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Wendel Museum Of Animal Conservation

Petaluma Wildlife Museum Inspires Next Generation Of Conservationists

Wonders of Wildlife Museum Full Tour – Springfield, Missouri

This student-run natural history museum in Petaluma teaches students and the public about conservation and preservation.

PETALUMA, Calif. — The Petaluma Wildlife Museum, located on the Petaluma High School campus, is an academic program that immerses students in lessons on wildlife conservation and preservation.

“It’s the nation’s only high school student-run natural history museum,” Director of Classes Phil Tacata shares with a smile. “I have 64 kids that I teach how to run a museum.”

“The concepts that I teach my kids reflect more of the modern-day conservation issues we are dealing with, things like habitat loss, things like poaching, things like climate change,” Tacata says.

“There are aspects of animal husbandry that have to occur with this, there are aspects of building and exhibit maintenance that have to come with, there are aspects of public speaking and giving tours that come with this,” Tacata adds.

During the academic year, the museum is open to the public on Saturdays to share lessons of conversation.

“We have really cool animals and really cool taxidermy, and then, after we get them with that hook, we tell them about the animal, and we tell them what they can do to help conserve them and what other people are doing to help conserve them,” student Bailey Moeller says.

“We’re teaching kids about conservation stories and really showing them animals, getting them inspired about protecting animals,” says student Zoey Haines.

To learn more and support, visit here.

Business Master File Data

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Wildlife sanctuary or refuge

Foundation Status:

Private operating foundation


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Wendel Museum Of Animal Conservation

The Wendel Museum of Animal Conservation is a collection of animals displayed from all around the world. We provide an opportunity for individuals to learn about the imporntant role hunters play in conserving wildlife and their habitats. Since the beginning of mankind, hunters have forged a symbiotic connection to the earth. This relationship with the land creates an understanding of how imporntant is to protect it. Hunters and anglers have been the driving forces throughout history in the movement to ensure long-term sustainability of natural resources, and wildlife habitat.

Wendel Museum of Animal Conservation is dedicated to the public education of:

  • Wildlife organizations and their role in conservation.
  • The importance of sustainable ecosystems.
  • Basic land management for ecosystem health and biological diversity.
  • The variety of wildlife existing today.
  • Threats to wildlife existing today.

There are serious threats to the survival of wildlife. The most ominous is the loss of habitat caused by mans conversion of land for his own use. Illegal hunting and poaching have been serious problems and has caused a severe loss of wildlife such as the black rhino and African elephant. This is still a problem in many of the third-world countries. Happily, however, international pressure placed on these countries has caused poaching to diminish through wildlife law enforcement, and showing them economic reasons for the conservation of wildlife.

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Why Should I Track Shipping Details With The Ontario Livestock Manifest

  • It protects your business by documenting proof of shipment, providing verification in the event of a non-payment or in disputes over the number or type of animals shipped and received. It also facilitates more effective traceability to identify and address animal health emergencies to protect the public and the industry’s reputation.

Ontario Livestock Manifest: Recording Livestock Movements For A Stronger Traceability System

New Zealand Animals: Photo Gallery

Livestock traceability systems include standardized tools and resources to protect livestock business owners, the public and animal health in the event of a food safety or animal health emergency. Traceability ensures that these risks can be identified quickly and managed effectively to minimize impact to the public and to the industry’s reputation.

New federal regulations are coming, and a movement document is expected to be a requirement when they are in place. In the meantime, the popular Ontario Livestock Manifest is a voluntary tool that is used by many in the livestock industry to record animal movements.

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Where Can I Find It

  • The manifest is being distributed through Service Ontario at no charge .
  • To order, contact Service Ontario at or 1-800-668-9938 and order:
  • Publication Number 020297: Ontario Livestock Manifest for Direct Shipments and
  • Publication Number: 020298: Ontario Livestock Manifest for Auction/Dealers Shipments
  • The manifest will also be available from some auctions, dealers and producer organizations.
  • Ontario’s traceability system is based on three pillars:

    1. Animal Identification: using the Canadian Food Inspection Agency approved Radio Frequency Identification tags for individual animal identification for cattle, bison and sheep and other approved identifiers for grouped animals such as poultry and hogs.

    To order CFIA approved tags visit:

    2. Premises Identification: the Provincial Premises Registry issues Premises Identification Numbers , which are unique identifying numbers assigned to parcels of land on which agri-food activities take place. The PPR is the only official provincial registry where Ontario agri-food businesses can obtain a PID.

    To register your business visit:

    Information on how to order the Ontario Livestock Manifest is below

    What is the Ontario Livestock Manifest?

    The manifest is a triplicate form provided in books of 25 sets. A copy should be kept by the shipper, transporter and receiver of the animals to document livestock movements.

    Who developed the Ontario Livestock Manifest?

    *make An Appointment For A Tour Or Book A Private Party*

    Host an event W.M.A.C. is the perfect venue for event you would like to host. In the past WMAC has been honored to host a wide range of occasions such as weddings, birthday celebrations, childrens parties, brunch parties, and fundraisers. Located approximately 5 miles from downtown and 15 miles from downtown Portland, W.M.A.C. has easy parking and includes kitchen facilities for catering, bar, and a maximum capacity of 100. For event scheduling, details, and pricing contact the museum curator Margaret Wendel at 360-241-9646 or email

    Book a tour We would love to share the W.M.A.C, experience with you. Surprise your friends or family with an afternoon doing something they will always remember! Most people have never seen these animals up close, many are surprised by their size. People cant believe the immensity of how large the bears, moose and deer are, and appreciate being able to walk around the animals to get a true perspective of their size. The museum is already popular with school, and scout groups, and has proven to be a special afternoon activity amongst retirement groups and senior citizens. This educational experience feast for your eyes! Explore and learn about wildlife around the world, and the important role hunters play in conservation. To Book a private tour please contact the museum curator Margaret Wendel at 360-241-9646 or email

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    Organizations Like Wendel Museum Of Animal Conservation

    Eligible to receive tax-deductible contributions
    813312: Environment, Conservation, and Wildlife Organizations
    Parent/child status

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    Diversity Equity & Inclusion

    Restoring Dioramas in Hall of North American Mammals

    This organization has not provided information regarding the diversity, equity and inclusion practices it is presently implementing. As such, the organization has not earned a score on this metric. Charity Navigator believes nonprofit organizations implementing effective DEI policies and practices can enhance a nonprofit’s decision-making, staff motivation, innovation, and effectiveness.

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    How Do We Manage Animals Through Conservation

    Well, first we would have to look at what an animal needs to survive in order to sustain himself long enough to reproduce and carry on the species. Then we need to prioritize those elements that require management, starting from the most basic needs for a species to survive.

    Let us look at the basic conservation management priorities. An animal needs space in order to survive. This means air, water or land. Therefore, space management becomes our very first priority. Next, an animal must have something to eat. Therefore, nutrition becomes the second priority We must have enough land for vegetation to grow in order to sustain the food source for the animals. Collectively, these two basic priorities are called habitat. Preservation and conservation of habitat is the most important factor in sustaining animal species.

    With our ever-expanding human population, habitat is being used up at an alarming rate. Take into consideration mans own instinct to survive, and the picture looks quite bleak indeed. For example, rural population and commercial interests through expansion of farming, aggressive mining, and logging practices are destroying habitat in several African countries. In addition to destroying critical habitat, wild animals are being forced into closer contact with man. Mans uncontrolled elimination of wild animals is contrary to the tenets of conservation. Thus, animal management becomes a third priority.

    Data Sources: Irs Forms 990

    The Form 990 is a document that nonprofit organizations file with the IRS annually. We leverage finance and accountability data from it to form Encompass ratings. .

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    Impact & Results

    This score estimates the actual impact a nonprofit has on the lives of those it serves, and determines whether it is making good use of donor resources to achieve that impact.

    Impact & Results Score

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    Resource Categories & Indicators

    Conservation Authority Watershed Report Cards measure and report on three resource categories: Surface Water Quality, Forest Conditions, and Groundwater Quality with a set of indicators for each category. Many other factors impact environmental health, which are also important and these are often reported through other means.The Conservation Authorities chose these three resource categories because they relate to two key Conservation Authority business functions: protecting and enhancing water quality, and preserving and managing natural areas. Some Conservation Authorities have added additional categories, however, standardized criteria and grades have not been developed for any additional indicators at this time.The following are the indicators for the three resource categories:

    Reporting on Surface Water Quality

    Surface Water Quality Monitoring Sites

    The Conservation Authorities strive to have a surface water quality monitoring site for each subwatershed that represents the quality of the water at the outlet. If there is more than one site, information from the site closest to the outlet is generally used for indicator reporting.

    Stormwater Poses Significant Threat to Surface Water Quality

    Stormwater can cause increased flooding, riverbank erosion, murky water, degraded fish and animal habitat, changes in stream flow, infrastructure damage, and contaminated water bodies.

    Reporting on Forest Conditions

    About Groundwater

    Reporting on Groundwater Quality

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    African Animals: Photo Gallery

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    Am I Required To Use The Manifest

    Using the manifest is a voluntary best practice you can adopt to strengthen your business’ traceability success. Using the Ontario Livestock Manifest brings Ontario in line with the national Cattle Industry Traceability Plan and prepares the livestock sector for proposed federal traceability regulations.

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    How We Conserve

    Supporting wildlife organizations is a great idea for anyone.Wendel Museum of Animal Conservation is an active member and supporter of numerous wildlife conservation organizations. This is one of the ways we do our part to support current enviromental matters if importance. These conservation groups rely on the financial support and contributions of people who care about the future of the environment. By donating to these groups we are helping to support healthy wildlife and its resources, while encouraging the perpetual protection of recreational lands for generations to come.

    • The Nature Conservancy
    • Peasants Forever, Coastal Conservation Association
    • Foundation for North American Sheep
    • Ducks Unlimited
    • CITIES Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora
    • Safari Club International Foundation

    Where We Work

    Cincinnati Zoo Partners with Cincinnati Museum Center to Unlock Secrets Found in Rhino DNA

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