchers as presents for a special occasion.

Color Of The Specimen:

Many minerals occur in various colors or shades of a single color. Thus, color is an easily recognizable characteristic that can be a great starting point when a mineral specimen is evaluated. For example, the minerals gold and pyrite are always metallic yellows in color. Some minerals, for example, quartz, come in a variety of colors, and thus, color is not useful for the identification of those minerals. It is useful to clean minerals and examine them with a magnifying glass to accurately assess their true color.

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Minerals For Sale Priced $100 To $199

Below is a gallery of fine mineral specimens for sale priced between $100-$199 available from John Betts – Fine Minerals in New York City, NY. While these are the best on this site, many more minerals for high-end collectors are available from the separate stock reserved for mineral shows. This is a photographic gallery of museum quality fine minerals and gems for world class mineral collections. $100-$199 mineral specimens. Click here to see the schedule of mineral shows to see these other items available. To purchase mineral specimens, go to theOnline order form.

Sizes: = Thumbnail, = Miniature, = Cabinet, = Large Cabinet

#80539, Fluorite over Quartz, De’an Mine, Wushan, China $175

#80722, Fluorite, Hilton Mine, Scordale, England $150

#80630, Fluorite on Quartz, Ajanta, India $165

#77706, Bixbyite, N’Chwaning II Mine, South Africa $185

#80325, Fluorite, Mina Esperanza, Melchor Múzquiz, Mexico $195

#75521, Bournonite , Yaogangxian Mine, China $175

#80623, Ferberite, Yaogangxian Mine, China $175

#80399, Orpiment on Barite, Quiruvilca District, Peru $175

#80193, Stilbite, Mumbai District, India $165

#77337, Hematite , near Bouse, Buckskin Mountains, Arizona $150

#80182, Smithsonite, Sierra Mojada, Mexico $150

#80409, Fluorapatite, Anemzy, Imilchil, Morocco $165

#80486, Orpiment, Twin Creeks Mine, Cut 62, Nevada $165

#80423, Fluorite and Quartz over Calcite, Mahodari, Nasik District, India $150

#80374, Ilvaite with Calcite, Huanggang Mine, China $125

Mineral Specimens & Crystals Rock

253g Museum Quality Natural Glittering Azurite Malachite ...

Gandhara Gemstones is one of the best-known sources for fine & rare mineral specimens & crystals rocks. We supply Mineral specimens & crystals from around the world, we stock one of the largest collections of mineral specimens, from Europian samples to British, Asia, Africa, and more. We have supplied the museums and top private collectors with the best mineral specimens & crystals to have come to the market. We take pride in displaying our finest mineral specimens & crystals for enthusiasts around the world, that is why Gandhara Gemstones has dedicated a section for exquisite mineral specimens and crystals. We offer an extensive range of high-quality minerals including the common ones such as amethyst, quartz, and garnets to the more elusive such as tourmaline, aquamarine, brokite, ruby, emerald, hematite, fluorite, brocite, apophyllites, bytownite, and olivine to industrial ores including barytes, bauxite, chalcopyrite & sphalerite, etc. Take a look at all we have to offer in this section.

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Australian Mineral Show Schedule

We recommend you check our Facebook page to confirm our attendance at a show.

There are lots of other shows we would like to attend but in these uncertain times both clubs and independent show organisers are reluctant to plan too far ahead. We will add more shows when they become available.

Where shows are marked to be confirmed these are shows we usually attend but have not received final confirmation of dates.

North Brisbane Lapidary Club Show Aspley State School 5/6 March

MineramaGlen Innes, NSW

South Burnett Gem Club Show Wondai Sports Ground April2/3

National Gem and Crystal Expo April 9/10 Hawkesbury Indoor Stadium South Windsor NSW

National Gemboree April 15/16/17/18 Australian Rural Education Centre Mudgee NSW

Lismore Gemfest14/15 May Lismore Showgrounds Lismore NSW

Rockhampton Gemfest Rockhampton Showgrounds August 20 21

Ipswich Gemshow Silkstone State School Molloy Road Silkstone. September 3

Bribie Island Gem Festival. Community Arts Centre. 191 Sunderland Drive Banksia Beach Bribie Island. September 10/11

Gemkhana September 24/25 Hawkesbury Showgrounds Clarendon NSW

Beenleigh Gemshow October 1st

Toowoomba Gemfest. Centenary Heights State High School Hall. Cnr Ramsay and South St Toowoomba. October 15/16

Bundaberg Gemshow November 5/6

Having A Blast Mining For Minerals

Bryan Lees 85 makes his living from mining. But hes not hauling hundreds of tons of dirt out of a mountain instead, hes carefully chipping away at the walls of old mine shafts searching for gems and minerals. The owner of a world-renowned mineral specimen and gemstone mining company, Lees has collected rocks since he was a kid . But it wasnt until he got to Mines, that he realized it could be a vocation, not just a hobby.

In school, I met a guy in the field who was collecting and selling minerals, Lees says. I had been to mineral shows, but I had no concept of selling these things It was like a little light bulb went off.

He met his wife, Kathryn Lees 87, at Mines. And in 1985, before either one had graduated, and while Bryan was contending with the added load of the McBride Honors program, the young couple startedCollectors Edge Minerals. We didnt have much money for equipment, he says. Big mining projects were sort of a fantasy. They started out buying and selling minerals for collections around the world and after a few years invested in a barite mining project in northeastern Colorado.

We got extremely lucky, Lees says, finding big pockets of barite crystals in 1989. The find enabled them to begin developing Collectors Edge into one of the first companies dedicated solely to the mining of mineral specimens.

None of this would exist if I hadnt gone to Mines, says Lees, who founded the advisory board for the schools Geology Museum.

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The Resistance Of The Mineral Specimen:

Resistance represents how easy or hard it is to scrape a mineral For example, Talc, the softest mineral identified, can be smashed through your fingernail. Diamond, the hardest mineral, can scrape other minerals but cannot be scraped by them. The scale consists of ten minerals which are the following: 1) Talc 9) Corundum 10) Diamond Using known examples of these minerals to attempt to scratch mineral samples of unknown identity can be very useful in determining their hardness For example, the quartz has a hardness of 7, so any mineral that can be scratched by quartz crystal has a hardness of less than 7. Pocket knives, paper clips, and iron nails generally have a hardness between 5.5 to 6.5. Glass can be scratched by every mineral harder than 5.5. By using these common objects you can determine the hardness of your mineral specimen.

What Are Mineral Specimens

Museum Quality and Rare Mineral Specimens

Minerals are inorganic, naturally occurring, solids with a specific chemical formula. Minerals are classified based on attributes such as hardness & crystal shape . An example is Quartz, the most common mineral in the world, the purple variety of quartz is called amethyst. Its crystal shape is hexagonal and its hardness is 7 . Geologists have documented more than 4,000 different species of mineral specimens. Most mineral specimens are very rare and their classification often requires a mineralogist who is trained in the use of a microscope and other techniques

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Why Collect Mineral Specimens & Crystal Rocks

Mineral specimens and crystals have been collected since ancient times Gemstones are the wealth of the Earth each stone is unique and cannot be reproduced. Mineral specimens collecting gained boost during the Victorian age Queens, Kings, and millionaire across Globe accumulated minerals at a furious pace, often challenging one another for the premium material available. There are shows and displays in Europe and the US. Some famous places are Denver, Munich, and Tucson that show most of the well-known collectibles. Demand for minerals is increasing due to the wealth being created in Asia and the opening up of new mining areas located in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Africa, China, and South America. Mines that vanished for 50 or 100 years are also now being revived and modified just to extract fine mineral specimens. New regions around the world are being discovered by mineral dealers with newly discovered mineral specimens.

Rare 54 Lb 1960’s Golden Fishtail Selenite From Peru

This stunning and large multiple crystal formation is a very definitive specimen showing the “Fishtail” Selenite formation in a beautiful Golden specimen from Peru. Golden Fishtail Selenite in a specimen this size with multiple crystal formations is rare. This specimen shows its translucent fishtail formations in a backlit display. This specimen is from our personal SpiritRock Collection.

It measures 5.7 x 6.3 x 5.7 inches and weighs 84.3 oz or 5.67 lbs

Shipping to Continnental USA Only via UPS Ground

Listed Below are a few Very Rare and Highly Collectible Columbian Tribal Art Emerald in Matrix Carvings. These museum specimens are available courtesy of Linda from Ernie’s Rock Shop. There are also several other less expensive pieces of these rare art carvings being offered on Ernie’s Rock Shop page.

These specimens were all obtained by Linda’s father from a Columbian Mineral Dealer at the Tucson Rock, Gem and Mineral show in Tucson, Arizona during the 1980’s. Columbian Tribal Art Carvings in an Emerald in matrix stone are difficult to find and are a great investment. These are excellent architectural accents or exclusive gifts for that special someone.

Item# ERSCE1115001

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Visiting Our Mineral Showroom

We are in the process of setting up a display which will be able to be visited by appointment at Birkdale on Brisbanes Bayside. The below picture shows Tonys well stocked room we look forward to having our display up and running in the middle of 2022. In the meantime we will be adding to our online stock as well as providing a list of all of our stock.

Minerals & Loose Colored Gemstones

1715g Museum Quality Natural Purple Grapevine Crystal ...

Loose Colored Gemstones One aspect of the jewelry business which makes Silverhorn so unique, is their vast collection of loose colored gemstones. Both the gemstone collector and the custom design client can select from among the worlds finest quality gems for sale. Gem expert and Silverhorn owner, Michael Ridding, is devoted to finding the rarest, most exceptional, top grade gemstones, traveling the world in search of those exciting new finds.

Museum Quality Mineral Specimens Minerals Specimens are a natural resource of enduring and long lasting value. The superb quality, diversity, pedigree and size of Silverhorns rare mineral specimen inventory, attract a wide range of discriminating clients.




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How Are Mineral Specimens Identified

You will be wondering how experts have identified more than 4,000 minerals. Well, minerals have definite properties or traits that allow geologists to identify them. Minerals can be recognized by their color, cleavage, patina, streak, resistance, specific significance, and even by their element composition. The following guide is intended to assist you in identifying some of the common minerals.

Museum Rock And Mineral Specimens

Specimens shown on this page are rare finds and unique items. The designation “Museum Specimen” here does not mean that these specimens are perfect. The designation here means that these specimens are better quality or more unique or rare than many specimens we have seen in Rock and Mineral Museums in our travels across America. Several specimens we have sold on this site were purchased by Museums located in the United States and even some in Australia.

All items listed on this page are of course for sale, but these pieces are going to be listed at a higher price and are geared towards the more discriminating designer or collector Many of our “Museum Specimens” have been purchased by commercial and residential designers as accent pieces or conversational art pieces.

We will be listing specimens from SpiritRock Shop and Ernie’s Rock Shop. Linda at Ernie’s Rock Shop will be listing special pieces she and her dad collected over the years on their buying trips to Rock and Mineral Shows and buying trips to South America.

Item# MS-GFS0915870252

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