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Tellus Science Museum Cartersville Ga

Tips When Visiting The Tellus Science Museum In Cartersville Georgia

Tellus Northwest Georgia Science Museum

Our Mission: Because science matters, we engage, educate, and inspire visitors to make scientific connections through dynamic exhibits and enriching experiences.

Tellus is a world-class 120,000 square foot museum located in Cartersville, GA just off I-75 at exit 293. The museums exhibits open minds and ignite a passion for science. Eye-popping exhibits like an 80 foot-long Apatosaurus and a replica Wright flyer excite and amaze visitors of all ages.

Children will have a blast conducting hands-on experiments with light, sound, magnets and more. Dazzling gems and minerals sparkle and glow alongside interactive exhibits demonstrating how the Earth moves and changes.

My mother and I had the pleasure of visiting the Tellus Museum last week! We accompanied my daughter along on a field trip with her 3rd grade class. We always love visiting this museum. The museum never gets old & there is always something new and exciting to see on each visit.

There are currently six galleries and three special exhibits.

When entering the museum Foucaults Pendulum exhibit will grab your attention first. This pendulum swinging back and forth demonstrates how the Earth rotates. The students just stood there in fascination.

Next, in the main hall, you are greeted by the ginormous Apatosaurus, coming in at 82 feet long and 23 feet high. He was so large I could not fit his entire body in my camera lens.

My daughter was particularly amused by touching dinosaur poo!

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Fossil Dig And Gem Planning

This is the part of Tellus Science Museum where getting your hands wet, or dirty, is not only encouraged but rewarded.

Finding a real dinosaur fossil would be amazing, but, unfortunately for the junior paleontologist set, pretty unlikely. But at Tellus Science Museum in their fossil dig area fossil hunters will be able to not only find dinosaur fossils of their own but even bring one home with them on every visit! Pick up a brush, hop in the exploration area and dig away.

Print your very own Fossil Hunting license before you visit and watch as their exploration levels reach new heights of excitement and they will learn a little science at the same time. Dont worry if you cant find every fossil, that just gives you a reason for a return visit!

Roll up your sleeves and prepare to get wet while panning for gems at the Vulcan Materials Company Gem Panning exhibit. Sift your way through water and sand while searching for gems and stones, and dont forget to grab a bag when you enter to keep whatever you find.

Take the gem planning a step further with a Tellus Treasure Map where visitors can identify and graph the gemstones that are found. How many visits will it take to find them all? With 30 different gemstones listed, everyone can put on their thinking cap and observe, sort and identify all that they collect.

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Science Museum Lesson Plan

There are a wide variety of science museums out there. From archaeological artifacts to galactic adventures in museum planetarium domes, theres something for just about everyone!

Many science museums offer interactive experiences for youth groups such as labs and simulated space missions. Find a science museum with offerings that align with your curriculum goals for a field trip thatll be worth while.

Put on those lab coats and goggles! Students step into the shoes of scientists. Gear up for an exploration of science and all it has to offer.

Tellus Science Museum Is A World

Tellus Science Museum

No visit to Tellus would be complete without a planetarium show in the Bentley Planetarium. Four shows rotate throughout the day. New shows arrive regularly, so there is always something new to see.

Leave time for a trip to the Fossil Dig and Gem Panning areas where kids can take home a fossil and a bag of gems as keepsakes. Download and print your Gemstone Treasure Map and Fossil Hunting License. Bring them with you to identify your finds.

A typical walk through Tellus takes at least three hours, not counting a planetarium show or a tour of the Solar House. The Cafe has plenty of delicious meals available for anyone looking for a bite to eat.

Group rates are available with advance notice.

Note: No pets are allowed in the museum. Service animals only.

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About Tellus Science Museum

Tellus is a world-class 120,000 square foot museum located in Cartersville, GA just off I-75 at exit 293. The museums exhibits open minds and ignite a passion for science. Tellus features four main galleries: The Weinman Mineral Gallery, The Fossil Gallery, Science in Motion and The Collins Family My Big Backyard. A 120-seat digital planetarium and an observatory with a state-of-the-art 20-inch telescope is also located at Tellus.

Eye-popping exhibits like an 80 foot-long Brontosaurus and a replica Wright flyer excite and amaze visitors of all ages. Children will have a blast conducting hands-on experiments with light, sound, magnets and more. Dazzling gems and minerals sparkle and glow alongside interactive exhibits demonstrating how the Earth moves and changes.

Our Mission: Because science matters, we engage, educate, and inspire visitors to make scientific connections through dynamic exhibits and enriching experiences.

Cartersvilles Tellus Science Museum

Posted by Pamela A. Keene | Jan 31, 2022 | Features

This is the second installment of three stories featuring things to do while visiting our neighbors to the northwest, Cartersville, Ga.

An observatory with a 20-inch telescope, an extensive collection of minerals and fossils, a tribute to motorized transportation and space exploration make Cartersvilles Tellus Science Museum a must-visit.

Opened in 2009, the Smithsonian-affiliated museum attracts visitors from across the United States and internationally.

Being affiliated with the Smithsonian carries a lot of weight with travelers, so they make it a point to stop in and see what we offer, said Shelly Redd, director of marketing for Tellus. Additionally, we host a range of annual events like RockFest and Heavy Metal in Motion that attract enthusiasts and collectors.

Our award-winning field trip programs and workshops are the foundation of the museum, though, she said. Its our educational component that has families coming back regularly to learn more about specific topics.

Visitors to the 120,000-square-foot museum are greeted by an 80-foot-long Brontosaurus in the lobby. In the fossil gallery, a giant Tyrannosaurus Rex stands guard next to a saber-toothed cat, reptiles and mammals that inhabited the planet millions of years ago.

Panning for gems.

Amethyst crystals.

Amethyst crystals.

Learning about electricity.

Replicas of NASA Space capsules are on display.

Registration is required.

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Tellus Museum Fossil Gallery

Lets face it, is there any child that doesnt go through some sort of dinosaur phase? Even for the most jaded of dinosaur fanatics this gallery offers more dines for your buck than you could imagine!

Dinosaur Poop? Yes, dinosaur poop! See the scat of a dino and if you dare, get close! Between poop and dinosaurs kids the World over will rejoice in the awesomeness of not only seeing this poop up close but, since it is fossilized, being able to touch it.

Can you imagine a shark bigger than a school bus? Its true, and they have the 9 foot fossilized jaw of a Megaladon shark to prove it. You cant climb in, but you can definitely stand in front of it, and imagine how scary that would be to encounter while taking a swim! This Megaladon shark is larger than a school bus!

We all love selfies, but I bet most people dont have a selfie with a T-Rex. Go ahead and get your selfie with Stan, the Tellus T-Rex, he wont bite at least we dont think! Be sure to smile or make a crazy face, Stan wont mind!

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The Fossil Gallery features Stan, a 40-foot Tyrannosaurus rex along with other dinosaurs and fossils, allowing visitors to trace the history of life on Earth.

Collins Family My Big Back Yard offers hands-on science exhibits introducing concepts from the physical and life sciences through backyard science experiences.

Science of Motion allows visitors to re-live major developments in science and technology related to automobiles, aircraft, and space travel. In addition, Tellus includes a 200-seat presentation theater, a large multi-purpose room for events, four well-equipped science labs, an observatory, a full service cafe, and a gift shop that is almost equal in size to the Weinmans original exhibit space.

Tellus Science Museum opened January 12, 2009, and has welcomed more than one million visitors.


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Tellus Museum: 25 Fascinating Things To Create Lasting Family Memories

Do you and your children enjoy learning about history and science through hands on experiences? Then the Tellus Museum is a must visit for your family!

Tellus Museum, in Cartersville GA, is not only Northwest Georgias premier science museum and planetarium but many would argue it is the best science museum around! Who says the only dinosaur museum in Atlanta has to actually be in Atlanta? With over 120,000 square feet and galleries including the Weinman Mineral Gallery, The Fossil Gallery, Science in Motion, Superhero Materials, and My Big Backyard, Tellus is a museum you dont want your kids to miss!

Tellus Science Museum 770

Tellus Science Museum occupies more than 125,000 square feet , and features galleries devoted to minerals, fossils, transportation technology, and hands-on science experiences.

The 120-seat digital Planetarium hosts a variety of astronomy programs, stargazing events, and family activities and 45-minute shows are shown throughout each day. The Weinman Mineral Gallery showcases one of the largest, most comprehensive collections in the Southeast, with more than 4,000 rocks, gems and minerals on display.

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Science In Motion Gallery

From trains to planes, cars to spaceships, take a walk through the Science in Motion propel visitors through 100 years of changes in transportation technology.

If your kid dreams of walking on the moon one day then lets encourage their dreams by taking their picture as an astronaut. It may not be the gravity free experience they would encounter in space but it certainly makes them look cool!

While the vehicles on display are hands off for everyone look down and discover that they are placed on mirrors, so you can visually explore every inch of these early innovators of automobiles. From coaches, to trains, to automobiles to rockets, this is truly a ride through history.

Blast off! From the Apollo 1 capsule replica to a Sputnik replica to a Mercury capsule you will observe the hows of space travel while taking in the sheer magnitude of what an amazing mode of transport these enormous space vessels really are!

Collins Family My Big Backyard

An Atlanta Area Attraction to Visit: Tellus Science Museum

We know how hard it is for kids to walk through a museum and not touch everything, we know it is also hard sometimes for adults! Take a break from the galleries that are observational only and head down to the Collins Family My Big Backyard, a hands-on, interactive section of Tellus Science Museum and spend some time with their permanent activities and whatever seasonal, traveling exhibit they have in house as well.

There are so many experiments with lights, sounds and magnetism. Youngsters can play with light, rainbows, mirrors and more in the greenhouse. The shed is filled with sound experiments, and the garage is a great place to discover the properties of magnets and work with electricity.

Much like the weather in one week in Georgia you can view different weather patterns in the weather tree. Lay on the ground, run around or just watch as you get caught in a rain storm, a blizzard or a summer day, all while staying dry!

Have you ever wondered what you would look like taller? Shorter? Skinnier? These optical illusion magic mirrors create a sense of fantasy, and will encourage lots of giggles at the same time. Stand side by side and compare how different you look, and, how silly!

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